Chapter 72: Slightly Superior

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To be honest, Yang Xi’s current situation was rather bad. Although the already-snake had two A-class abilities, the status of the Light Priest was too buggy. Unless Yang Xi could kill him completely before he used the Holy Light Healing, this guy was a cockroach that could not be killed.


Sword of Judgment was a divine spell that was almost comparable to a specific skill.

Moreover, the Sword of Judgment’s attack effect was to purify the material. It had nothing to do with defense. If Yang Xi had not been able to use his Shadow Evasion clone to switch positions, he probably would not have been able to last so long.

“Hahaha! Do you regret it? Why didn’t you want my money just now! Don’t you think that you’re a b * tch?”

The Priest of Light slashed down another Sword of Judgment.

He was still brooding over the fact that he had used the blue pill, which meant that he was likely to be slowly controlled by the mysterious force that provided the pill in the future.

“You have to force me to eat this f * cking thing! Are you satisfied now? Isn’t it good to leave a way out for others? We’re both A-class superpowered people. Why do we have to fight to the death? Fuck!”

Yang Xi ignored the cursing Priest of Light and focused on avoiding his attacks.

Although the Sword of Judgement was purifying his shadow clone, it was fortunate that the consumption of this ability was not as great as the plasma, so Yang Xi could continue to fight him.

However, Yang Xi did not intend to do so. At this moment, he still had two mental powers that he did not use.

“If we kill him the moment he is under the illusion, he might not be able to heal himself in time. ”

While Yang Xi was thinking about this strategy, the Light Priest slashed out three more times. While Yang Xi was switching positions, he constantly placed his shadow clone closer to the position of the Light Priest.

“There’s something strange about him.”

Yang Xi noticed that there seemed to be blue spots of light around the body of the Light Priest.

This was definitely not caused by his plasma ability.

This abnormal state became more and more obvious as the light priest overdrafted his ability, and even his healing ability seemed to be unable to reverse this state.

It was exceptionally strange.

Perhaps this was one of the side effects of the blue pill.

The Priest of Light also noticed that Yang Xi had changed his strategy, but he didn’t care at all. No matter what kind of attack it was, as long as it couldn’t kill him immediately, he could heal himself immediately. Once his Sword of Judgment hit, it would basically be a victory.

Compared to guarding against Yang Xi’s attacks, he was more willing to pay attention to the pattern of Yang Xi’s switching positions.

An opportunity!

The distance between Yang Xi and the Light Priest had finally reached the attack range of the spiritual shock wave.

It was very difficult to aim at the Light Priest in the ” hidden ” state. If it wasn’t for Yang Xi’s sixth sense, it would have been difficult for him to hit the Light Priest.


Yang Xi used a spiritual shock wave in the direction of seven o’clock behind him!

An imperceptible shockwave hit the Light Priest accurately!


The Priest of Light felt as if his brain had been chiseled by a hammer!

A basin-sized plasma ball directly blasted towards the muddle-headed Light Priest.

However, just as the plasma ball was about to burn the Light Priest’s eyebrows, the handsome white man suddenly opened his eyes.

The sense of danger of death made his hair stand on end, and he only had time to move slightly to the left.

The plasma ball directly took away half of his body!

Holy Light descended!

The light priest, who only had half of his face left, was bathed in the holy light. New body tissues were constantly repaired by the holy light.

He almost died!

The Light Priest was shocked!

“You… What kind of attack was that? It’s not plasma, nor is it a shadow!”

“You’re actually a triple-elemental mutant! ! ”

Yang Xi’s expression was very ugly. He did not expect that the Light Priest would only need such a short time to get rid of the state of mental trembling.

He was probably one of the strongest A-class superpowered people.

The Priest of Light continued to hide, and his figure became unpredictable on the battlefield.

His voice seemed to come from all directions.

“I was almost killed by you, but I also saw through your ability. It’s my honor to be able to kill a powerful three-elemental ability user like you.”


Six swords of judgment appeared in the air, floating above Yang Xi’s main body and all the shadow clones on the battlefield with holy light.

The Light Priest looked exhausted. Even with the blue pill stimulating his body’s potential, summoning six Swords of Judgment in one go was still a very extravagant thing.

He felt that the combined power of these six swords could even kill an S-class mutant!

The Sword of Judgment slashed down on his head. No matter which shadow clone Yang Xi switched to, he would definitely be severely injured!

He seemed to have fallen into a desperate situation!

But… Yang Xi was also determined. His main body was prepared to take this sword head-on. At the same time that the Sword of Judgment completely fell, he used the profound meaning of Shadow Escape, Instant Prison Double Shadow Kill.

In an instant, the five shadow clones passed through the light priest’s body from all directions.

The Light Priest hurriedly used Holy Light to heal his injuries.

However, what made him feel strange was that this terrifying move seemed to be…lt did not cause him any harm.

Four seconds.

The Sword of Judgment purified the right side of Yang Xi’s body. His shoulder, arm, right lung, and various internal organs were exposed.

Three seconds.

‘ Hahaha!” The Priest of Light laughed.” So you were just bluffing. I’ve won this One second.

Yang Xi stretched out his remaining left hand and snapped his fingers. A voice came out from under the snake mask,””Explode.”


A cloud of black gas was enshrouding the Light Priest’s chest. He did not notice it at all. Just as he was about to mock Yang Xi’s miserable state, he exploded.

All that was left was a pool of bloody tissue on the ground.

Among A-class superpowered people, the body of the Light Priest was not considered strong. It was not surprising that the Instant Prison Double Shadow Kill could kill Yang Xihao instantly.

Because he did not expect the delayed outbreak of Instant Prison Double Shadow Kill, the timing of his Holy Light Healing was brought forward.

At the same time, Yang Xi felt a heart-wrenching pain, and he could go into shock at any time.

He switched to a shadow clone and appeared in front of the corpse of the priest of light.

“I hope the stripping will still work.”

If he could not obtain the Light Priest’s ability, Yang Xi’s rebirth ability would also be activated.

Ignoring his disgust, Yang Xi placed his hand on it and activated his ability [Stripping].

A familiar feeling returned…

Perhaps it was because they were still “hot” that the stripping was successful!

[Ability: Heart of Light

[Description: 1. Mana Recovery: Able to recover the physical strength of Esper Ability Users below Class B.]

Amplification. It can amplify the abilities of people below B-class.

Conceal, can conceal the body of an Adept below Class A.

Holy Light Heal, heals the injuries of oneself or targets below Class A. (6/6) The Sword of Judgement used a huge sword condensed from holy light to purify the enemy.

[Evaluation: A-class, passable Inherited Ability.]

Yang Xi couldn’t be bothered to sigh. He hurriedly activated the ability bead of the Heart of Light and activated the Holy Light to heal his injuries.

Bathed in the warm holy light, the right half of Yang Xi’s body slowly grew out.

“Phew, I almost died.”

As expected, A-class superpowered people were not to be underestimated.

“But I didn’t expect this guy to have a blue pill. ”

This was the first time Yang Xi had fought a hero who had used the blue pill. The effect of this pill was really terrifying.

No wonder so many heroes would take the risk to use it.

Yang Xi got up from the ragged ground and looked in the direction of the Saint base.

There were still some miscellaneous fish that needed to be dealt with..

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