Chapter 48: The Development of the Ion Esper Ability

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Bloodline abilities were quite strange. They actually influenced the character of the ability user.


Liu Yuan wouldn’t have liked to express his emotions with wolf howls before, right?

After Liu Yuan quieted down a little, Yang Xi began to explain the rest of the matter to him.

“Retract your ability.” Yang Xi stroked Liu Yuan’s wolf tail.” Aren’t you tired of maintaining your transformation? Return to your human form first.

The werewolf Liu Yuan’s voice was rough, but his tone was very obedient.” Okay, godfather! ”

When Liu Yuandi was about the same height as him, Yang Xi nodded with satisfaction.” We have to follow up on the clues of the blue pill, but at the same time, we have to pay attention to our own safety. The superpowered people who have used this pill are very unstable.”

“The second mission given to you by the organization is to collect information on some heroes, especially those heroes who are secretly immoral. ”

Yang Xi hoped to obtain this information because these fallen heroes were more likely to be targeted by the man in the top hat. He might be able to make the first move.

Moreover, his ability storage also needed to be updated.

Liu Yuan was a little puzzled.” Godfather, are we asking for this information to recruit soldiers?”

Yang Xi deliberately sneered.” Not just anyone can join our organization. These heroes are just ‘raw materials .


They actually used heroes as raw materials!

Although Liu Yuan was shocked, he still maintained a calm expression on the surface. After all, he could not compare to his godfather in terms of strength for the time being. He had to try his best to keep up with his godfather in terms of acting.

“Godfather, do you want me to find some incompetent heroes and absorb their ability genes?”

Yang Xi continued to maintain the image of a cold expert.” How else do you think you got your ability medicine? Do a good job. This mission is also to collect materials for your C-class ability potion. ”

The hesitation in Liu Yuan’s heart was instantly shattered by the words “C-grade drug”.

Why should he care so much? From the tone of his godfather father, he would only lay his hands on those heroes with bad morals. And even if he laid his hands on those upright heroes, so what? I, Liu Yuan, have never been a good person.

I just need to become stronger!

“Alright, godfather, I promise to complete the mission!””

Yang Xi originally wanted Liu Yuan to help find a healing-type ability user, but this might expose some information about Yang Feifei. Although the possibility was not high, Yang Xi decided to find a healing-type ability user himself.

After all, he still had the Sour and Spicy Noodle Superman, an absolutely loyal puppet. He could also obtain the information he needed from him.

“Then that’s all for today.”

After Yang Xi finished speaking, he stepped on the metal disc and rose into the air.

Since he was outside the city, he planned to find a quiet place to train his ability.

A-grade metal control, C-grade superbrain, plasma, snow maiden, and so on, all of which required a lot of practice in his spare time.

Flying at a high altitude, the cold sea breeze blew against his face. To be honest, Fierce Fire was really a blessing for people with cold hands and feet. Although it was only E-class, Yang Xi would not feel cold even if he was naked in the snow and ice. This saved a lot of air-conditioning costs.

Sorry, although he was already the leader of a large organization with millions of funds, Yang Xi still maintained a good habit of thrift.

“Yes, this place is not bad.”

Yang Xi stepped on a metal plate and stopped above a small island. There were many reefs near these islands, and the island had no commercial development value. With Yang Xi’s flying speed, it would take him ten minutes to fly to the nearest coast, which perfectly satisfied the condition of being ” rarely visited.”

Yang Xi controlled the metal board to slowly land on the beach, turning the metal board under his feet into a recliner.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had the sea breeze. Why don’t we rest for another five minutes?”

“Yes, there are wild coconuts over there.”

A metal knife flew over and cut off a plump coconut. Before the coconut fell to the ground, it turned into a net and was sent to Yang Xi.

Yang Xi’s finger gently scratched the surface of the large coconut. The sharp metal had already opened the coconut, revealing the transparent and sweet coconut water inside.

Yang Xi took off the metal net bag and pinched it in his hand, turning it into a unique straw. He took a deep breath, and a look of satisfaction appeared on his face.

“Yes, it’s almost ice-cold.”

A hexagram summoning array appeared on the beach, and a snow maiden wearing a cherry blossom kimono descended beside Yang Xi.

Yang Xi couldn’t help but raise the temperature of the fire. Snowy was really cold.

The waves that hit her feet froze.

“Little Xue, help Master to chill this coconut. ”

The snow maiden took the coconut curiously.” What is this?”

Yang Xi yawned. He woke up early today. He was considering whether to resign. After all, he did not need a salary to support his life now.

“This is a kind of…Um, coconuts are fruits, right?”

In order not to embarrass himself in front of his Summoned Materials, Yang Xi picked up his phone and got up.

“Ahem, this is a kind of fruit. Its juice is especially delicious, and the flavor is even better after it’s chilled. ”

The snow maiden nodded thoughtfully. She exhaled a mouthful of white mist, freezing the coconut water inside. Coconuts.

Even the coconut shell was cracked by the ice.

Yang Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He originally wanted to use his Fierce Fire superpower to heat it up, but when he thought of the purpose of this trip, he gave up on this plan.

“Little Xue, today is the day we train our abilities. We need you to fight with Master. ”

Yang Xi said to the snow maidens in a coaxing tone.

“Okay, Xiaoxue also likes to fight with Master. ”

The snow maiden was only at C-class, so Yang Xi planned to use his C-class plasma ability to spar with her.

Yang Xi had barely used the ability he had obtained from an S-rank exotic beast specimen.

“Electric plasma…”

Yang Xi raised his index finger, and a plasma ball the size of a ping pong ball slowly condensed. Such a small ball could cause great damage.

“The development direction of this ability should be to change the form of attacks such as plasma pistols, plasma cannons, plasma nets, and plasma spears to adapt to different situations.”

This was the way Yang Xi had thought of using his superpower after contacting some games on the Internet. There were many playable forms of plasma. With a big imagination, he could also use plasma to achieve a defensive effect.

‘ However, the video data left behind by that S-rank exotic beast destroyed half of the city with a simple and crude blast. To put it bluntly, the greater the amount of plasma, the stronger it is. ”

“Master, are you ready?”

The snow maiden was standing on the surface of the sea fifty meters away from Yang Xi with an excited look on her face. Her feet were on a piece of ice, and no one knew how she managed to avoid being carried away by the waves.

“Then you have to be careful!”

However, just as Yang Xi began to try his first idea, the ” plasma pistol,” a black cavity slowly opened behind Snowy!

The mutated beasts are here!

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