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Chapter 253 - Chapter 253: If You Can ‘t Defeat a Monster, You Can Buy It

Chapter 253: If You Can ‘t Defeat a Monster, You Can Buy It

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Although it was only under Xiao Baishi’s guidance that Augusta had accidentally discovered the ‘optimal solution’ to escape from Candy Island, he had been unable to do so.

However, there were other ways. For example, they could exchange for a water elemental superpower from many C-class superpowers. The siblings could also get rid of the restrictions of the port.

However, compared to the former, this method could not guarantee that the Glory Group’s ability users would not catch up.

Once they were caught, the vast sea would be their burial ground.

For Jiang Ye from Sky Star, the reason he accepted this mission was because it was more cost-effective than the daily missions.

In his opinion, the biggest obstacle in the mission to rescue the Sky Speed Planet was the Glory Group on Candy Island.

Although the Glory Group dominated Candy Island, their organization only had one A-class and four B-class superpowered people.

After the death of Wang Cheng, there were still three left.

The reward for the mission was 23 points, which was about the same as killing an A-rank exotic beast.

For Jiang Ye, who had the Bloodline Esper Ability [Blood Elf] , fighting against an A-class superpowered man, three B-class superpowered men, and a bunch of C-and D-class trash was much less risky than killing an A-class exotic beast.

First of all, an A-class beast usually required two to three A-class superpowered humans to kill.

Secondly, in the third island chain, if one wanted to encounter an A-grade exotic beast, it would depend on luck. One could only encounter an A-grade exotic beast if it tore open its black cavity and descended. Otherwise, one could only become a mercenary on the battlefield.

However, the risks of being a mercenary were even greater. On the battlefield, the chances of encountering a bunch of A-rank exotic beasts were even higher than encountering A-rank exotic beasts. If you were lucky, you might even encounter S-rank exotic beasts.

There were many reasons why the exotic beasts outside the island chain could form an army of exotic beasts. The most fundamental reason was naturally the high number of ” respawning “. For some reason, high-level exotic beasts were more likely to appear in the southern hemisphere of Planet Azure. This was also why the Southern Continent had fallen instead of the Northern Continent.

Moreover, the exotic beasts had appeared outside the island chain after tearing open their black holes. The exotic beast army had a special way of recruiting them. They wouldn’t kill each other with red eyes like when they descended on the human side. Naturally, there would be more of them.

Moreover, mutated beasts that regained their rationality could still reproduce. It could be said that there were endless descendants.

According to human speculation, every exotic beast that descended on Planet Azure was driven ” crazy ” by external means, but humans had no way to get rid of their state.

If they could really find such a method, perhaps humans could try to rear exotic beasts to strengthen their own strength.

According to the information he had obtained so far, some high-level exotic beasts could even be on equal footing with people from the other world.

Moreover, the mission requirement was to save the Sky Speed Planet and his family. As long as the plan was appropriate, it would be most cost-effective to complete the mission without alerting the Glory Group.

With the reward for this mission, Jiang Ye could just buy some exotic beast corpses and donate them to the designated location to gather enough points to exchange for the C-grade superpower potion.

Jiang Ye currently needed a defensive ability to make up for his shortcomings.

The sea was vast. After setting the coordinates, Jiang Ye steered his one-star alchemy boat around and headed toward Candy Island.

The GPS showed that they would only need half a day to reach Candy Island. Jiang Ye had told Augusta to wait a day, but he was actually being cautious.

As a killer, he never hesitated to speculate about others with the greatest malice. What if this was a trap set by the Heavenly Speed Star?

After understanding the function of the Tiangang Mask, Jiang Ye knew that the mask on his face could be a shortcut to becoming an expert. This thing would definitely become a treasure that the experts of the four seas would fight for in the future. He could not be too careful.

The sixth island chain, the First Sky Island.

Although the third, fourth, and fifth island chains were the most prosperous areas in the Freedom Alliance, the Heavenly Island was an anomaly in the sixth island chain.

With the Ouyang family’s military strength as a guarantee, the investors were very confident in the investment environment of Tianyi Island. In addition, it was backed by the seventh island chain defense line, so the military made large purchases on Tianyi Island, not to mention the exotic beast materials obtained from the defense line. It was also a sky-high market.

In the Four Seas region, the wealthiest class was the ability users, and the most profitable business was naturally the exotic beast equipment business. As the transit station for exotic beast materials in the entire Freedom Alliance’s sea area, the prosperity of the Heavenly Island was even comparable to that of Brahman Island and Bosi Island combined.

