Chapter 81: Class A Disaster

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Liu Yuan quickly took a picture of the document on the Mechanical Warrior’s table with his phone. He looked out the door guiltily, afraid that the old man would suddenly come in.


Fortunately, no one came into the study until he finished all this. There were no maids passing by.

“Haha, success!”

Liu Yuan happily closed his phone and sneaked into the garage. He chose a yellow Porsche 911 from his collection and drove out of the villa.

When he left, the Mechanical Warrior exited its stealth mode.

“There is indeed something fishy about this kid.”

However, it was not convenient for him to follow him. A metallic probe bee flew out from the opening on his shoulder and chased after the Porsche 911 at an extremely fast speed.

Whistling, Liu Yuan did not pay attention to himself at all. He was stared at by the old man. He could only say that he was old and spicy.

The Mechanical Warrior took the coffee brewed by the maid, put down a sugar cube, and stirred it with a small spoon. On the projection wall of the study, Liu

Yuan had already entered Lukang Evening News.

“Old Fan, I’m here to send out a missing person notice again.”

Liu Yuan patted Fan Peng’s shoulder familiarly. After coming here many times, he was basically familiar with Fan Peng because their interests and hobbies were basically similar…Picking up girls and going to bars.

Therefore, Liu Yuan skipped the marketing department and gave the business to Fan Peng.

“Young Master Liu, if your cousin really can’t find him, try another way. I saw you post it a few times, but it didn’t work. The Internet is quite developed now. ”

Because he had become friends with Liu Yuan and had also taken advantage of his many famous wines, Fan Peng felt a little guilty about taking Liu Yuan’s commission.

“It’s fine. I trust your newspaper company and help me get things done.”

“Fine, you’re the boss if you pay.”

Fan Peng stood up quickly and gave his seat to Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan sat down and naturally saw Yang Xi, who had just returned to work after his holiday.

Originally, Liu Yuan wanted to pick a fight with Yang Xi. After all, this kid didn’t give him any face at all. However, considering that Yang Xi had gained something today and was about to obtain a C-grade ability potion, Liu Yuan decided to be merciful and let Yang Xi off.

On the one hand, he had a good relationship with Fan Peng. Xiao Yang was also

Fan Peng’s good friend. He could be considered a friend of Young Master Liu. He would not bully him if he could.

On the other hand, Liu Yuan felt that he was still a hero trainee. He should have professional ethics and not bully ordinary citizens.

“Xiao Yang, do you have a printer here?”

Liu Yuan patted Yang Xi’s shoulder heavily a few times. Yang Xi kept reminding herself in her heart,” The son he acknowledged! The son he acknowledged! He definitely couldn’t kill them!

“Looking for cousin Li Qiye?”

The Mechanical Warrior took a sip of the slightly bitter coffee and dialed his assistant’s number.

“Go and investigate the background of the Lukang Evening Post and a person called Li Qiye.”

The mechanical warrior naturally knew that Liu Yuan didn’t have a cousin named Li Qiye.

“Is this a secret code? Or is the person my son contacted really called Li Qiye?”

The Mechanical Warrior had a premonition that the truth was about to be revealed. He would soon find out the secret of his kid.

Yang Xi went over to see what Liu Yuan was printing, but he was chased away fiercely.

“Go away, go away. Why are you so curious? He didn’t know how to respect his privacy. ”


Yang Xi returned to his seat. He had just glanced at a few keywords.

“Is it about Bai Qiang? It was interesting to know what the world there was like.”

After Liu Yuan caused a huge ruckus in the Lukang Evening Post, he drove away.

Fan Peng said to Yang Xi helplessly, “”1 don’t know which idiot told Liu Yuan to come here to put up a missing person notice.”

Yang Xi was speechless.

She stayed at the office for a while longer. Just as she was about to go out for barbecue with Fan Peng, her colleague next door looked at her phone and screamed.

“Oh my god, another exotic beast is invading. This time, it’s an A-rank exotic beast!

At the same time, the alarm in the entire office went off. A live streaming robot from the Hero Association flew past.” An exotic beast invasion has been detected! An exotic beast invasion was discovered! Disaster Grade A! Disaster Level A! ”

“The location is Mingyue Road outside Lukang City’s Fifth Ring Road! Heroes above Class B, please provide support! [Heroes above Grade B, please provide support!] ”

“Bright Moon Road?”

Yang Xi’s heart skipped a beat. Wasn’t this the apartment he had rented with Lin Naixue and the others?

Fortunately, it was a working day today. Lin Naixue had complained to him in the morning that the subway was too congested.

He quickly dialed Lin Naixue’s number.

However, the phone only picked up after five or six rings.

“Naixue, where are you? He should be in the company.”

The girl’s stuttering voice came from the other end, accompanied by Bao ‘er’s crying.” I… I had something to do just now, so I got off work early and went home. ”

“No… Unexpectedly, he had only arrived home five minutes ago…The mutated beast…”


Beep, beep, beep.”

Accompanied by a piercing scream, Lin Naixue’s phone was hung up amidst the commotion.

Fan Peng looked at Yang Xi worriedly.” Is Sister Naixue at home?” ”

Yang Xi nodded with a livid face and quickly ran out of the office.

He swore that if this mutated beast dared to hurt Lin Naixue and the others, he would definitely burn the mutated beast to ashes.

“Hey, why are you running? You’re not a hero. It’s useless even if you go. Just obediently follow me to the fallout shelter! Don’t look at how the mutated beasts are in the Fifth Ring Road now. They might come to us later…”

But when Fan Peng went out, Yang Xi was nowhere to be seen.

In the sky, Yang Xi, who had already disguised himself as a young chicken, stepped on the metal frisbee and rose to the highest altitude at the fastest speed.

As expected…On the outskirts of Deer Harbor, a rat-like exotic beast that stood up to 20 meters tall was wreaking havoc. Its huge and sharp claws could easily dig through the outer walls of buildings, constantly attacking the terrified humans inside.

Its cry was sharp and ear-piercing, and the sound waves it emitted could even destroy buildings on the ground.

Yang Xi immediately recognized the origin of this exotic beast.

[Mutated Beast: Soul-Devouring Rat

[Description: Can emit a sharp cry to attack enemies. Its skin is abnormally tough. Ordinary attacks are difficult to break through. It likes to devour human souls. It is a very terrifying mutated beast.]

[Rating: A]

An A-class exotic beast could only be killed by a team of at least three A-class heroes, and at this moment, there was only one B-class hero struggling to hold on on on Bright Moon Street.

Yang Xi recognized this hero. He was Cherry Company’s B-class hero,” Qing Lan.” His superpower was Wind Manipulation.

However, as a B-class, she was completely helpless in front of this huge exotic beast. The tornado that she had painstakingly condensed was shattered by the exotic beast’s claw!

She was in a critical situation, but for the sake of the citizens who were still evacuating behind her, this mature heroine in a green cheongsam had no intention of retreating!

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