Chapter 9: Spirit Power Meter

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Yang Xi smiled helplessly. “Why are you telling me this…”

“It’s none of my business what kind of life she leads. Don’t play matchmaker.”

Fan Peng’s face was full of disbelief. Based on his experience, he could tell that Lin Naixue and Yang Xi were definitely not just neighbors.

“Brother, don’t doubt me. I even took a photo.”

Fan Peng made a shutter gesture with his hands. His Esper Ability Paparazzi had made a great contribution last night.

Yang Xi waved his hand to indicate that he did not want to watch. He didn’t like to gossip about others behind their backs.

“I’m serious, don’t run away from reality, Old Yang!”

Fan Peng felt that he must not let this honest good brother of his get hurt by a bad woman.

“Excuse me.” A cold female voice sounded behind them.

This voice precisely belonged to Lin Naixue. She was wearing a pair of jeans that had a good texture, revealing her long and slender legs.

Sometimes, revealing was a kind of beauty, and wrapping tightly was also a kind of beauty.

Yang Xi secretly cursed his luck. With an embarrassed look on his face, he said, “What a coincidence. You also came to pick up a parcel?”

“Are we very close?”

Lin Naixue didn’t even bat her eyelids as she walked past them.

Looking at the disappearing figure on the stairs, Yang Xi held his forehead with his hands. What the heck!

He brought Fan Peng up to the rental apartment who looked at the state of the apartment with an ambiguous expression.

The female student was watching a drama in the living room. She was wearing heavy cotton pajamas and her snacks were scattered all over the floor. The little girl from the female teacher’s room was also eating her snacks, clearly having a great time.

The student asked Yang Xi, “Big brother Yang, did you offend Elder sister Naixue? Her room door was closed so loudly.”

During this period of time, Yang Xi was no longer as distant as before with the other tenants. Occasionally, they would exchange a few words.

Naturally, Yang Xi could not tell her that Fan Peng was the one who was bad mouthing others. He shrugged helplessly and casually dealt with her with a few words.

The female student also saw Fan Peng, who was looking around sneakily behind Yang Xi. She frowned and pulled the little girl to her room to continue watching the drama.

“I say, Yang Xi, you seem to be leading a comfortable life.” Fan Peng looked at the female teacher who was drying her clothes on the balcony and sighed, “There are all kinds of people; life is perfect!”

Yang Xi rapped his knuckles against the latter’s head and hurriedly dragged this dense fellow into his room.

“What did you buy? Hurry up and open it.”

Opening packages was also one of Fan Peng’s hobbies.

Yang Xi could not be bothered to open it himself, so he directly handed it over to Fan Peng.

“I bought this Spirit Force Meter online.”

Fan Peng searched for a long time but could not find a paper cutter. He could only use his own key to slice the tape open.

“What are you buying this for? It’s just for testing Spirit Power. This thing is usually useless.”

Yang Xi replied without thinking, “Feifei asked me to buy this previously. The quality of the first one wasn’t good, so I returned it after half a day. I didn’t want it initially, but when I thought that Feifei might need it after waking up, I asked the shop owner to send another one over.”

“Then you definitely need to drop a bad review for this shop. It’s already been more than a month since the incident.” Fan Peng’s hand that was opening the package paused for a moment, and he quickly changed the topic. “Let me try and see if this Spirit Force Meter is accurate.”

He followed the instructions and successfully assembled the Spirit Force Meter.

Following that, Fan Peng gathered his senses between his eyebrows. After about three minutes, Fan Peng clicked the button on the meter.

[Measurement complete. Maximum Spirit Power: 16sp.]

Seeing this, Fan Peng was rather proud. “I’m an Esper after all. My Spirit Power is quite good.”

Yang Xi did not comment. As a special-attribute Esper, Fan Peng’s highest spiritual power was only 16sp. He did not know what this fellow was so proud of.

“Do you want to give it a try?”

Yang Xi took the Spirit Force Meter over. After this period of practice, he had become more proficient in controlling his own Spirit Power.