The adventurous Xiao Baishi chose to live in the wealthy district of Tianyi Island. In this place where every inch of land was worth gold, he owned a large villa of his own. The villa had seven rooms, five toilets, two kitchens, three garages, two swimming pools, and a large lawn.

Xiao Baishi, who had left the cloud top space, woke up on his huge bed. He refused the food prepared by the servants and brought four superpowered bodyguards to buy the corpses of three B-class and one C-class exotic beasts without looking back. He sent them to the Qian family’s shop on Tianyi Island.

“Boss, you…Donated it?”

The four superpowered bodyguards were very puzzled. They spent a huge sum of money to buy the four exotic beast corpses. They thought that the rich boss wanted to give them a few exotic beast weapons to play with. They didn’t expect to give them to the Qian family.

Xiao Baishi said unhappily,” Why? I’m spending my own money, and you’re still in charge? I’m happy to do so.

After all, he was paid by Xiao Baishi. Although these superpowered people secretly looked down on him, they still paid attention to the “manners of a bodyguard” on the surface. Facing Xiao Baishi’s rolling eyes, they smiled and retreated behind him.

The staff, who had already received instructions from their superiors, quickly packed the exotic beast corpses and shipped them out. In a few days, they would appear in the large warehouse that Yang Xi had asked Elder Qian to rent at the B05 defense line.

By the time they arrived, Yang Xi should have started to guard the B05 defense line with everyone else.

After the shop manager clicked on the Qian family’s intranet to confirm and send it out, Vermilion Bird had already received feedback from the intranet.

Through the Tiangang mask, he told Xiao Baishi that he had completed three B-rank missions and one C-rank mission, earning a total of 270 points.

Xiao Baishi couldn’t wait to return home. He quickly went online and exchanged for the C-class Inherited Ability Potion [Thunder Blade Technique].

This ability came from a member of the Cherry Blossom Organization. It was originally an A-class ability.

Although the power of the C-grade Thunder Blade Technique was greatly reduced, in terms of the appearance of the technique, it was still very eye-catching.

Xiao Baishi’s first book was about a militarv officer who wielded a samurai sword and mastered the power of lightning. When he was browsing through the list of power medicine exchanges, he had already set his eyes on the C-grade Thunder Blade Technique.

Yang Xi was watching Augusta with relish with his sister to avoid the brilliant group search, but was reminded by the Vermilion Bird to work here.

“Looks like I have to set a time for the potion exchange in the future.

Otherwise, how can I take care of it during battle?”

The Vermilion Bird could do other things for him, but Yang Xi had to do it himself to install the ability bead for the tool.

It might be a big project in the future.

However, when he thought about how Yang Xi could obtain nine times the number of dark energy units of this ability bead every time he gave it to his subordinates, Yang Xi felt that this kind of trouble was better. He should let it come a little more fiercely!

After the Vermilion Bird mixed the ability drink, Yang Xi opened the fixed -point delivery.

Xiao Baishi hesitated for a moment before he swallowed the multi-colored drug.

This was the third time Yang Xi had done this. The moment Xiao Baishi drank the ability medicine, he skillfully threw the C-grade [Thunder Blade Technique] into his body.

“I feel a little itchy all over my body. Is this a sign of awakening my superpower?”

Out of habit as a professional novelist, Xiao Baishi picked up his notebook and recorded this experience. He planned to organize this experience into a novel in the future. It would definitely sold well!

However, he did not know that the reason why his entire body was itchy was because the Vermilion Bird had mixed the mango into the drink, and he…She was slightly allergic to mangoes.

But soon, Xiao Baishi felt the newly born power in his body.

He took out a samurai sword from the wall of his bedroom, which was used as a decoration. After accumulating some power, he swung the sword out of the window.

A bolt of lightning appeared in the room and shattered the floor-to-ceiling window from two meters away!

With a clang, the katana fell to the ground.

“I… I really have a superpower! ”

Xiao Baishi looked at the mess he had made and could not help but cry.

“It’s been 30 years. I’ve written so many novels… Finally…l finally don’t have to fantasize anymore and can use my own ability!!!”

At this moment, there was a violent knock on the door. The black Class B bodyguard, Dewar, who did not get a response from Xiao Baishi, slammed the door open in a panic.

‘ Boss, you’re fine!!!”

This was his employer. If anything happened to Xiao Baishi, he would lose his job.

It would be difficult to find such an easy job again!

Dewar didn’t want to go to the front lines to earn money.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.’

Xiao Baishi stood up with his katana and smiled faintly.” I just suddenly awakened my superpower and couldn’t control it. ”

Naturally, he couldn’t tell Dewar and the other three C-class bodyguards about the Tiangang mask and the potion.

