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Chapter 36 - Metal Control

Chapter 36: Metal Control

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In the end, Yang Xi chose to upgrade the Grade-D Metal Transformation Esper Ability.

Although Super Brain and Puppet Control were powerful, in terms of life-saving ability, Metal Transformation was obviously better.

After integrating 2340 Dark Energy Cubes into the Grade-D Metal Transformation Esper Ability Bead, this Esper Ability Bead finally turned into a blue Grade-A Esper Ability Bead.
(Esper Ability: Metal Control

Introduction: You can control all metals within a kilometer of your body, up to a maximum weight of a thousand tons.

Evaluation: Grade-A. We need you at the construction site. You are a rare construction talent in District One.]

His previous Grade-D Metal Transformation Esper Ability was indeed incomparable to the current Grade-A Metal Control. If he were to face Broken Stream again now, Yang Xi had absolute confidence in winning. After all, even the Grade-C Puppet Control could affect him. This old Hero’s injuries were
much more serious than it looked on the outside.

Yang Xi felt that this blue Esper Ability Bead was different from the Rebirth ability that couldn’t be used at all. After this Esper Ability Bead was activated, Yang Xi suddenly felt that he was now looking at this world again in a different perspective.
He sensed the huge amounts of reinforced concrete that formed the city. Even for the intricate drainage pipes which twisted and turned like a complicated diagram beneath the city, Yang Xi could tell which were rusting and which were breaking.

The cars zooming along the city roads were like Yang Xi’s toys. With a thought, he could make the engine stop, lift the car into the sky, or turn it into a thin piece of aluminum from hundreds of meters away. As for the fate of the driver inside, there was naturally no need to elaborate.
At this moment, Yang Xi felt that he was invincible in this metal city.

‘When he opened his eyes again, the eyes under the white-gold mask had already changed from the fake cool and aloof look to a real cool and aloof look.

At least, in this battle between Grade-A Espers, Yang Xi finally had the ability to decide the direction of the events.

“First step, break the game.”

Yang Xi slowly raised his hand and threw the Cursed Blade Murasama, which had already had all its Dark Energy absorbed clean and was only left with an Alchemy Array, towards an Ice Mirror in the air.

Seeing this, Hat Emperor was dumbfounded and asked, “Why did the masked man throw away the Grade-S Cursed Blade Murasama?”

‘The comments exploded.

“This is a precious artifact worth a hundred million! You want to throw it away just like that?”

“Buying discarded Grade-S Mystic Beast armaments! 300 million for one, and 1 billion for three. Guaranteed no loss!”

“This is obviously a piece of hot potato. If he doesn’t throw it away now, it will still be snatched away by Demon Dragon and Prodigal Swordsman later.”

“Demon Dragon, Demon Dragon, you’re the most handsome! Demon Dragon, I love you the most!!!”

Coach Ge stroked his goatee, which he had been growing for several years, and said, “As everyone knows, the higher the grade of the Mystic Beast armament, the more Spirit Power it takes to use it. This masked man in black obviously can’t handle the consumption of the Cursed Blade Murasama. But for
him to throw the blade to Snow Maiden at this time, he probably has other intentions other than to divert the trouble to her.”

Hat Emperor also made a guess, “Does Coach Ge mean that this man in black wants to join forces with Snow Maiden?”
“That’s right! Both Prodigal Swordsman and Demon Dragon are the cream of the crop among the Grade-A Heroes. No matter how powerful this man in black is, I’m afraid he won’t be a match for the two of them alone. Choosing to ally with Snow Maiden is the only choice he has.”
Just as Coach Ge had guessed, Yang Xi’s actions were a signal for Snow Maiden to join forces.

However, his motive was not so simple.

A snow-white hand reached out from the ice mirror and caught the Cursed Blade Murasama.

In order to prevent any traps, Snow Maiden chose to appear from another Ice Mirror.

