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Chapter 252 - Chapter 252: Mission: Save the Sky Speed Planet

Chapter 252: Mission: Save the Sky Speed Planet

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Augusta was, to put it bluntly, just an ordinary youth. Since he had accepted Xiao Baishi’s mission, he had told him some of the information he knew.

Of course, he still remembered Yang Xi’s warning and did not reveal any information about his identity.

Hearing Augusta’s words, even Xiao Baishi, with his calm composure, couldn’t help but start to pant. You actually drew a B-class Esper Ability Potion? Did really become a B-class superpower possessor after taking it?”

A B-grade ability potion!

As a human who lived in the era of exotic beast invasion, especially someone like Xiao Baishi who thought highly of himself, it was extremely painful for him to not have a superpower.

He chose to become a professional novelist because he could temporarily escape from reality in the stories he wrote. He became an all-powerful superpowered person and hero, facing the ferocious mutated beast army and turning the world around with his own strength.

It was this sense of immersion that made Xiao Baishi’s novels sell so well. He also became a famous best-selling author in the four seas. His royalties, copyrights, and peripheral products earned him a lot of money.

However, no matter how rich he was, he could not buy strength.

Even the superpowered bodyguards he hired with high salaries, although respectful to him for the sake of his salary, secretly mocked him for being an ordinary person without superpowers and only knew how to write obscene stories.

Augusta was a little frightened by Xiao Baishi’s agitated tone, and he replied reflexively,”Yes, after I took the drug, I became a B-class mutant!”

After receiving an affirmative answer, Xiao Baishi suddenly burst out laughing in the White Tiger Palace Hall.”Hahaha! It was actually true! Esper Ability Potion! There really was an Esper Ability Potion in this world! !!! ”

Augusta and Wang Peining looked at each other, then took a few steps away from the crazed Xiao Baishi.

Wang Peining rolled her eyes.” Little brother, what did you say to him? Why did he become so agitated?’”‘

Augusta scratched the back of his head.” I told him about the B-class Esper

Ability Potion, and he suddenly went crazy. ”

Fortunately, Augusta had already received nine points from the quest, which allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief.

For an honest child like Augusta, the feeling of having a mission on his shoulders made him unconsciously feel a little pressured.

‘ B-grade Esper Ability Potion…”

Wang Peining, who had been free for a while, stopped pestering him and began to study the mission panel by himself.

Finally…Xiao Baishi broke free from his maniacal laughter.

He had no choice. From the time he was sensible until now, he had already suppressed it for more than 30 years. Now that he had vented it out, he felt that his spirit body was a little light.

“Little brother, although the mission is over, I have to ask you again. Where is the lucky draw you mentioned on the mission panel?”

Augusta was just beginning to worry about not being able to find it.”Lord Bi Yue Wu was the one who brought me to draw the lottery. I’ve been searching for half a day now, but I still haven’t found it. ”

“Is that so?” Xiao Baishi glanced somewhat suspiciously at Augusta. Could it be that this brat was trying to trick him? Want to monopolize the lottery channel?

But that shouldn’t be the case. It wasn’t like his family owned Judgement.

Hence, he also searched for the lottery interface on the mission panel. After searching for a long time, he found nothing.

At this moment, Augusta, who had been silent for a moment, said in a muffled voice, “Big brother, where did you get the points for the mission?”

Xiao Baishi, who was a little depressed, stopped looking for the lottery interface. He pointed at the points loan option on his mission sub-panel and said, “I only told you because you told me about the lucky draw. I didn’t even tell her about Tian Wei Star just now.”

Vermilion Bird naturally wouldn’t put items like credit point loans on the public screen. Only tools who met the requirements could see this option on their sub-panel, and the amount of the loan was inverse to their strength.

Of course, if the follow-up response to the credit points loan was good, it could not be ruled out that Yang Xi would launch a higher basic loan project in the future. Ahem, wool comes from the sheep. These Heaven Rank cultivators could give Yang Xi more dark energy, so that Yang Xi could have more capital to lend.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to make the ability medicine. Augusta flipped to the option for a credit loan on his interface.

“Is this loan a usury loan?”

