Chapter 64: Killing

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The Mantis Double-edged Sword looked at the Masked Fighter in disbelief.

Why would his black brother suddenly attack him? They clearly had the same interests and hobbies. They sang hip-hop together, played with women together, and worked out together.

“Because I promised this child that I would kill all of you!” Yang Xi said coldly.

Before the Mantis Double-edged Transformation was completed, Yang Xi’s folding knife directly cut off his two arms.

“Your transformation time is 15 seconds, that’s too long.

In the end, the folding knife slashed across the neck of the mantis double-edged sword and took his life.

The surrounding D-class superpowered people were all stunned. They could not accept the fact that the masked fighter had killed the Mantis Double-edged Sword.

“All of you…They all have to die!”

Yang Xi’s cold voice echoed in the torture room like a ferocious beast that was about to devour someone.

” Don’t be afraid of him!” the man with the nose ring shouted.” As long as we don’t feel fear in our hearts, he won’t become stronger!

However, the five D-class superpowered people in the punishment room could not control the black power of fear that was flowing out of their bodies. After the black gas was absorbed into the mask, the aura of the masked fighter became stronger and stronger. His body covered the light of the lamp, and the shadow that covered the D-class superpowered people became bigger and bigger.

Screams rang out in the punishment room. A few minutes later, only the masked boxer and the young man from District One were left alive. The young man had already woken up when Yang Xi killed the first person.

“Who exactly are you?”

Because he had no teeth, his words were a little unclear.

“The person who saved you,” said Yang Xi.

The young man expressed his disbelief.” But I’ve seen you bully the children here.

Yang Xi didn’t explain further.” You’ll know who I am very soon. What’s your

The young man hesitated for a moment. Finally, on account of Yang Xi helping him kill his enemy, he said, “My name is Ye Fan.”

“Ye Fan? Stay here and wait for me to come and save you.

Ye Fan struggled and wanted to get out.” I have to save my sister.

Yang Xi didn’t stop him.” Think about it. If you die on the way, no one will be able to save your sister.

The young man was silent. In the end, he chose to stay in the torture chamber filled with corpses.

Yang Xi killed his way out and killed a few Class D members of the Saint organization.

He didn’t open the cell that imprisoned the boys and girls. The battle had not stopped yet, so the cell could protect them.

Two figures appeared at the two ends of the corridor. He had been pincered.

” Master,” the masked fighter said,” these are the other two C-class superpowered people in the base, the record player and the spearman. “The body of the record player can play a record to disturb the enemy’s mind. At the same time, the rotating record is also his common weapon.

“The spear-wielder can create a spear out of thin air to attack the enemy. The furthest he can throw it is 300 meters, and it can easily shoot through walls.

The record player had long, wild hair and was wearing a suit. His skin was a little red from too much sunbathing. A black record was slowly spinning in his left hand. His thumb tapped on the surface of the record, and the entire corridor sounded soothing music.

. Have I ever told you that you’re in every dream of mine…”

Why is the night so long?”

A strange sound wave hit him, and Yang Xi had the urge to slow down with the music, but with the help of his powerful mental power, he quickly overcame the ability of the record player.

However, he chose to hand over control of his body to the masked fighter. The masked fighter, who was still under the influence of this ability, began to sway with the music in a daze.

The record player’s eyes flashed with disdain. After being hit, the masked boxer was no longer a threat.

He started running, switching the record in his left hand to his right hand and began to accumulate power.

“Follow my music and step into hell!

The record player threw out his own record like a disco. Strangely, the high-speed spinning record in the air was still playing music.

Seeing that the record was about to behead the fighter, Yang Xi took over his body at the most critical moment. He smashed the record with an uppercut. Before the record player could react, his thick legs stomped on the ground and his two huge fists smashed into his temples.

If these two punches hit, the record player’s head would definitely split open like a watermelon.

“Save me!”

The record player knew that once he got close, he would definitely not be a match for the masked boxer!

As he shouted for help, he reached out to take out the next record from behind him.

The spear-wielder in Mayan attire condensed a short spear and threw it at Yang Xi.

He predicted the direction of Yang Xi’s attack. If Yang Xi dodged the spear, the record player could get rid of Yang Xi’s entanglement.

If this was Yang Xi’s body, he would definitely choose to dodge this attack. However, the one facing this spear was the Masked Fighter’s body. Yang Xi directly used his chest to receive the spear.

The short spear pierced the masked fighter’s right chest, and Yang Xi’s fist landed on the record player’s head.

His head was smashed flat by two huge fists.

He didn’t even leave behind a last word.

” What’s going on?” The spearman’s hand trembled slightly as he watched the scene.” What happened?” Why did you betray the organization?”

The spear Wielder felt that he had never seen the Masked Fighter so fierce when he followed other organizations in battle!

Today, the Masked Fighter’s fighting style did not seem to take his life seriously at all.

Although it was not his own body, Yang Xi, who had a spirit body, could still feel a heart-wrenching pain in his right chest.

” Cough cough!!”

He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.” Why? Naturally, it was for the sake of justice!

The spearman smiled bitterly.” Don’t use this excuse to fool me. I know what kind of person you are. Aren’t there many goods here that have been ruined by you? If it’s for justice, then you should commit suicide to apologize!

“I’ll naturally do that after I kill you!” Yang Xi said.

” You’re simply unreasonable!” The spear-wielder said in exasperation.” Even if you defeat me, there’s no way for you to leave this place. The Deep Sea Army Spirit is already on the way!

The injuries on this body were getting more and more serious. Yang Xi did not waste any more time talking to the spearman and rushed towards him like a tiger descending a mountain.

The spearman saw through Yang Xi’s goal and naturally would not let him succeed. He turned around and ran out.

“Motherf * cker!”

However, the Mask of Fear had already automatically replaced a D-class power of fear with the power of fear born before the death of the record player. The masked boxer, who had the power of two C-class heroes, suppressed the spear holder in terms of speed.

However, the person holding the spear was also an expert who had experienced hundreds of battles. Naturally, he knew the principle of retreating while fighting.

He kept using Short Shigeru Kite Mask to fight with his opponent.

But… Yang Xi had no intention of dodging at all. He allowed the short spear to stab into his body, and the distance between him and the spear holder was shrinking!

“You lunatic! I don’t believe your body can withstand so many of my spears!”

The spearman’s mentality was about to collapse!

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