Chapter 43: Accident and… Summoning Spirit-branded Retainer

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Liu Yuan was overjoyed. He had successfully found the blue pill, and his D-class superpower potion was now in the bag!


“F * ck, hard work really pays off. I’m really cut out for this line of work! ”

Liu Yuan left behind a blue pill and stuffed the rest back into the bathroom. After cleaning up the traces, he heard a scream coming from the bathroom as soon as he stepped out of the door!

“F * ck, is Li Canyang that strong?”

But soon, the girl’s voice stopped abruptly. There was no more movement. Only the beast-like growl slowly faded in the bathroom.

Liu Yuan quickly closed the door and ran back to his room.

He had a premonition that if he stayed any longer, he would probably follow in the girl’s footsteps…The sound just now was completely abnormal. It was more like a girl’s scream before she died.

Exactly… What happened in the bathroom?

About half an hour later, someone knocked on Liu Yuan’s door.

Liu Yuan mustered up his courage to open the door. He saw Li Canyang standing at the door with a pale face. However, his hair was still wet.

“That woman is dead.”


” .. “Liu Yuan trembled as he lit a cigarette.” I got it. Brother Li, leave first. I’ll get the company to handle it.”

Lee Canyang took a deep look at Liu Yuan. Without saying anything else, he turned around and walked toward the elevator.

The moment the elevator door closed, Liu Yuan leaned against the door and collapsed.

If he had given himself away just now, Liu Yuan felt that his life would be in danger.

After a while, he took out his communicator and called for two bodyguards to go upstairs. They were specially prepared by his family to help Liu Yuan clean up some messes.

When two burly men in black suits and sunglasses came up, Liu Yuan brought them into the bathroom where the incident happened.

The water was still dripping down, and the girl inside was no longer breathing. She was only covered with a white towel, covering her beautiful body and completely broken neck.

“F * ck!”

Liu Yuan punched the wall.

He didn’t expect that someone would die!

The bodyguards began to clean up the scene expressionlessly. This was their specialty.

Looking at the girl’s eyes, Liu Yuan reached out to help her rest in peace.

“Give more money to this girl’s family.”

Back in the corridor, Liu Yuan stepped on the red carpet and took out the blue pill.

Previously, he had wanted to secretly try this medicine, but after seeing the girl’s miserable state, this thought had disappeared.

He even felt that this small blue pill was extremely heavy.

“How many lives are there in this little thing?”

Glacier Hero sat in his Porsche Porsche. He did not start the car immediately, but leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes to rest.

“F * ck!”

He slammed the steering wheel hard, took out a candy box, and threw it at the passenger seat.

“Pata! Hualala

The candy box was smashed open, and the white chewing gum inside spilled all over the ground.

“How many times has this been?”

The Glacier Hero stared at his trembling hands with bloodshot eyes.

After a long time, he finally calmed down and picked up the white chewing gum on the passenger seat one by one.

“Why can’t I find the other one?”

Li Canyang searched for a while more, but he still couldn’t find it. He felt that it must have fallen into a crack.

“Forget it. Anyway, the next transaction is only a few days away. It doesn’t matter if it’s one more or one less.”

Staring at the exquisite candy box for a while, Li Canyang started the car expressionlessly.

The next day.

Kunlun Hero Financial Company.

The Mechanical Warrior drank his coffee and put down the report in his hand.

“A girl died when Yuan went out to play with the Glacier Hero?”

The staff member nodded.

“Humph!” The mechanical warrior smashed the coffee on the table, spilling half of the black coffee liquid.

When the Devil Dragon, who was bandaged, saw this, he took out a few napkins and wiped off the coffee.

“Father, I’ve investigated this matter. Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with

Ah Yuan. ”

He tried to get his brother out of this.

“You don’t have to explain for him. I thought that this kid had grown up and knew how to help us win over the A-class heroes under us. I didn’t expect that he would directly cause a life!”

“You should know how much the company paid to settle the incident of Glacier Hero affecting civilians. They even gave away a few places for this year’s hero trainees. If this matter is exposed, how much of a blow will it cause to Glacier

Hero’s image? How much impact would it have on the company’s stock price! ” A ray of light flashed across the Mechanical Warrior’s palm and the newspaper evaporated.

“If it weren’t for the fact that Glacier Hero can bring good benefits to the company, I would definitely send this guy to Hero Prison personally. ”

The Mystic Dragon didn’t say anything. He knew his father very well. As long as there was still a profit after weighing the pros and cons, he wouldn’t give up on the Glacier Hero.

“Go and warn that guy not to do it again! ”


The Mystic Dragon slowly stood up. He felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

Although he really wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with his younger brother, the Mystic Dragon knew that it was impossible.

It’s better to warn Glacier Hero. It’s fine if he likes to court death, but don’t drag my brother into it!

Fan Peng drove the car and the deputy driver sat in Yang Xi’s seat.

“I really don’t understand. No normal man would be willing to move out of that heaven-like apartment, right? Are you out of your mind? Old Yang!”

Fan Peng couldn’t help but feel regretful when he thought that he could no longer use the excuse of visiting Yang Xi to feel the atmosphere of the apartment that blurred some boundaries and satisfied some male fantasies.

This brother of his really didn’t know how lucky he was.

Yang Xi looked at the trees outside the window.” That’s all your imagination. Do you know how inconvenient it is to live with a bunch of women?”

Fan Peng pouted. Tsk, your so-called inconvenience is the essence of that apartment! ”

.”Yang Xi was speechless.” Old Fan, sometimes I really think you’re a pervert.

“What a coincidence. I also think that Old Yang is quite a pervert. ”

“Then our evaluation of each other is quite consistent.”

The car stopped at the entrance of a high-end residential area in Lukang City.

“Where did you get the money to rent such a good apartment?” Fan Peng asked

Yang Xi. ”

“My godson is filial to me.

“Forget it if you don’t want to say it. You must have won the lottery. Let’s not talk about the other brothers.”

Yang Xi was also very helpless. Sometimes, no one would believe the truth.

Night fell. After Fan Peng left, Yang Xi lay on the big bed alone.

The 10,000 yuan per month flat could be checked in with a bag. If you paid more, you could also provide hotel-style cleaning services, but it was not suitable for a special group of people like Yang Xi who needed to keep it a secret.

“Now that I’m finally alone, it’s still quite deserted.”

Yang Xi turned over on the big bed.

“Speaking of which, I haven’t used the Summoner’s [Snow Maiden] ability since that battle. ”

Yang Xi activated the C-class snow maiden ability bead in his body.

The activation of his superpower consumed some of Yang Xi’s mental power, and a hexagram summoning array appeared on the wooden floor of the bedroom.

A red light flashed, and a pink and jade-like figure appeared on the summoning array. Little Ioli.

The little girl was wearing a Sakura kimono, and her chubby little hands were a little uneasy. She secretly looked at Yang Xi with her ruby-like eyes and called out timidly.

“Master… Master.”

Yang Xi, who did not activate his fire power, shivered.

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