Chapter 71: Battle Between Beyond Grade As

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Yang Xi walked up to the two of them, glanced at the Priest of Light, and said lightly, ‘”‘Foolish.’


He had already set up a shadow clone outside the garage, and now he was just switching.

As for the earth elemental creatures, they were biting the shadow clones that had switched over.

The earth mage reacted and looked shocked.” You…” You’re actually a rare dual-ability user. ”

He was not willing to be defeated just like that. He tried to control the earth elemental creatures to come back to help, but a large shadow net opened up from behind these earth elemental creatures and caught them all in one fell swoop.

If it had been the Earth Elemental Wyrm from before, it might have been able to break free from this A-class Shadowmeld net. However, although there were many of these earth elemental creatures, their combat strength was much inferior. They could only be helplessly trapped in the net.

“Sir, I don’t know how I offended you, but I’m willing to pay for my mistake with the greatest sincerity! ”

The Priest of Light knew that he had failed today. It was not the first time he had encountered such a situation. When he faced the captain of the Hero Association’s special squad, he had also prostrated himself on the ground and used a large amount of money to buy his life.

This time, he could also feel the effect.

Didn’t people live in this world for benefits?

Yang Xi pulled out his shadow weapon and stabbed it into their hearts.

In fact, he also wanted to ask the priest how much money he was going to spend to buy his life, but his current avatar did not allow him to say much.

How could a cold-blooded big shot ask for money from others!

The Light Priest widened his eyes.” Big Brother, I plan to spend 100 million to buy my life! Why didn’t you ask?!”

The earth mage’s eyes dimmed. He knew that the light priest could only heal five times.

It seemed that the Holy Disciples would finally be destroyed today.

However, he was old and had enjoyed enough over the years. Today, he would die with his old friend, the Priest of Light. It could be considered as having a companion on the road to hell.

“Leader, so what if we die? We’re still the higher-ups of a large organization. We can’t lose our dignity before we die!”

However, something that left him dumbfounded happened. The light priest’s body lit up with holy light again.

He actually had a sixth heal.

“You, you, you…” Before the earth mage could finish his sentence, he clutched his chest and died.

He didn’t know if he was stabbed to death by Yang Xi or angered to death by his



He didn’t expect that this Light Priest would actually hide a chance to heal him. He was really careless!

Yang Xi swung the shadow spear in his hand and aggressively stabbed at him again.

Seeing this, the Priest of Light took out a bank card from his pocket at the fastest speed in his life.

“Sir! There’s 100 million Azure dollars in here. I’ll use it to buy my own life!!!”

100 million azure coins!

Yang Xi was a little tempted.

The Priest of Light saw the hope of survival in Yang Xi’s hesitation.” As long as you let me go, I can transfer 50 million now. I’ll give the remaining half when I’m safe! ”


It was better to kill this guy. Money was just a worldly possession. The money of the Light Priest was also dirty money. Who knew how many young men and women’s blood and tears were in it.

The black-robed man wearing the snake mask was cold and ruthless. He was not moved by money at all. He grabbed the shadow spear and stabbed it down aggressively.

The Priest of Light’s face turned pale. He didn’t expect this guy to not even be interested in 100 million Azure Coins.

“Before I die, I want to ask you something. What kind of grudge do we have between us that you have to kill me?”

“Die!” Yang Xi said.

Damn it!

The Light Priest was about to go crazy. How could there be such a difficult person to communicate with in this world? She didn’t even want to say a word to him!

After all, he was an A-class superpowered man.

Just as the tip of the spear was about to enter his body, the Priest of Light finally made up his mind. He took out a blue pill from his other pocket and swallowed it.

Blue pill!

Yang Xi’s pupils constricted into a dot!

He did not expect to see this familiar little thing in Shazhou City.

How many regions had the power behind the blue pill infiltrated?

After taking the blue pill, the light priest’s eyes were in a daze, and his body suddenly lit up with a dazzling white light.

Yang Xi couldn’t help but close his eyes.

A hand with holy light suddenly grabbed the shadow spear. With a squeeze, the spear shaft of the shadow weapon exploded!

Only the spearhead that had pierced the Priest of Light’s body remained in his chest.

The black spearhead was particularly eye-catching in the pure white.

The light priest pulled out the spearhead and healed his wound with holy light.

At this moment, he felt that his condition was extremely good.

“You bastard, I’ve already begged for mercy. Why are you forcing me to use such a dangerous thing? “The Priest of Light had obtained the blue pill long ago, but he had never dared to use something of unknown origin.

Even though his body seemed to have endless power, he still said hysterically, “This is great. I’ll definitely be controlled by those sneaky guys who don’t dare to show their true faces like you!”

After all, using drugs to control people was his old profession as a light priest. These tricks were all left over from his game.

Yang Xi looked at the Light Priest warily. Due to his understanding of the blue pill, Yang Xi knew that it could ignore the restrictions of the ability and directly increase its strength by three times.

However, the Light Priest’s ability seemed to be of a supportive nature. Even if it was enhanced by three times, the healing effect would only be a little exaggerated or a little more frequent. At most, it would be a more durable sandbag. What use would it be?

The Priest of Light looked at Yang Xi and sneered.” At this moment, my power is beyond your imagination. So what if you are a double A ability user? You will still be purified under the Holy Light!” ”

“I’m not just a nanny. I just don’t want to take the risk! ”

The fifth of the five great divine arts of the light priests was the Sword of Judgment, which had the ability to attack.

However, before taking the blue pill, the Sword of Judgment could only hurt

Class B superpowered people, so he did not use it on Yang Xi. (Mana

Regeneration and Amplification can only be used on others.))

But now that his strength had increased greatly, his Sword of Judgement was enough to injure A-class targets.

Since he was able to hurt Yang Xi, and he had more than ten Holy Light Heals, he was already invincible in the eyes of the Light Priest!

“Die, stinky mute!”

The Light Priest’s eyes lit up with white light. A sword of judgment formed by holy light descended from the sky and struck Yang Xi’s… Shadow Clone.

He had switched to 15 meters away before the Sword of Judgment landed!

The Sword of Judgement struck the ground, and the ground suddenly

disappeared. Even Yang Xi’s Shadow Clone, which could ignore physical attacks, had been consumed by half!


The concealment in this state almost made the light priest invisible.

However, Yang Xi’s A-class superbrain was not for nothing. His sixth sense burst out, and he extended his palm, shooting a series of small and medium-sized plasma balls in the three o’clock direction like a machine gun.

This series of plasma balls landed on the ground and caused a huge explosion.

One of the plasma balls hit its target, and the electric arc spread, evaporating a part of the Light Priest’s body!

A ray of holy light lit up with the smoke of the explosion, and the light priest instantly recovered to his peak condition.

Another Sword of Judgment fell, and Yang Xi once again used Shadow Clone to dodge!

The entire Saint base was on the verge of collapse under the fierce battle between the two Beyond Grade As!!

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