He picked it up and started the test. Yang Xi inputted a Spirit Power of around First level and the result of the measurement quickly returned as 10sp, which met the standards of an ordinary person.

Using this as a reference, Yang Xi’s Spirit Power had already exceeded 50sp!

This was probably because he currently had four Esper Abilities. Super Brain could provide an increase of around 15sp. Although Fire-resistant Shell was a Grade-B Esper Ability, it focused on strengthening the physical defense and did not increase much Spirit Power. It was around 10sp. As a special-attribute Esper Ability, Morph could definitely strengthen about 10sp.

Adding up like this, Yang Xi’s Spirit Power had already reached the level of a Grade-C Esper. This meant that although Yang Xi’s Super Brain was only at Grade-D+, with the enhancement of Yang Xi’s spiritual power, a Fifth level Spirit Shock could already unleash the power of Grade-C level.

Fan Peng grinned slyly and patted Yang Xi on the shoulder. “Your Spirit Power is at 10sp. As an ordinary person, you are already quite good.”

“What should we eat?”

It was time for lunch already. Yang Xi had originally planned to eat instant noodles. But since Fan Peng was a guest, he naturally had to make it a little better.

Fan Peng pursed his lips and smiled expectantly. “Aren’t we going to eat with your neighbors outside?”

Yang Xi rolled his eyes at him. This friend of his was good at everything, except that he was too unrestrained.

“Let’s order some takeout. Fried chicken and beer?”

Actually, he knew that Fan Peng had rushed over to look for him because he did not want Yang Xi to feel depressed alone about his sister being in a vegetative state.

Fan Peng gave a mysterious smile and said, “Sure, but you have to listen to my arrangements at night. I’ll bring you out to have some fun. Don’t be so introverted every day.”

Yang Xi nodded his head noncommittally. These few days, he had been focusing on the development of his Esper Abilities. It was also good to go out and relax.

As night fell, Harbor City was like a luminous pearl decorating the dark coastline.

The nightlife in Harbor City was actually quite rich. There were more than ten bars alone.

“Brother Peng, you’re finally here. The girls have been waiting for a while and opened a few bottles of wine.”

The salesperson with a Mohican haircut came up to Fan Peng and gave him a bear hug.

“Let’s have a round of beer first. My buddy can’t hold his liquor well. As for me, you know my capabilities.”

This was the first time Yang Xi felt that a person’s smile could express so much. In short, it was extremely sinister.

“That’s a matter of course, I’ve already arranged everything for you!”

The moment they entered Phoebe’s, they were greeted by a lively wave of sounds. The temperature inside was rather high. Yang Xi and Fan Peng both took off their coats. Fortunately, they had booked a booth and did not need to stand. Otherwise, there wouldn’t even be a place to put their coats.

As soon as they sat down, the girls that Fan Peng had arranged to meet came up to them. Three of them were sisters. One wore a black tube top, the other a beige, close-fitting long-sleeved shirt, and the last one a white dress. They were all rather young.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Qianqian. Let’s have a good drink today. We haven’t had a gathering in a while!”

“Brother Peng, you must have been having fun with other girls outside and forgotten about our Qianqian. You two boys are so late today. You have to drink a cup first as punishment!”

“This is my brother, Yang Xi. Isn’t he handsome!?” Fan Peng whispered a few words into the girl’s ear, causing her to laugh.

Yang Xi had always admired Fan Peng when it came to picking up girls.

“Brother Xi is so handsome!”

The girls’ soft voices were lost in the sound of glasses and dice, and Yang Xi also started to learn the names of the other two. The beige, long-sleeved one was Sweetie, and the one in the white dress was called Bubbles.

But according to Yang Xi’s understanding of Fan Peng, since he had gone through so much trouble to arrange everything, it was definitely not just to ask him out for a drink.

Sure enough, when the people from the neighboring booth arrived, Yang Xi saw Lin Naixue in the crowd, her face covered with heavy makeup.

When Lin Naixue’s gaze met Yang Xi’s, her face instantly turned pale.

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