Chapter 24: The Truth

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“All of you leave first.”

Broken Stream suddenly sheathed his saber and ordered.

“All of us… leave?” The guards asked while holding Lots of Cash. Although they could not interfere in the battle between the two experts, they still wanted to watch the show. Ah, no, they wanted to support the director.
‘The answer he got was a cold snort from Broken Stream.

If they had not known the true identity of their director, they might have complained about this overbearing management method. But now, everyone left obediently and even closed the door of the office.
“We came out just like that?”

“Why, do you dare to disobey the words of a Grade-A Hero? Besides, he’s even our boss!”

“But what if they start fighting again?”

“Let’s not talk about the fact that the director has already sheathed his saber. Even if a fight breaks out, are you going to stand there and let Divine Spear skewer you?”

“You can’t say that. That person didn’t even admit that he was Divine Spear!”

“Eine, but even if he’s not Divine Spear, he might even be stronger than Divine Spear! If he dared to go easy on a Grade-A Hero, wouldn’t he be at Grade-$ when he gets serious?”

“Then should we release this news first? We can even take the chance to gain some popularity from this.”

While the guards were chatting happily, the atmosphere in the room was… a little awkward.

According to Broken Streams original personality, he would be even more excited to meet a powerful opponent.

In the past, he had left Deer Capital because he sought stronger opponents. However, he has changed now.

It was not that he was afraid, but there was something more important in his heart.

Looking at the old man who had a slight misunderstanding, Yang Xi wanted to explain that he really wasn’t the Grade-A Hero, Divine Spear from District Six.

He still wanted to make a name for himself as West Chicken. So how could he let others take advantage of his achievements?

Retreating from the hands of the Grade-A Hero, Broken Stream, would have given him a very gimmicky method of advertising himself. It would make the mysterious persona of West Chicken stand out even more.

The image of all the Heroes today were all the result of the management companies trying their best to package and market them. Yang Xi’s current method was to learn from his enemies to defeat his enemies. He wanted to raise West Chicken’s status so that when his entire plan came together later on,
those Heroes management companies in Deer Harbor City would be a little afraid of him. If they wanted to make a move on him, they still had to consider the consequences of offending West Chicken.

But before he could say anything, Broken Stream interrupted him.
“You don’t have to explain. I know you’re not Divine Spear.”
As he said that, a trace of reminiscence actually appeared on Broken Streams aged face.

“Divine Spear’s sword is indeed very dangerous, but he won’t let anyone feel it before being hit. I can only say that your metal manipulation Esper Ability is very similar to his.”

Yang Xi: “About that…”

Broken Stream waved his hand as if he had guessed something. “Let me continue.”

“an expert like you would definitely not be here to just steal some Werewolf claws like that girl. You must have other motives!”

Yang Xi’s heart trembled. Could it be that this old man saw through my Esper Ability? That’s impossible, right?

Broken Stream turned around and looked in another direction.

“It seems that the organization behind you is very powerful and has already discovered the truth from the traces, which is why they sent you here to investigate, right?”

Yang Xi felt that what this old man was saying was getting stranger and stranger. It seemed like he was revealing some incredible secret!

“Actually, it’s fine even if you don’t say it!”

“No, at this stage, I feel that to an expert of your level and the power of the organization behind you, it is indeed necessary to tell you the truth about this world. The higher-ups of the association are too narrow-minded. No matter how strong an organization is, they can’t do everything themselves.”
Broken Stream paused for a moment, as if he was trying to get rid of his last trace of doubt.

“As the organization behind you speculated, the real purpose of the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center is to open a unilateral passage to the world of the Mystic Beasts behind the Black Cavity!

“15 years ago, Rong City successfully opened a White Cavity, and a team of top-notch Heroes directly under the Heroes Association charged into the world of the Mystic Beasts with special orders. This was the first counterattack in human history!”
“But in that operation, all three Grade-S Heroes were killed. In the entire Hero Squad, only I and two other Grade-A Heroes were lucky enough to return. Although we returned with precious information, we also brought back despair!”
“Sigh, I won’t say it out loud to hurt you guys.”

“In short, every Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center is built on the weak spatial nodes of Planet Azure. If we bum the bodies of the Mystic Beasts here, there’s a chance of opening a White Cavity leading to the Mystic Beasts’ world.
“Perhaps only by gathering the strength of all the human experts will we have a chance of overcoming the Mystic World.”

“Leave. No matter what plans your organization has, you must remember that you are a human.”

Broken Stream waved his hand with flagging interest and dismissed Yang Xi.

After returning from that place, he had lost all hope for the future. Now, he was just an old man without any further hopes for life, yearning to die together with those martyrs.

He did not know what to do for humanity’s future, but he knew one thing. The Heroes Association alone was far from being enough to change anything.

As for experts, the more the better.

In other words, if Yang Xi performed weakly earlier, Broken Stream would not have told him all this.

The energy in this world was limited. Only by concentrating it on the strong could humans survive.

“White Cavity? A one-way passage to the Mystic Beasts’ world?”

Yang Xi had never thought that he would hear such shocking information today. He was just an aggrieved youth who wanted to avenge his sister.

Saving the world and whatnot, it was better to wait until this world became more pleasing to the eye.

He walked out of the room with a sigh.

The moment Yang Xi appeared, the black mass of guards outside took a step back collectively. Their expressions were very stiff.

“Could… could it be that the director lost?”

“Is this West Chicken really that powerful?!”

“What should we do now? Should we attack together?”

“Attack your head. Which brother is faster? Give me a chop on the neck quickly. I’ll treat you to a spicy hotpot afterwards.”

Although Yang Xi had obtained two Esper Abilities from the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center and successfully escaped, the words of the Grade-A Hero Broken Stream still clouded his heart.

It turned out that… humans had really counterattacked the world of the Mystic Beasts.

However, the dream team of Espers led by powerful Grade-$ Heroes and entirely made up of Grade-A Heroes, had almost been wiped out in that world.

This truth was too heavy!

‘As he stood there in a daze, Yang Xi felt the corner of his robe being tugged.

“Uncle, speaking of which, I’ve always left here through the sewers. It’s really a first for me to leave through the main gate like today, and even have guards escorting me respectfully. As expected, a Grade-A Esper really has some face!”
Lots of Cash was praising exuberantly at the side, but Yang Xi could feel distinctly that she was asking for money when he saw her gesture.

“Do you want me to return the money I owe you?”

Lots of Cash nodded quickly like a chicken pecking rice.

“Alright. Look me in the eye.”

Yang Xi smiled kindly and activated Puppet Control.

“You owe me 10,000 dollars, right?”

Lots of Cash nodded blankly.

After Yang Xi erased the image of him using the Raging Flames Esper Ability in Lots of Cash’s mind, he made her owe him a debt of 10,000.

Satisfied, he snapped his fingers and the brainwashing session ended.

Lots of Cash slowly came back to her senses and a sly gaze suffused her eyes. “Uncle, it’s fate that we met today. I wanted to have a few drinks with you to celebrate, but my mother said that girls have to go home before 9pm. Let’s meet again next time!”

“Bye bye!!!
Yang Xi laughed as he watched Lots of Cash slip away.. This lass was really a money-grubber!

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