Chapter 63: Granting Your Wish

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Yang Xi stared into the young man’s eyes and said,” Persevere. I’ll give you this chance.


The double-edged mantis knocked on Yang Xi’s back.” What is this kid talking about? You can actually understand the awkward First District language? Not bad!”

Yang Xi replied perfunctorily,” I know a little. In our line of work, we have to try to learn a little foreign language.

After coming out of this depressing place, Yang Xi did not have much time left to descend.

“Do you know where the Sealing Sword is? Your organization should have sent someone to follow her.

” The person in charge of this is Bloodthirsty Rose,” the masked fighter said.” I can go and find her tonight.

“Then I’ll leave it to you. After you get the location of the sealing sword, send me a message.

Yang Xi’s spirit body left the Masked Fighter’s body.

Masked Fighter, who unconditionally obeyed Yang Xi’s orders, immediately dialed Bloodthirsty Rose’s communicator.”Baby, where are you? Do you want to have a drink together?”

The sky had completely darkened. The Masked Fighter’s screen illuminated his mask, becoming the only source of light nearby.

“Room 1250, Lawrence Hotel.

After waiting for an hour in the Masked Fighter’s apartment, Yang Xi hypnotized the two white women and took a few sandwiches from the fridge to satisfy his hunger.

After finding the specific location on the electronic map, the shadow spread out from his body, passed through the carpet, chair, and door gap, and gathered into a shadow clone in front of the door. Then, the shadow clone switched to Yang Xi.

Just like that, Yang Xi left the apartment and rushed to his destination at night.

Lawrence Hotel, Room 1250.

The room card was inserted into the card slot, and the alloy armor was removed by its owner and placed neatly on the table.

After the bathroom door opened, a beautiful girl with wet hair wrapped in a

towel stepped on disposable slippers.

Her skin was as fair and tender as a peeled egg, without a single flaw.

Her tall nose bridge, deep eye sockets, handsome eyebrows, and green eyes complemented each other. Her small mouth, which was pouting while whistling, revealed a little of a young girl’s innocence.

This 1.7-meter-tall girl was the A-class hero of the Knights of the Round Table Financial Company, the Sword of Sealing.

This was the fifth time she had investigated the Saint organization’s human trafficking since she received a fan’s request for help.

However, he had already circled Shazhou City like a headless fly several times. He had gone to four or five places that were suspected to be the Saint Organization’s strongholds, but he had found nothing.

She changed into the little yellow duck’s pajamas, and her slightly damp hair was casually draped over Xue Rong’s shoulders. Her two small feet crossed in a cross as she sat in front of her laptop.

“Sealing Sword, please save my sister. The last time I contacted her was in Shazhou City.

“Miss Blanche, if it’s convenient for you, please go to Shazhou City. I suspect that there’s evil human trafficking there!

“The notorious Saint Organization, why are there no heroes to destroy them?”

Blanche was the name of the Sword of Seals. Only some old fans who had been paying attention to her since before she debuted would know about it. Looking at the fans ‘pleas for help, Blanche twirled her hair in frustration.

“Damn it, I’ve already sent out a request for help for so long. Why hasn’t the company sent a team of intelligence personnel over? Did Ross City have so many things to deal with?”

The headquarters of the Knights of the Round Table Financial Company was in Ross City, which was adjacent to Shazhou City. It could be considered a city with better security in District 2.

Perhaps it was due to the high number of exotic beast invasions, Hero Economics was thriving in Ross City. Naturally, no blind ability user organization would choose to take root in Ross City.

“I can only try my luck tomorrow. If it really doesn’t work, I’ll drag the company’s intelligence department to Shazhou City!

After making up her mind, Blanche closed her computer and turned off the lights to sleep. Although she was a professional hero, Blanche still paid great attention to taking care of her skin. She usually chose to go to bed before 11 p.

m., except on nights when something happened.

When she started snoring, a black tentacle gently placed the note with the address of the den on the bed and quietly returned.

In addition to the location. Yang Xi also fabricated the information about the Saint Organization’s transaction at 12 0’clock. This was to let Blanche, the wild tool, play her role on time.

This sleeping fierce girl didn’t know that she had been treated as the number one fighter by a black-bellied young man.

The shadow tentacle returned to Yang Xi, who was standing on the rooftop. Facing the cold night wind, perhaps because his spiritual power was already particularly strong, Yang Xi’s desire for sleep had gradually decreased.

He stood on the rooftop for the entire night, constantly deducing whether there were any loopholes in the plot that would be played tomorrow.

At the same time, there was a faint worry in his heart. With the help of the puppet control skill, could he push the evil organization of the Saints into the abyss and save the boy from District 1 and the young men and women who had also been kidnapped?

The sun rose from the east. Yang Xi left the hotel’s rooftop and quickly rushed to the port.

11 PM.

Yang Xi landed on the Masked Fighter’s body on time.

He woke up on a large round bed. There was a slippery touch on his left hand. Yang Xi turned his head and saw the smooth and shiny back of the Bloodthirsty Rose.

He struggled to straighten his body up and found that the entire round bed was filled with roses the size of a human face. There were five strong men tied up in these roses. They were motionless, and he didn’t know if they were dead.

Yang Xi felt that someone was hugging her from behind, and she could hear the sound of her breathing.” Darling, you were great last night.

It turned out that the Bloodthirsty Rose had woken up.

Yang Xi removed the Class B Hero’s hand and got off the round bed. He stepped on the withered roses and started to put on his clothes. Before he left, he said to Bloodthirsty Rose, who was still lying on the ground,””l’m going to the port. The Deep Sea Army Spirit is looking for me today.


What answered Yang Xi was the lazy voice of Bloodthirsty Rose.

It seemed that the masked fighter had spent a lot of effort to get Blanche’s position yesterday.

He felt the condition of his body. Although his footsteps were a little unsteady, it shouldn’t affect today’s business.

The masked fighter drove to yesterday’s den.

This time, other than the Mantis Double-edged Sword, the other two C-class heroes were present. After all, their boss, the Deep Sea Army Spirit, would be here for an inspection at noon.

“Is that kid still alive?”

Yang Xi looked at the youth who was placed on the ground.

A few Class D superpowered people crowded around Yang Xi and entered the room. They couldn’t wait to see how Yang Xi would deal with this tough guy from District One.

“Of course, we don’t dare to neglect your orders. Yesterday, we even asked the doctor to give him antibiotics. This kid can live for a few more days.

“Then I can rest assured.” Yang Xi suddenly said to the young man who had woken up in District I’s language,” Didn’t you say yesterday that you wanted to kill us all? Open your eyes and watch.

Mantis Double-edged Sword came over with a smile.” Mask, are you starting to show off your lame first district words again? I’ve learned that if I can’t use words to stimulate it, then the process of torturing and killing will be much less fun!”

“You like killing so much?” Yang Xi laughed. Then I’ll fulfill your wish.”

He stabbed a folding knife that he used to torture the boy into the belly of the mantis double-edged sword..

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