Chapter 92: Special Agent Liu

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Yang Xi glanced at the Wastrel Swordsman and did not attack him again.

This guy had a good reputation, but he was easy to be late.

Moreover, the duration of the avatar was about to end. Yang Xi did not want the avatar to disappear in front of everyone, so he controlled the metal disc to fly away.

As the height continued to increase, the figures below became smaller and smaller.

This time, the streaming aircraft learned its lesson and did not follow them foolishly, avoiding the fate of crashing.

The heroes below looked at the departing young chicken and hairy rabbit and exchanged awkward glances.

Explosive Girl scratched her face and said,” All the limelight has been stolen. This guy is really amazing.

Yan Die patted her chest. She did not know what was going on. She could not help but feel nervous when she saw Youji.

Well… It was probably because of the psychological trauma left behind by their first meeting.

Hot and Sour Noodle Superman patted the Wastrel Swordsman and smiled.””Although I came a little late, I made it in time for the curtain call.”

The Wastrel Swordsman held a blade of grass in his mouth and crossed his arms.” I’d rather not make it to the curtain call.

He let out a long sigh. He was an A-grade hero, after all. Why did his heart beat so fast when he saw this young chicken?

This guy seemed to have become even more powerful after not seeing him for a while.

Tsk tsk tsk…The pitiful Mystic Dragon still had delusions of defeating this pervert.

Halfway there, the clone ran out of time.

When the doppelganger disappeared, the two Power Beads instantly appeared in Yang Xi’s body, as if they were directly teleported back into his body.

The clothes on his body automatically returned to the changing slot.

If anyone else saw this scene, they would see Hare suddenly disappearing from the spot.

“There’s no distance limit to the return of ability beads and clothes. ”

After Yang Xi upgraded his clone ability, perhaps the time that his clone could exist would be longer.

That way, he could let his clone carry out missions in his place. Even if his clone disappeared because the time was up, he would not have to worry about leaving his clothes and ability beads in place.

Then, the clone’s memory was sent back.

This memory was really embarrassing!

“I definitely won’t let my clone crossdress in the future. What crossdressing makes it easier to pick up girls is simply nonsense. Is this really a clone of my consciousness? Ridiculous!”

In the end, the Hare Avatar gradually got used to this feeling. This memory even affected Yang Xi to a certain extent!

Shaking his head to eliminate this dangerous thought, Yang Xi returned to the company and found Fan Peng, who was as anxious as a fly in a hot pot.

When Fan Peng saw Yang Xi, his worried heart finally calmed down.” Old Yang, you’re so ruthless. You ran out and disappeared just like that. I almost called the police.

Yang Xi smiled and hit Fan Peng’s shoulder.” Brother, I’ve made you worry. “It’s good that you’re okay. Is your little girlfriend okay?”

” Ahem, ahem, we haven’t confirmed our relationship yet. We just had a phone call. It was a close call…”

After joking around with Fan Peng, Yang Xi took a taxi to the hospital where Lin Naixue and the others were.

The smell of disinfectant was always so annoying.

Actually, Lin Naixue and the others were already fine. However, because the ‘ exotic beast insurance ” was in effect, they still had to come to the hospital for a health checkup.

After Yang Xi found them, the last Bao ‘er walked out of the examination room.

“Everyone is healthy!”

Pan Yuanyuan happily picked Bao ‘er up and spun him around.

“Sister Yuanyuan is so embarrassed. She peed her pants like Bao ‘er.”

Pan Yuan Yuan, who was wearing disposable patient pants, blushed when she heard that. In this incident, only she and Bao ‘er had peed their pants.

Most importantly, Bao ‘er was actually exposing her shortcomings in public. This was intolerable!

Pan Yuanyuan’s hands were pinching Baoer’s face, Baoer’s fleshy little face was ravaged, crying as she jumped into Yang Xi’s arms.

Yang Xi patted the little girl’s back in amusement and said, “It’s really fortunate. When the call with Naixue was cut off, I thought…”

Ding Lan took Bao ‘er and said with lingering fear,’”‘lf it wasn’t for the heroes who saved us, we might not have been able to come back. ”

Pan Yuan Yuan also interjected,” Brother Yang, do you know how brave Sister Naixue is? Without knowing it, she actually risked her life to help Yan Die block Hare’s superpower! ”

“Luckily, it’s a healing ability. Otherwise, you’d be my boyfriend now.”

Lin Naixue, who was thinking about something, panicked and chased after Pan

Yuanyuan.” You still dare to say that! You still dare to say that!”

Yang Xi had received Hare’s memories, so he naturally knew what was going on.

Lin Naixue said anxiously, “You…” Don’t listen to her nonsense. It’s not true.”

The girl blushed.

Yang Xi scratched the back of his head, not knowing what to do.

Fortunately, Ding Lan came out to smooth things over and said that she would treat him to a good meal to calm him down.

However, Lin Naixue was always a little absent-minded at the dining table. Yang Xi did not know what the problem was.

Perhaps it was because she was frightened by the fact that she had been kept as a secret.

Liu Yuan sneaked out of the villa. This time, the Mechanical Warrior followed behind him.

He had a hunch that what Ah Yuan did today was definitely related to the missing person notice on the Lukang Evening Post.

After Liu Yuan drove to the abandoned factory, Yang Xi, who was wearing a Youji vest, appeared above the factory on a metal frisbee.

However, unlike this kid, Yang Xi’s spiritual power had discovered the actual controller of the Kunlun Management Company behind him, the A-class hero, Mechanical Warrior.

“Liu Yuan doesn’t even know that he’s being followed. “Yang Xi was a little helpless. A fool would always be a fool.

However, this was also good. He had originally planned to speed up his plan. Now that he was facing the Mechanical Warrior directly, it was a good opportunity.

Whether or not he could make everything go according to plan would depend on his acting skills and the desire of the mechanical warrior for the ” Esper Ability Potion.”

After the Mechanical Warrior noticed Yang Xi’s appearance, he quickly confirmed his stealth mode again, afraid that he would be exposed.

“Yuan’s ability is related to him! ”

He watched as the young chicken landed in front of his son.

“There’s new information so soon?” Yang Xi asked.”

Liu Yuan proudly took out the printed and bound information.” That’s right. Don’t you know whose godson I am?!””

Hearing this, the Mech Warrior almost couldn’t hold back and wanted to teach Liu Yuan a lesson.

Unfilial son!

Yang Xi also felt the faint resentment behind him.

* Cough cough * I’m sorry, brother. This is your son’s fault. It has nothing to

do with me.

Yang Xi began to flip through the information.

Only the sound of flipping pages could be heard in the factory. Liu Yuan was even massaging Yang Xi’s shoulders and back. He was very filial.

Yang Xi also felt the murderous aura behind him rising…

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