Chapter 73: Harvest and Plans

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“Tsk tsk, when I killed the Priest of Light, I destroyed my bank card as well. ” With no one present, Yang Xi could finally say whatever he wanted.


However, even if he still had the bank card, Yang Xi, who didn’t know the password, couldn’t get the 100 million Azure dollars.

Because the ground had been completely destroyed by the fierce battle between the two of them, Yang Xi spent a while to find the Earth Mage and strip his ability from him.

[Ability: Earth Mage

[Description: 1. Terrain Change: Use the Earth Element to change the terrain.]

Earth Elemental Summoning, Summons Earth Elemental Creatures to Attack [Rating: B-class, replacing the circus is just around the corner.])

Right now, Yang Xi was already excited for the mere B-class ability. Thinking back to the first time he obtained the Fire-resistant Shell, although it had not been long, it was still nostalgic.

The black robe of the snake had been damaged. Yang Xi had to replace it with the clothes of the Youji vest, but he was still wearing the mask of the snake.

Walking into the Saint Organization’s lair, Yang Xi found that the place was in a mess. There were even a few D-class superpowered bodies along the way.

The cause of death seemed to be internal strife.

At this moment, standing in the passage leading to the second underground floor, Yang Xi heard the sound of fighting at the end.

“Sigh, no matter how small a mosquito is, it’s still meat.”

Yang Xi sighed and squatted down to collect five D-class ability beads. Four of them were body-strengthening type. Fortunately, there was one elemental-type.

[Ability: Wind Blade

[Description: Create wind blades to attack enemies.]

[Rating: D-rank. You can play the real-life version of Ninja Fruit.])

Since then, Yang Xi had gathered almost all the elemental abilities, including the basic four types of wind, earth, fire, and water, as well as the light, darkness, wood, lightning, and metal. (Take the Heart of Light as an example.

It is an elemental ability and also an inherited ability.)

Then, the third character in Yang Xi’s plan,” Chen Long,” could also appear.

According to Yang Xi’s settings, this avatar could use the four basic elemental abilities. It might not be the most powerful, but it had to be the most gorgeous.

At the same time, his personality was set to be more arrogant.

She was probably in her teens, and it was a test of Yang Xi’s acting skills. A talented young man could make the Judgement Organization even more mysterious in the eyes of the outside world.

Yang Xi entered the second underground floor. These superpowered people who fought for the legacy of the Saint Organization did not notice it at first.

It was not until one of the thin and tall superpowered people with bright eyes noticed Yang Xi that they strangely quieted down. “Boss and the others…Has he been completely killed?” The others swallowed their saliva. It seems so.”

“Then what should we do now?”

The minions looked at each other.

The tall and thin man was the smartest. He knelt down without hesitation and handed over the things he had stolen with both hands-a bag of diamonds and a suitcase full of cash.

“Big brother, please spare my life!”

The superpowered people had no intention of resisting at all. They all prostrated on the ground.

The tradition of the Saint Organization… It was quite surprising.

Other than these superpowered people, there were also a large number of ordinary people on the second underground floor.

Yang Xi gestured for a young and beautiful girl to come over and asked, “Are you from the Saint Organization?”

The girl shook her head and said, “Only ability users are members of the Saint

Organization. We…” They were just toys that they had captured.”

Yang Xi looked at this timid white girl. She was about 20 years old, the age of college, but she was sent to this underground by the Saint Organization and lost her freedom.

It was hard to imagine that this was something that happened in a civilized society.

Yang Xi said to the young girls hiding at the side, “How about this, I’ll give you a chance to take revenge. If these ability users have bullied you in the past, feel free to attack. ”

This… Was it really possible?

The eyes of these ordinary people who had been tortured by the Saint Organization for years were filled with suspicion.

Although these ability users were so obedient in front of Yang Xi and seemed to have no strength to resist, a few of them could completely suppress them as ordinary people.

The difference between a combat-type mutant and an ordinary person was too great.

Seeing this, Yang Xi swept out a mental attack. These D-class superpowered people didn’t even have time to groan before they all fainted. Some of the weaker ones even had their mental power shattered. Even if they woke up later, they could only live in stupor for the rest of their lives.

When the girls who had been captured by the Saint Organization saw that Yang Xi had helped them solve the key problem, they could no longer suppress their years of hatred. They rushed towards the unconscious superpowered people.

Tearing or biting, it didn’t take long for these Espers to die in their hands. They died in a miserable manner, and there was basically no intact part of their bodies.

After everyone had calmed down, the young girls hugged each other and burst into tears.

All these years, they had lived a life worse than pigs and dogs. They could not even commit suicide. Finally, they were redeemed today.

“Thank you, sir!”

“Thank you, my lord!”

The young girls wanted to kneel down to Yang Xi, but a group of shadows appeared and held them firmly, preventing them from doing so.

Yang Xi also sighed a little. He had only wanted to plunder the light priest’s ability, but he had accidentally saved so many people.

Since he had already saved her, Yang Xi might as well be a good person to the end.

He used it to open the Saint Organization’s vault.

These superpowered people had been robbing the jewelry and cash here just now.

“Each of you will take some money from here and leave this place to live the life you want. ”

After hearing Yang Xi’s words, the young girls were in disbelief.

Over the years, they had seen a lot of ability users who fought for money and beauty. It was too rare for ability users like Yang Xi to give money to them as “toys”.

Finally, a long-legged girl in a bunny costume got up and took out a bundle of cash from the vault. It was about 100,000 azure coins. After walking to Yang Xi’s side, she bowed deeply to him and summoned her courage to walk down the long corridor.

After the first one, there was a second one. These girls were very restrained. After everyone left, there was still more than half of the money left in the vault.

This was a very nerve-wracking matter.

He extracted ten D-class body strengthening superpowers from these superpowered people and decomposed them into F-class superpowers. The dark energy stored in his body had broken through the 1000-unit mark.

Yang Xi looked at the gold bricks, bags of diamonds, and stacks of cash, but he was very worried about how to take them away.

“It would be great if there was a little money-grubber like Qian Duoduo around.

I wonder if her storage bag can hold it. ”

In view of the fact that there might still be members of the Saint Organization left outside, Yang Xi used his earth mage ability to sink the vault underground, preparing to take it away when he had the ability to use space in the future.

After settling all of this, Yang Xi sensed Ye Fan’s location and went over.

It was time to give him the [Training] ability. At the same time, Yang Xi had made arrangements for Ye Fan’s future.

He planned to let this kid go to Yanjing University’s Hero Department to develop.

His ultimate goal was naturally to plant his spies in the Hero Association.

At the same time, Yang Xi also wanted to receive orthodox hero education through his puppet control ability and strengthen himself from the most basic aspects..

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