Chapter 13: Esper Ability Potion Plan

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“Who is this guy? He can actually eliminate other people’s Esper Abilities?”

“It might not be elimination. It might be a sealing Esper Ability. This is more believable. According to what I know, the Grade-S Hero Ferryman in District Two uses such an ability.”

“Do you think he’s Ferryman? But isn’t Ferryman an old man with one foot in the coffin? He hasn’t appeared in the Esper world for a long time, not to mention crossing an entire district to deal with a Grade-C Hero.”

“If it’s not Ferryman, who else could it be? I heard that someone from the Sakura Group has infiltrated District One. Could it be someone from District Six? An Esper similar to Ferryman has appeared among them?”

“What a joke. If such an Esper really appeared, do you think the Sakura Group would be willing to send him to infiltrate? He would be used as a weapon of mass destruction.”

“Anyway, I feel that this matter is no longer something our Kunlun Corporation can handle. It’s better to report it to the Heroes Association, right?”

In the end, Mechanical Battle Hero rubbed his temples and said, “We’ll talk about the matter of reporting to the Hero Association later. Let me think about it for a while. You guys go and settle the matters on hand first.”

“Right, don’t leak this matter out for now. It’s classified as a top secret of the company.”

“Yes!” Mechanical Battle Hero’s prestige was unmatched in Kunlun Corporation. After saying that, the other six Grade-A Heroes left the central meeting room one after another.

The moment Glacier Hero stepped out of the conference room, his lips curled up with a smile. “Interesting.”

Demon Dragon left a bit later than the rest. “Father, how should we handle this matter?”

Mechanical Battle Hero said, “Let’s not bother about the other things for now. We need to find this person’s traces first.”

Demon Dragon wanted to continue asking, “But…”

Mechanical Battle Hero waved his hand. “No buts. If he really has the ability to delete Esper Abilities, Kunlun will have to fight to recruit him. In this matter, we can only let Ah Yuan suffer a little for now.”

Liu Family villa.

Liu Yuan, whose face was much less swollen, jumped up from the bed. He held a document in his hand. It was Raging Flames’ injury report, which he had stolen from his father’s study.

“Raging Flames’ Esper Ability is gone!”

His eyes lit up. He was happy that this bodyguard, who used to be with him all the time, had lost his Esper Ability.

“Oh right, where’s the address that guy gave me?”

Liu Yuan recalled the napkin the masked man had stuffed to him in the bar. The address of the transaction was written on it.

At first, he did not believe the masked man’s words at all. He thought that the masked man was just playing with him. But now, Raging Flames’ Esper Ability was gone!

What did that mean?

If the masked man could make someone else’s Esper Ability disappear, he might really have the means to let other people obtain Esper Abilities!

“Found it!”

Liu Yuan finally found his clothes from yesterday in the villa’s dirty laundry basket. He found the napkin that recorded the location of the deal in his pocket.

“But what does he want to trade with me? Do I have anything worth his attention?”

Liu Yuan looked at himself in the mirror.

“I feel like I’m about to be used.”

However, in the next second, he suddenly revealed a crazy smile, exposing his teeth. “But as long as I can obtain Esper Abilities, I don’t care what he’s scheming. Even if the sky falls down, it will be that old man on top who will be squashed first!”

“Six days. I still have to wait for another six days and I will know if I can obtain Esper Abilities!”

The anxious Young Master Liu paced back and forth in his room. At that moment, he truly felt that every day was passing like years.

Yang Xi had no intention of giving himself a break. He had been sorting out the clues he had obtained so far.

He took out a piece of paper and placed it on the table and began to write down all the clues he had.

He wrote the words “blue pill” right in the middle.

Then, an arrow stuck out from the blue pill, and he wrote “Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero” at the end of the arrow.

“Dramatically increases strength in a short period of time.”

“Glacier Hero, suspicious actions that seemed like he was taking pills.”

“Little sister’s accident.”

Connecting these clues together, Yang Xi guessed that this most likely involved a pill that could increase one’s strength in a short period of time. And, it indirectly led to his sister’s tragic accident.

“First, we have to confirm if Glacier Hero really took the blue pill. Right, when there’s a chance, I have to find an opportunity to gather information on the Red Sky Management Company as well.”

The strongest Hero of Red Sky Company was only the Grade-B Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero. It was completely incomparable to Kunlun Management Agency. Yang Xi felt that there was no need to be as cautious in dealing with the latter. Perhaps he could choose to directly defeat Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero and force out the information about the blue pill.

Although Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero’s Esper Ability was strong and gave him 10 times the strength of an ordinary person, the prerequisite for activating his Esper Ability was rather special. This gave Yang Xi the opportunity to take advantage of it.

“It’s best to finish him off before he transforms.”

“Also, I have to make a deal with Liu Yuan in six days. The Esper Ability Beads I have now are not suitable for him.”

Excluding the Esper Abilities that he possessed now, he only had the recently acquired Flaming Fist. If he were to give the Flaming Fist to Liu Yuan, people would inevitably guess the truth behind Yang Xi’s Esper Ability.

He had already made some preparations regarding how to let Liu Yuan obtain an Esper Ability without anyone suspecting his ability.

Yang Xi’s plan was to first create a mysterious organization. This organization can create an item that was popularized in a novel a few years ago, the Esper Ability Potion. It was a potion that would allow people to awaken their Esper Abilities after drinking it.

And the core ingredient needed to make the Esper Ability Potion will be fabricated and attributed to Esper Ability Genes. The Esper Ability Gene can be absorbed from an Esper. This could also be used to explain why Raging Flames had lost Esper Ability—his Esper Ability Gene had been drained.

The tool to absorb the Esper Ability Gene will be called ‘Star Devouring Ring’. With regards to this, Yang Xi had already ordered a custom made ring from the ring shop. The inspiration for this ring came from a wuxia novel which was set in the ancient era.

Earlier this afternoon, Yang Xi had already received the Star Devouring Ring.

The shape of the entire ring was very simple. It was made of pure silver. The ring had a protruding small hole in the middle, and the back was engraved with a symbol that represented infinity. It looked like the number 8.

When Liu Yuan drank the ‘Esper Ability Potion’ concocted by Yang Xi using various drinks, he would put the activated Esper Ability Bead into his body and Liu Yuan would obtain the Esper Ability.

Yang Xi had tested the range of the Esper Ability Beads by remotely activating it or sealing it. He buried the activated an Esper Ability Bead under a rock by the coast and then took the subway to the other end of Deer Harbor City. Then, he proceeded to seal it. Even from across the entire Deer Harbor City, he could still clearly feel the change in the status of the Esper Ability Bead.

It seemed that Strip’s range and ability to control Esper Ability Beads might involve a more advanced method. At least within Deer Harbor City, the distance was not an issue.

However, the first time it was activated, it had to be inside Yang Xi’s body. Yang Xi had yet to find the exact reason.

The way to control Liu Yuan was to deceive him that the effect of the Esper Ability Potion was temporary. If he did not take it again, he would lose his Esper Ability after the effect wore off. In this way, Liu Yuan, who yearned for an Esper Ability, would become a slave to the Esper Ability Potion and collect intelligence for Yang Xi.

“I’m going to collect some Esper Abilities now. Although Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero’s Esper Ability is not bad, he’s too famous. I need to find some other Espers like that thief who committed crimes.”

Those Espers who were secretly wreaking havoc right now had no idea that a devil had set his eyes on their powers…

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