Augusta’s limited financial knowledge came from his gambling father. When he heard the words ‘loan sharks’ from a young age, Augusta could always think of those burly men who held iron rods and coldly stared at his family.

“How can that be? The rules are clear. It’s an interest-free loan. However, if you don’t pay it back within the agreed time, you will be erased…”

Seeing the consequences of not repaying the loan, even an old fox like Xiao Baishi couldn’t help but tremble.

‘Annihilation’, what an understatement and aloof callousness.

How confident were they in their own strength?

Xiao Baishi glanced at Augusta’s loan amount. It was actually the same as his, a full amount of 270 points.

“You were also an ordinary person at the beginning?”

After chatting with Xiao Baishi for so long, Augusta’s wariness had lessened.”Yes, Big Brother Planet of Heavenly Exploration. I was just an ordinary person a day ago, but last night, I killed a B-class Adept. As for C-class Adept, I can’t even count them.

After all, he was still a young man. After experiencing the trials of life and death, he really wanted others to know about his battle achievements. An existence like the Heaven’s End Planet, who had a similar status as him, was a good person to talk to.

Augusta didn’t mention the strange behavior of the wereleopard before his death. It could be said that he was acting out of a little vanity.

Yang Xi, who was watching the livestream, curled his lips.” Rosefinch, am I too nice to this kid? He’s alreadv a Class B suoeroowered man. but I still gave him a

chance to get credit.

“According to the rules, he was indeed an ordinary person when he became a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign, so he was qualified to take out a loan. ”

Yang Xi ate the last string of duck tongue and smacked his lips.”lt depends on whether this kid is smart or not. I have to say, his luck is really good! He could even encounter such a small probability. Could it be that he was manipulating it in secret?”

Vermilion Bird peeled a grape for Yang Xi.””lf I’m manipulating things in the dark, then this can only be your idea.”

Yang Xi spat out the grape seeds.

It was impossible to manipulate it secretly. After the little black dragon flew out, its landing point was random.

Within the White Tiger Palace, Augusta gradually relaxed his guard under Xiao Baishi’s schemes, and began to tell him what he had experienced.

“So you’re saying that you and your sister are trapped on the island and can’t escape?” Xiao Baishi asked.”

Augusta was filled with bitterness.” That’s right. I came up here to ask Lord Bi Yuewu for help, but he just so happened to be absent. What should we do? We can’t get anything from the lottery again. Big Brother Heavenly Research Planet, do you think I’ll be able to kill my way out if I take out a loan and exchange it for a C-class ability?!” ”

Although Xiao Baishi liked to trick others, he was actually very serious about helping Augusta think of a way to resolve this matter that involved a human life. After all, he didn’t have any conflict of interest with this brat, and it seemed that there was still a lot of information on this Sky Speed Planet that he could unearth. He didn’t want to lose this source of information.

“My suggestion is that you can use these points to issue missions. Perhaps the experts in the organization will see it and bring you out.”

“To you, a desperate situation like an inescapable net is nothing in the eyes of the Constellation Rank of the organization. ”

Xiao Baishi had Augusta do this because he wanted to test if the mission system of the Heavenly Star Rank was similar to the Star Constellation Rank.

How could he know that Yang Xi was the only one in the Constellation position?

“It’s okay if you try. If no one really takes this mission, you can cancel it and use your points to exchange for an ability potion. ”

Augusta looked at Xiao Baishi in admiration. After being guided by his big brother from the Heavenly Finale Planet, he suddenly felt that he and his sister had a chance of escaping.

Therefore, a new mission appeared on the White Tiger Palace’s panel. [Mission: Save the Sky Speed Planet and its family (quantity 1) Details of the quest (Hidden, available to see if you accept the quest)

[Initiator: Sky Speed Star]

[Target: A class and above members]

[Reward: 243 points]

Augusta was afraid that the big shots wouldn’t be interested if he had too few points, so he took out all the points he could borrow.

The mission had only been sent out for a few seconds, and it was already shown that it had been accepted by ” Sky Star.”

“I’ll be there in a day.”

Unknowingly, another young man had appeared in the White Tiger Palace Hall. He wore a mask of the Sky Star, his figure was slender, and his tone was cold..

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