Chapter 86: A Subtle atmosphere

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Yang Xi’s current spiritual power could only be described as terrifying. Perhaps some S-class spiritual ability users were far inferior to him in terms of spiritual power.


After all, other than museum specimens and exotic beast corpses that had been dead for a long time, the special ability beads stripped from other places would more or less increase his mental strength.

The vast spiritual power spread out in a net. The Bright Moon Avenue, which had been destroyed by the strange beasts, was like a purgatory on earth. Many survivors were watching the hero’s live broadcast in the broken walls for comfort, and those who were unlucky had already fallen asleep underground.

As soon as Yang Xi’s spiritual power touched the apartment where Lin Naixue and the others were, their situation was transmitted to Yang Xi’s mind through countless reinforced concrete.

Yan Die was the one who suffered the most injuries. She was hit by the sound wave and suffered multiple fractures all over her body. Half of her cute face was destroyed, and her pale jaw was exposed. She looked indescribably miserable.

She was unconscious in Lin Naixue’s arms while Qing Lan was calling for help through his communicator.

They didn’t dare to move Yan Die at all, afraid that the bone spikes on her body would pierce into her organs.

Lin Naixue’s left forearm was also bent at a strange angle. Pan Yuanyuan saw this and took off her coat to cover Lin Naixue’s forearm, as if this would help her reduce the pain.

Apart from Pan Bao ‘er, who was completely unharmed, both Pan Yuanyuan and Ding Lan had bruises on their bodies. However, due to the urgency of the situation, the two of them did not feel any pain at the moment.

Under Yang Xi’s instructions, Hare summoned the snow maidens and fused with them. The Hare clone, which had already looked like a cross-dressing boss, was now completely flawless.

“Hehe, long time no see, Master!

“Eh, why are there two masters?”

The voice of a snow maiden came from under the Utmost Hare mask. Judging from the way she spoke, it should be Suzuka.

“Hurry up and go over, Suzuka,” said Yang Xi’s main body.

“Reina, which master do you like more?” asked the Hare clone with a smile.

Yang Xi was a little speechless. He felt that this clone’s personality was a little strange. He was clearly a very serious person.

Suzanna giggled.” I like them all. Only Snowy makes the choice. Suzanna wants them all!

The Hare clone left the metal disc and rushed toward Lin Naixue and the others with the help of the snow maidens.

“Damn it…This is your clone!”

Yang Xi looked at the departing Hare clone and interrupted his wild thoughts.

However, he had to admit that the only person who could defeat the Hare clone in terms of body size was Qian Duoduo’s Sister Yourong.

” I think I’ve created something amazing with cross-dressing and snow maidens…’

Thinking of this, Yang Xi felt a chill in his heart. He flew higher and closer to the battlefield.

This A-rank exotic beast was a good source of Dark Energy for him.

He just didn’t know what kind of special ability he could extract from the Soul – Devouring Rats.

The Hare clone only took a short while to arrive above Yang Xi’s rented apartment.

“Master, do you want me to freeze them into  snow maidens were eager to give it a try, so they switched to speaking in their minds.

“You’re only a Class C now, so you shouldn’t be a match for the one in the cheongsam, right?”

“I miss my past self,” Suzuna said in annoyance.”

Ignoring the snow maiden’s whine, the hairy rabbit clone landed in front of Qing Lan.

As a wind elementalist, Qing Lan sensed her presence when the Hare clone approached.

At this moment, she was waiting for the medical team to rescue her. After persuading Lin Naixue and the others to retreat to no avail, she chose to face the Hare clone directly.

“Who are you?”

The heroine’s tone was filled with vigilance.

From their attire, she guessed that Hare and Youji were accomplices. However, Youji’s public battle in Lukang City was against two A-class heroes from Kunlun Management Company.

She couldn’t figure out the other party’s motive.

“My name…Hare.”

The Hare clone pointed at his mask and said. His voice was surprisingly cold. Coupled with his imposing height, he gave off a feeling of an iceberg.

Hare? This time, it was a stone hammer!

A live broadcast aircraft projected the scene to the lower right corner of the main interface. The sharp-eyed Director Ge immediately noticed the abnormality here.

He had the backstage enlarge the scene and shrink the main battlefield to the lower right corner.

” What’s there to see here?” Hat Emperor, who was immersed in the heroic bearing of Explosive Fist Lady, grumbled unhappily.

However, the next moment, this hardcore fan suddenly opened his mouth wide.” This, this, this…” Is this a young chicken?”

“This isn’t Youji,” Instructor Ge corrected. “Judging from her mask, she should be a rabbit.

Coach Ge rubbed his chin and thought,” I didn’t expect Mao Rabbit to be a woman. What’s her purpose for coming here?” Was he helping the hero attack the exotic beast, or was he planning to attack Qing Lan?”

These two points were based on the previous actions of the young chicken.

Even though the bullet comments complained about wanting to watch the battle head-on like Hat Emperor, some netizens joined in the discussion.

“This is the third zodiac, right? Rooster, Snake, and Hare, what was the background of this mysterious organization?”

“Who knows, Young Chicken has already displayed strength that far surpasses Class A. Shazhou City’s Si She doesn’t look weak either. I wonder how strong this Hare is.

“It’s actually a female ability user. I thought the Youji organization was full of men.

“Sigh, I have to say that this Hare is quite capable. Such a wide black robe can’t even cover him!

“I wonder if her strength has surpassed Class A?”

“What do you mean?” Why did the strength of the Youji and the Already Ended Snake far exceed that of the A-class? Even the Hare, who was also a zodiac, had to be questioned. Were you looking down on the rabbits, or were you looking down on us girls?”

“I don’t think so. I’m just speculating. How can every member of an organization be a Beyond Grade A? If they’re all so powerful, wouldn’t it be nice for them to form a Hero Management Company together?”

“Hehe, do you know what qualifications are needed to open a hero management company? There’s something in your mouth! Do you guys always take things for granted? Do you only know how to think with your lower body and how to send bullet comments without using your brain?”

Because of some of the comments that had triggered the battle, the bullet screen began to spew insults at each other.

This made Director Ge feel very annoyed, while Hat King was focused on the smaller screen in the lower right corner. It had nothing to do with him. After all, Director Ge was the one who asked him to cut the screen. Fortunately, in the live broadcast, the Hare clone spoke again.

“I’m only here to help you leave.

If it was just Lin Naixue and the others, they wouldn’t be able to resist the Hare clone at all. Yang Xi even planned to bring them to the fallout shelter without saying anything.

After all, they had spent some time together, and he was afraid of being exposed. If Lin Naixue and the others caught him crossdressing…

Just thinking about it made Yang Xi feel that it was difficult!

However, Green Phoenix was still a Class B Hero. Yang Xi did not want to have a conflict with her, so he explained.

Who would have thought that this heroine would not give him any face at all?

“We don’t need your help. If there’s nothing else, please leave.

The atmosphere in the air became subtle. The Hare clone glanced at the miserable Yan Die and knew that the breakthrough was on her..

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