“Do you think I will join forces with you if you hand over the Cursed Blade Murasama now?”

‘The West Chicken played by Yang Xi still exuded charm as he said in a magnetic voice. “Now is not the time to be willful. If you don’t join forces with me, you will die here.”

Snow Maiden’ expressions shifted uneasily. Yang Xi was definitely not exaggerating.

In the short period of time that she had exchanged blows with Prodigal Swordsman, she had felt immense pressure from her opponent. Furthermore, there was an even stronger Demon Dragon that had yet to make a move.
Looking at it from another angle, if this man in black had not helped her to hold back Demon Dragon, she would have been defeated long ago.

But… wasn’t the reason why she was in such a passive state in the first place all because of this detestable fellow?

If not for the sudden appearance of this man in black called West Chicken, she would probably have already brought her two subordinates to complete the mission and retreated.

Should she choose to save herself, or vent this breath of frustration in her chest? Snow Maiden hesitated for only five or six seconds.

An Ice Mirror appeared beside Yang Xi.

Joining forces?

The spectators all held their breaths.

“Go to hell! You still want to join forces with me? I, Aoi Matsushima, have never suffered such grievances in all my life. All of you, die! I’ll freeze all of you into ice sculptures!”

Ahand enshrouded in white mist emerged from the Ice Mirror. At such a close distance, Snow Maiden felt that it would be too late for her opponent to defend himself.

She was using Yang Xi’s misconception that she had chosen to form an alliance with him to get close to him. Otherwise, the moment the Ice Mirror appeared, her opponent would have avoided it.

Furthermore, from the exchange just now, this guy’s metal spikes could not do anything to her Ice Mirror. This sneak attack would definitely be effective.

However, Snow Maiden realized with shock that she was unable to take a single step forward as soon as her hand emerged from the Ice Mirror.

A thick metal shield blocked her sneak attack.

“Looks like our cooperation has failed.”

Yang Xi muttered lightly as the metal shield instantly liquefied, perfectly covering his body. Yang Xi, who had transformed into a platinum human, extended his hand and grabbed onto Snow Maiden’s hand. At the same time, he continuously shot a wave of metal needles at Snow Maiden with his other

Snow Maiden let loose a blood curdling cry as the Ice Mirror shattered.
However, before the shards of the Ice Mirror could land on the ground, Yang Xi waved his hand and a metal piece that looked like a spindle flew out like a swimming dragon and shattered all the other Ice Mirrors that were suspended in the white mist.
Her abdomen punctured, Snow Maiden fell to the ground in a sorry state.

Her sharp voice screeched shrilly like a cat scratching a blackboard. “How is this possible?! Your metal Esper Ability has become so much stronger!”

Upon seeing all of this, a flash of realization flashed across Demon Dragon’s eyes. He sighed as he marveled inwardly at the depth of Yang Xi’s thought process.

In Demon Dragon’s eyes, Yang Xi’s failure to break through the Ice Mirror with his metal spike earlier was only a disguise. After that, he pretended to join forces with Snow Maiden in order to give her the illusion that she could ambush him. The moment Snow Maiden fell into his trap, Yang Xi took the
opportunity to severely injure her.

Demon Dragon sighed with emotion. “He discovered the weakness of Snow Maiden’s Ice Mirrors in such a short period of time? What a terrifying opponent!”

Only, this guess was only half right. Yang Xi’s failure to break the Ice Mirror earlier was not a disguise.

However, Yang Xi knew that Snow Maiden did not have the ability to move freely through her Ice Mirrors at will. She could only move between two Ice Mirrors each time.
Yang Xi was already prepared to severely wound Snow Maiden when he lured her into attacking him.

He had killed the members of the Sakura Group, so there was no way he could reconcile with them. As such, he was naturally not going to let the Grade-A Snow Maiden go.

Escaping was naturally necessary. But before he ran, he had to try and see if he could beat them all down…

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