Chapter 47: Young Master Liu Is Class D

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In the memory of the Sour and Spicy Noodle Superman…


“I need information in exchange.” The man in the top hat’s tone was very strange. He must have changed his voice.

“What information?” ”

“It’s about some heroes in your company… It’s a secret.”

Even though he didn’t know why the other party was asking for such strange information, the Sour and Spicy Noodle Superman still casually told him a few things.

After all, he had been in the Red Sky Company for so long that he knew about some of the heroes ‘dark history.

He didn’t expect that some random gossip he made up would actually be exchanged for a few blue pills from the man in the top hat.

Every time they met, the man in the top hat would inform the Hot and Sour Noodle Superman of the time and place of their next meeting.

It was worth noting that during the fourth transaction, the boy in the top hat had specially asked for some information about Yang Xi’s alias,” Youji.” “It turns out that before I found them, they had already begun to notice me. ”

After Yang Xi finished reading the memories he had, he had a vague impression of the power behind the blue pill. The seemingly irrelevant information that the man in the top hat needed was actually the weakness and weakness of some heroes. With this information, he could control those heroes and eventually use the blue pill to corrupt them.

He just didn’t know what the purpose of this force controlling so many heroes was.

‘ The next time we meet is next weekend. It happens to be the birthday of the Super Hot and Sour Noodles Superman’s daughter. No wonder he specifically instructed his assistant to save time. The real reason is to make a deal with the top hat man. ”

Yang Xi opened his eyes and took another blue pill from the Sour and Spicy Noodle Superman.” Continue your journey. I should descend on your body before you meet the man in the top hat. ”

“Yes, Master.”

Night had fallen, and Yang Xi had finally taken a step closer to his goal of avenging his sister.

After changing the flowers on the bed, Yang Xi sat beside his sister.

It had been a long time since he had heard Yang Feifei making a fuss beside him.

His sister’s condition was still stable, but without special means, he could only hope for a miracle if he wanted to wake up.

“When we meet tomorrow, let Liu Yuan gather some information about heroes with healing abilities. ”

As long as he obtained a healing ability, Yang Xi could slowly upgrade it. If a

C-class ability could not cure Yang Feifei, then he would use a B-class or A-class ability. Even if he had to upgrade his healing ability to S-class, Yang Xi would not hesitate.

“There might be a way to cure you now. ”

Yang Xi stroked his sister’s dry hair.

“But I don’t dare to take the risk.”

His so-called solution was the A-class ability [Rebirth] he got from Liu Yuan.

After giving this ability to his sister, Yang Xi would kill her. Would it wake her

However, Yang Xi was also afraid that his sister would still be in a vegetative state the day before she was reborn. That would waste the precious life-saving skill of rebirth.

Moreover, Yang Xi was more afraid that after killing his sister, Yang Feifei would never exist in his timeline.

This was the reason why Yang Xi did not dare to try.

It was better to collect healing abilities.

Yang Xi felt that Liu Yuan’s ability bead was constantly rushing out of the city, so he also set off to meet his godson for the second time.

In an abandoned factory in the suburbs, Yang Xi landed in front of Liu Yuan on a metal disc.

Although he was curious about how his godfather could control the time so accurately, Liu Yuan skipped forward to welcome him.

What a silly b…

“Godfather, godfather! This time, I spent a lot of effort and finally got this from Li Canyang! ”

Liu Yuan handed a blue pill in a crystal box to Yang Xi.

Yang Xi took the blue pill and compared it with the one from the Sour and Spicy Powder Superman, and found that it was exactly the same.

Then he could be sure that the reason for his sister’s injury was related to this blue pill.

“Godfather, Li Canyang broke a girl’s neck this time. Is the side effect of the blue pill that scary?”

Yang Xi said calmly,” No matter how terrifying the side effects are, these fallen heroes will still eat this thing one after another. They will do anything for the sake of power and fame. This is the current professional heroes.

“Godfather is right. A guy like Lee Canyang doesn’t deserve to be a hero!” Liu

Yuan flattered him crazily. ”

“Then what do you think a real hero should look like?”Yang Xi suddenly asked.

Could this be a test from the organization?

Liu Yuan thought to himself. The Judgement Organization was looking for clues about the blue pill. He could guess that his godfather and the others were definitely enemies with the organization that distributed the blue pill.

Since the blue pill was so evil, the power behind it was definitely not a good thing. As the opposing party, the Judgement Organization was most likely the one with more positive values. This answer would definitely be filled with positive energy to pass.

Liu Yuan rolled his eyes and thought of the superhero movies he watched when he was young.” I feel that with great power comes great responsibility. As a hero, you should set saving mankind and resisting the invasion of exotic beasts as your goal. You shouldn’t be short-sighted and do shady things for power, wealth, and fame.”

To some extent, Liu Yuan’s goal of becoming a hero was different from Glacier Hero and Hot and Sour Pink Superman. He had lived in an environment where he didn’t lack money since he was young, so what he wanted more was the recognition of others.

Believe you, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost, have a ghost,

Fortunately, Yang Xi was just asking casually. To him, Liu Yuan was just a tool. He didn’t even need to brainwash Liu Yuan because one day in the future, he needed Liu Yuan to leak the ” ability drug ” plan. If he was completely loyal to Yang Xi, it would backfire.

“You did a good job on your mission. With the money you contributed to the organization last time, it’s enough to exchange for D-class ability medicine. ” Yang Xi threw the reseasoned mixed drink to Liu Yuan.

Eh, this time, I added a little ketchup. It should have a different flavor…

Liu Yuan was overjoyed.” Thank you, godfather! Thank you, godfather!”

Looking at the starry sky of the Esper Ability Potion, Liu Yuan sighed inwardly. Heaven really paid off those who worked hard. Under his hard work, he finally got this D-grade Esper Ability Potion.

After watching Liu Yuan finish the mixed drink in one gulp, Yang Xi took out the E-class Werewolf Power Bead from his body and mixed the other two E-class Werewolf Power Beads into his body.

However, in order to take revenge on the newspaper office, Yang Xi did not activate the ability bead directly.

“Eh, godfather, why is there no reaction this time? Why can’t I transform?”

” Ahem, my good son, I’m afraid it’s because your body hasn’t fully absorbed the power potion yet. ” “Then how do we completely absorb the potion? Do we have to wait a few

“Well, why don’t I help you?”

Yang Xi moved his wrist.

Liu Yuan sensed that something was wrong.” Godfather, what are you doing?” “Bear with it. In order to become stronger, godfather can only be ruthless to you!

“Ah! Ah! It hurts! Godfather! Spare me, godfather!

Why did he have to slap his face? He killed someone!”

After a round of beating, Yang Xi finally vented his anger and activated the ability bead in Liu Yuan’s body.

Looking at Liu Yuan’s bruised face, Yang Xi held back his laughter and said, “”Good son, try transforming now. There should be no problem.”

Liu Yuanyi tried to transform with a wronged expression. Suddenly, blue hair grew out of his body. His body became more burly and his recovery ability increased a lot. The flesh wound that was beaten by Yang Xi was rapidly healing.

“Godfather, I feel like I’ve become much stronger!!! ”

The abandoned factory was filled with Liu Yuan’s happiness… Wolf howls..

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