Hearing Xiao Baishi’s words, Dewar thought that his boss had been dumbfounded.

You’re already in your forties. How are you going to awaken your superpower? Perhaps you’re living in a novel again. This isn’t the first time.

However, seeing that Xiao Baishi was fine, he checked his surroundings and found no suspicious people. Then, he left the bedroom and went downstairs with the other three superpowered people, suppressing their laughter. They had something new to talk about today.

Xiao Baishi couldn’t be bothered to explain to them. He just lay on the bed and laughed foolishly. From this moment on, he realized that he had come back to life.

“I should go and try to hone my skills through combat. When I fully understand the C-grade Thunder Blade Technique, it’s not too late to consider leveling up. ”

After obtaining the ability, he felt as if he had regained his youth.

“What a good treasure!”

He picked up the mask and kissed it.

“Cough cough…”

Yang Xi, who was secretly observing, quickly ordered Vermilion Bird to switch places. Although he was very satisfied with Xiao Baishi’s inexperienced appearance, Yang Xi couldn’t accept that Xiao Baishi, an adult, was kissing the mask he made.

Among the four people who were lucky enough to pick up the Tiangang mask, only the female Tiangang Rank did not move. She was teaching the students in the classroom as if nothing had happened.

In fact, this was normal. As an ordinary teacher of the people, although Wang

Peining was an ability user, she did not like to fight. Her ability, Wood Spirit Collection, was a wood elemental ability user. At present, the biggest use was to promote the flowers and plants she raised on the balcony.

Usually, she didn’t need to fight. When exotic beasts appeared on the island, the local ability users ‘organization would naturally deal with them.

With her salary as a teacher, her savings were not enough for her to spend money to buy points like Xiao Baishi.

However, her peaceful life might soon be broken. It was foreseeable that once Yang Xi’s press conference ended, the Tiangang Mask would become

something that the experts of the four seas would chase after.

As a Buddhist teacher, if she did not want to be killed and robbed, she could only work hard to become stronger.

Obtaining the Tiangang Mask was a kind of luck, but it was also a life-threatening talisman.

It was best not to have such childish thoughts like obediently handing over the mask to save his life.

None of the people who came to obtain the mask were good people. Since they had snatched such a treasure that concerned their own fate, they had already offended you. Those with intelligence would choose to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.

Time flew by as he watched the drama. Other than the servants who brought food in, Yang Xi did not interact with anyone else. He had a good time at home.

He even ignored the leaders of some organizations who wanted to visit him, the representative of the Judgement Organization.

The drama ” Escape from Candy Island ” was simply too good to watch. It wasn’t just about acting. It was simply too thrilling to describe it.

No matter what benefits the Tiangang Plan could bring Yang Xi in the future, just letting Yang Xi watch this drama was already a great profit for him. “How many times has Augusta been discovered today?”

Facing Yang Xi’s question, the Vermilion Bird replied,””The fifth time. My guess is that the next time, Augusta will have no choice but to fight against the

Glory Group. ”

Augusta had no desire to continue fighting with his sister as a burden. Even if it was a C-class Adepts from the Glory Group, Augusta would choose to avoid them.

He was afraid that his sister would be affected when he fought with a Class C superpowered man.

At the same time, once he started a fight with a C-rank ability user, he would be caught by a B-rank ability user from the Glory Team. It would be a luxury if he wanted to hold on until tomorrow!

“Dammit, why isn’t the Sky Star here yet?”

Augusta was carrying his sister on his back, relying on his outstanding physique to constantly pursue the Glory Organization in the center of Candy Island.

The third time, he hid at his father’s place. The culprit of his miserable childhood was drunk and died in the hands of the Glory Group’s ability users.

In the instant he died, Augusta thought back to when he was still very young. At that time, his mother hadn’t passed away, and his father had been a gentle and caring family man.

After her gambler father died, her sister on his back was also sobbing. She hated her father as much as she loved him when she was young.

People change…

Pa da—

Augusta, his face ashen, stopped in the alley.

At the exit, two figures, one tall and one short, blocked the way.

They were the two Class B superpowered people from the Glory Organization. The tall middle-aged man was a strength-enhancing superpowered person, and the short girl was a wind-elemental superpowered person.

“Auta, leave me behind and run away alone. You’re a B-class superpower possessor now, so you can definitely leave here alive! ”

But the wind elementalist smiled and said,””Not necessarily. I can fly.”

She slowly floated up.

Augusta placed his sister to the side, lit a cigar, and put it into his mouth. The smoke began to spread out from the side of his mouth, and at this moment, he actually calmed down.

Only a calm mind could defeat the enemy! Only then could he escape with his sister!

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