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Chapter 23 - Could It Be That You Are The "Divine Spear"?

Chapter 23: Could It Be That You Are The “Divine Spear”?

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Broken Stream made his move.

In Lots of Cash’s eyes, this hot-tempered and powerful old uncle was still standing where he was a second ago. But in the next second, the tip of his blade was only a finger away from uncle West Chicken’s mask.
Compared to the battle with the Mystic Beast earlier, the way Broken Stream attacked Yang Xi now was more like he was showing off his skills or playing around.

He did not directly use his Saber Qi to attack from afar. Instead, he chose to engage in close combat like a swordsman.

Truthfully, Broken Stream was even more obsessed with the thrill of fighting in close combat with his saber.

The essence of the Big Dipper Saber Technique was vividly displayed in his swinging of the blade. If Broken Stream liked to use powerful Saber Qi to suppress his enemies when he was young, then the current him preferred to use his own experiences to perfectly distribute his stamina, using exquisite
saber attacks to not waste energy to finish off his opponents.

This made his attacks look very impressive. Every slash looked like it would kill Yang Xi, but each one seemed to contain a different move.

Fortunately, Yang Xi, five senses had already been greatly enhanced with Super Brain active. It allowed him to barely keep up with Broken Stream’s attacks. At some extremely dangerous moments, Superior Boxer’s intuition helped him greatly.
However, he was still having a hard time dealing with the attacks. If not for the Grade-B Mystic Beast armor that Lots of Cash had rented to him before the battle began, there would have been many wounds on his body already.
“Our director is actually so strong? I thought he was just some guy who got the position using various connections.”

“From the looks of it, the director’s Esper Ability’s level is not low. Is it a Spirit Artifact Esper Ability or some special type?

“You ignorant people can’t even recognize the Big Dipper Saber Technique?”

“ah, ah, ah, ah! Based on what you said, the director is actually the famous Grade-A Hero, Broken Stream, who’d made a name for himself in Yan Jing City!”
“But how could a Grade-A Hero like Broken Stream be willing to stay in a small place like ours?”

“Shush, the Heroes Association’s foundations are incredibly deep. Perhaps the director was defeated in some factional struggle and was sent to us.”

“Can you guys stop spouting nonsense? Don’t you know that Broken Stream’s hometown is our Deer Harbor City? He was in the same high school as my cousin!”
“The director was so cool just now. That shout shocked me so much that I almost peed…”

“Isn’t that man in black the big boss, West Chicken, who violently slapped that second generation arrogant kid? It’s said that he’s an existence that can instantly defeat a Grade-C Hero. No wonder he was able to tangle with a Grade-A Hero for so long. It looks like he has the strength of a Grade-A Esper.”
Lots of Cash had already leaned over to eavesdrop for a long time and was stunned. “What? You guys said that Uncle West Chicken could instantly defeat a Grade-C Hero?”

The security guards were chatting happily when Lots of Cash appeared out of nowhere, shocking him.

Especially the guard who had been bribed by Lots of Cash earlier. He was frantically debating whether he should kill Lots of Cash to silence her now. If he was interrogated later, he would be in deep trouble.

“Should we tie this lass up?”

“Forget it. We’ll talk about this later. What if big boss West Chicken wins against the director? If we touch his underling, won’t we be punished? Why not… you go and do the kidnapping?”

The guard who suggested this hurriedly waved his hands. He was really scared.

Lots of Cash, who was currently filled with endless regret, did not hear the discussion of the security guards.

“Heavens!!! I asked for too little money!! He can instantly defeat a Grade-C Hero!! He’s actually suspected to be a Grade-A big shot??!!! I actually… I actually only earned a mere 30,000 from him! Wu wu wu!!! My heart hurts so much!!!”
Using just Super Brain and Superior Boxer, Yang Xi was able to barely hold on under the fierce assault of Broken Stream.

But this could not go on.

He had to unleash the power of his Puppet Control ability. Otherwise, he would definitely not be Broken Stream’s match.

Puppet Control could not brainwash people whose Esper Abilities surpassed its level. However, this did not mean that Yang Xi was unable to influence their thoughts and mislead them in their subconsciousness. If applied correctly, perhaps, it could even create an illusion effect.
Yang Xi retreated as he fought. With a flip of his body, he pressed his hand against the metal piece and pulled out a metal sword to stab at Broken Stream.

Yang Xi did not have any physical enhancement abilities. The strength of this sword might be able to threaten a Grade-C Esper, but for an expert like Broken Stream, it was too negligible.

However, Broken Stream did not know this.

‘Asa former Grade-A Esper, his hearing was extremely sharp. Naturally, he could hear his subordinates’ discussion.

This man in black called West Chicken was not weak. He was an expert who could defeat a Grade-C Hero in seconds. Therefore, this person was at least a Grade-B Esper.

In order to stab out with this sword, West Chicken would rather disrupt the rhythm of his defense. Seeing this, Broken Stream did not dare to be careless!

Of course, if that was all, after seeing the strength and angle of Yang Xi’s attack, the power of this sword would easily be discovered. It might only be able to interfere with Broken Stream for less than a second.

However, Yang Xi had slightly guided Broken Stream’s thoughts and magnified the threat of this sword by at least ten times in the latter’s mind.

To put it in simpler terms, it was like stabbing a sword a few meters in front of him, but magnifying the sense of danger to feel as if the sword had already reached the brows!

One could already feel some pressure even if he placed his finger one centimeter in front of his glabella, let alone having a sword stab into the glabella!

Even an expert like Broken Stream was greatly shocked. His opponent’s sword looked soft and full of flaws, but why did his perception of danger, which he had trained in life and death, suddenly hint wildly in his heart?!
If one had to make an analogy, the alarm bells in his heart were ringing crazily at this moment!

Danger! Extreme danger!!

Shocked, Broken Stream retracted his attack and jumped away from the metal sword.

“I didn’t expect you to be an expert swordsman!”

Broken Stream carried his saber and looked at Yang Xi fearfully.

“Swordsmanship experts with metal-type abilities are rare. I wonder what’s your relationship with Divine Spear?”

Yang Xi was a little dumbfounded. He had only used his Puppet Control to amplify the power of this sword in Broken Stream’s heart. Why did he suddenly mention the name Divine Spear?

“Divine Spear? I don’t know this person.”

Yang Xi was telling the truth. Although he was a reporter, he was not very interested in Heroes previously. While he had been learning about the Heroes world recently, it was impossible for him to know all the Heroes.
Currently, most of the Heroes he knew the names of were only the famous Heroes in Deer Harbor City, as well as the top ranked Heroes like Explosive Man.

However, in the ears of Broken Stream and the others, those words sounded extremely lofty, as if Yang Xi did not take the Grade-A metal manipulation Hero in District Six seriously.

His figure that was wrapped in black robes also seemed increasingly unfathomable.

“Could it be that he had been avoiding my attacks all along because he didn’t want to attack me?” Broken Stream thought to himself. “Maybe he’s the kind to fight to the death the moment he attacks?”

It was no wonder that Broken Stream thought so much. Divine Spear could shoot the sword in his hands out at the speed of sound. Once he attacked, the enemy would not be able to react!

The security guards watching from the side were also seething with excitement at this battle.

“Could it be that this West Chicken is the Grade-A Hero Divine Spear from District Six!?”

Everyone’s reaction left Yang Xi dumbfounded.. This… he really did not know who Divine Spear was!

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