Chapter 79: First Cooperation with Brahma Sea Chamber of Commerce

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Oh right, Yang Xi suddenly realized that Qian Duoduo’s superpower was a storage bag.


After stuffing the money into his pocket, Yang Xi patted Qian Duoduo’s shoulder and said,””l came to you today to discuss a big business deal.

Although Qian Duoduo was greedy, from the fact that she was willing to pay back the money, she was still very principled when it came to money relations. Yang Xi wanted to outsource the project of moving the vault to her.

“Our organization got some loot from the Holy Disciples in District 2 and wanted to deal with it. I left this business for you to do.

At first, Qian Duoduo was very resistant to being patted on the shoulder by Yang Xi. She felt like she was being treated like a little kid, but when she heard the word “business”, all her unhappiness was forgotten.

“Uncle Youji, you can’t joke about money. How big is the business?”

The Saint Organization had a large organization of A-class superpowered people. They had been in Shazhou City for many years, and they were involved in prostitution, gambling, and drugs. They had a lot of money in their vault.

“I didn’t Dav attention. It should be more than 100 million. right?”

Yang Xi roughly estimated that the hundred girls only took some cash and jewelry, which was about 30 million yuan in compensation. The remaining half had a lot of other assets, but Yang Xi could not easily cash them out, so he had to get in touch with Brahma Sea Chamber of Commerce with Qian Duoduo.

These chambers of commerce that dealt in exotic beasts would also be involved in other businesses.

“Only a little over 100 million?”

Qian Duoduo could not believe it. The Saint was such a big organization, and it would be considered a small amount if they did not earn a billion. Why did Uncle Youji only say 100 million?

In fact, this was a misunderstanding. The Saint was such a big organization, so they would definitely not put the money they earned to use. The profits they earned every year would be used to invest in casinos, hotels, and so on. It was already very impressive to have so much money left in the vault.

Moreover, there was also the 100 million in the bank card of the Light Priest. The three Class B experts would definitely get some dividends or something.

“That’s all. Do you want to do it?”

“Do it! Why not? I want 10 points!”

Yang Xi patted Qian Duoduo’s head and smiled. “”Ten percent? Are you kidding me? Even if I weighed you and sold you, you wouldn’t be worth this much, right?

“I’ll give you a million yuan for your labor.

In fact, Yang Xi could have directly snatched Qian Duoduo’s ability, but it was not necessary. He valued the ability of Brahma Sea Chamber of Commerce to digest this treasury more.

Qian Duoduo did a quick calculation and pursed his lips. He puffed out his chest and said,” I’ll do it for 2 million!

Yang Xixin thought, I only gave my trusted underling so much activity funds, you little money-grubber really dare to ask for it!

“900,000 yuan, do it or not!”

“1.5 million!”


“Don’t, uncle. How can you bargain like this!


Qian Duoduo was terrified. He hugged Yang Xi’s thigh and refused to let go.” F * ck, f * ck, f * Ck. You’re not allowed to lose weight.

Yang Xi smiled and flicked Qian Duodu’s forehead.” I’ll give you the address. When we reach Shazhou City, my colleague will look for you.

“Is it the snake that can discharge electricity?”

“Yes.” Yang Xi nodded.” After this matter is settled, our organization has more important matters to cooperate with your Brahma Sea Chamber of Commerce. When the time comes, it won’t be a small labor fee. Do your best. I have high hopes for you!

To be honest, Yang Xi had taken a fancy to the exotic beast weapons in the Brahma Sea Chamber of Commerce’s inventory.

This… Anyway, stealing dark energy was just a simple matter. It was much faster than fighting.

Although it was a little immoral, they weren’t particularly familiar with each other.

Yang Xi glanced at Ji Yourong behind him. Ahem, she really lived up to her name.

At the Liu family’s villa.

Liu Yuan couldn’t stand his days in the hospital anymore. He couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that, and couldn’t do anything. How could he collect information for the organization? How was he going to accumulate merit points? If he couldn’t contribute to the organization, how was he going to exchange for his C-class ability potion?

When he was at Class E, he felt like a piece of trash.

He had finally become a D-class superpowered man, and when he felt something, he was almost killed by a beast.

Now, Young Master Liu was determined to upgrade himself to Class C. No matter what, he had to become an official hero!

After becoming an official hero, he would be able to work in the old man’s company. This would also make it easier for him to obtain more information.

Although he didn’t graduate from a proper university, his father and brother were big shots in Kunlun Entertainment. The Hero Association would give him face if he used the back door.

Moreover, MO Long had also told Yuan that the Kunlun Agency wanted to help him avoid the crime of using his ability without permission. They wanted to make him a hero trainee of the Kunlun Agency.

Hero trainees in management companies could have temporary license plates under the authorization of the Hero Mentor.

With the temporary license plate, not only would Liu Yuan not be punished for this matter, but he would even be rewarded by the Hero Association.

However, the reward money was really nothing compared to the money spent on soaking the Ferrari in water.

Moreover, if he wanted the Lukang Hero Association branch to give him face, the Mechanical Warrior would need to use a lot of connections.

If it wasn’t for the recent ” White- Tongue Point Defense Plan “, which eased the relationship between the Hero Association and the major hero management companies, it would have been a little difficult to settle the matter.

Liu Yuan sneaked out of his room with a luggage bag on his back. This time, he planned to stay outside for a period of time. He wanted to be free first before he could shed his blood for the organization.

However, when he passed by his father’s study, Liu Yuan realized that the door was ajar…

At first, he shivered, thinking that his old man was at home. Then his behavior today could really be described as ” walking into a trap.”

When he mustered up the courage to push open the study door, he realized that there was no one inside.

The window was open, and the wind blew in. A document was placed on the old man’s table, making a sound.

The Mech Warrior liked to settle things at home. Liu Yuan had always played in this study room when he was young and had lost many of his things.

If it was Liu Yuan, who had not obtained any special ability and had not become as aware as he had been after joining the Judgement Organization, he would not have cared about such a document that was casually placed on his desk.

Casanova Young Master Liu felt that it would be better to pick up a few girls when he had the time to read the document.

But now that Liu Yuan saw this document, he felt that it was filled with some kind of temptation.

This was all information!

He first looked around. Yes, there was nothing unusual!

It was a suitable time for Young Master Liu to make a move!

Then, he tiptoed closer to the desk.

The title of the document was ” Several Requirements for Lukang City’s White

Hole Defense Plan.”

“A white accent? Set up defenses?”

Liu Yuan’s eyes lit up. This title was worth a lot of money. Pfft, it was worth a lot of contribution points!

After a quick scan, Liu Yuan was even more certain that this document could definitely be exchanged for his C-grade superpower drug from his godfather, Youji.

“Old man, old man, I didn’t expect that I would have to rely on you even though I’m already an ability user!

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