Chapter 12: Kunlun Corporation

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“Es… Esper Ability?”

Liu Yuan felt that his brain was not working properly. Weren’t Esper Abilities something that one was born with?

However, from what this mysterious person said, it seemed like he could give him an Esper Ability!

“You’re… you’re lying, right? Do you think you’re a god? You can give me an Esper Ability just because you say so?”

Yang Xi helped him to adjust his slightly deformed collar. Originally, he wanted to gently slap his face, but the moment he raised his hand, the fellow closed his eyes in fright.

“I believe, I believe, I believe!”

It seemed that the beating was quite effective.

“I’m sure you’ll understand soon. If you want to make a deal, come to this address alone in seven days.”

Yang Xi handed a napkin with an address to Liu Yuan. It was for an abandoned factory that he found outside the city when he was investigating a piece of news. It was deserted and was very suitable as a meeting place.

After leaving the bar, Yang Xi called Fan Peng.

“Old Yang, did you fall into a latrine pit? It took you so long to call me.”

“It’s too noisy in the bar. I’m already out. Did something happen?”

“F*ck, you slipped away without a word? What about those girls? I can’t handle them alone!”

“Don’t talk to me about all this. Are you hungry? Do you want to have some barbecue?”

“Alright, alright, alright, I’ll be right out!”

After hanging up, Yang Xi took a deep breath of the night wind. It was very cold. his heartbeat gradually calmed down.

The first part of the plan had gone very smoothly. Now, it was up to Liu Yuan to see if he would fall for it.

The next day.

There was a video that went viral online. It was the video of “Mystery man VS Raging Flames” at Phoebe Bar in Deer Harbor City last night. However, the reason why this video became popular was not because of this fight, but because of the slaps at the back of the video.

Some bored spectators had patiently counted and revealed that there were 18 slaps in total.

“Isn’t this Grade-C Hero the Raging Flames from Kunlun Corporation? How did he get instantly defeated by an unknown passerby?”

“Is this an unknown passerby? Are you blind? He must be a big shot!”

“Is that the point? Do you know who was the one getting slapped 18 times in a row? That fellow’s father is the veteran Grade-A Hero of Kunlun Corporation, Mechanical Battle Hero!”

“Is it the superhero who’d accumulated 13 Grade-A Mystic Beasts kills?”

“Who else could it be? Such a person is also a big shot in the Heroes circle. With one stomp of his foot, Deer Harbor City will be shaken three times!”

“Then we’re screwed. Everyone, quickly download it. I think this video will be deleted soon.”

“Tsk, do you think that this video platform doesn’t have any backers? As the largest video platform on Planet Azure, its foundation might even be deeper than Kunlun’s.”

After watching the video, Yang Xi clicked on the close button on the top right corner of the video.

“Fan Peng’s Esper Ability is really not bad. He can actually film from multiple angles. It’s like a movie. It’s a pity that he didn’t become a director.”

That’s right. The person who uploaded the video, “Deer Harbor’s Little Whirlwind”, was precisely Fan Peng. Yang Xi could understand his actions. Since Fan Peng did not know that West Chicken was him, it was normal for him to take the video.

Next door, Lin Naixue was also watching the video. She watched the scene of the black-robed man slapping Liu Yuan over and over again. While she was venting her anger, she was also curious about who the black-robed man was.

After a faint sigh, she thought of Yang Xi, who had left earlier that day.

“He saw the most embarrassing scene. He must think I’m a bad woman now, right?”

“So annoying, let him be!”

The girl buried her head in her strawberry-shaped pillow and crossed her long legs.

Kunlun Corporation’s Heroes Management arm had its own skyscraper in the heart of Deer Harbor. It had a total of 55 floors, and they included floors for business reception, Hero trainee selections, Heroes personal studios, training grounds, Heroes dormitories, and equipment development. It was heavily guarded. In terms of facilities, it could be said that Deer Harbor City was second only to the Heroes Association.

At this moment, in the central meeting room on the 55th floor, the seven Grade-A Heroes belonging to Kunlun Corporation’s management agency were having a meeting.

Among the seven heroes, there were Glacier Hero, Prodigal Swordsman, Mechanical Battle Hero, and Demon Dragon etc. Demon Dragon was Liu Yuan’s elder brother.

The large screen of the meeting was showing the video of West Chicken defeating Raging Flames in an instant. As for the part of the slapping, it had been deleted.

“What does everyone think after watching it?”

Mechanical Battle Hero, who was sitting on the first seat, asked. His hair was white, but apart from that, he looked no different from a middle-aged man. His beard covered his upper lip, and only the corners of his eyes had some wrinkles.

Both of his arms had been completely mechanized, and the most eye-catching thing on his body was the red cloak behind him. It was said that this cloak was white at the beginning, but was dyed red by the blood of Mystic Beasts later.

Liu Yuan had been beaten up to such a state. From his point of view, this black-clothed man’s actions were not only targeted at Liu Yuan, but also provoked him and the authority of Kunlun Management Agency!

Glacier Hero said, “This masked man managed to take down Raging Flames instantly. His strength is estimated to be above Grade-B.”

Prodigal Swordsman who had his hair tied up in a ponytail nodded his head in agreement. “The attack that finished Raging Flames off instantly was not that hand-blade. The moment that masked man stood up, there were some undulations from his body.”

Prodigal Swordsman spat out the toothpick in his mouth. “There are no signs at all. What is this masked man’s Esper Ability? Is it poison? Or spiritual attacks? Is the test result out yet?”

Demon Dragon shook his head, “The Appraisal Department had already started analyzing the injuries on Raging Flames last night.”

His tone was a little serious. Even though his younger brother had always been at odds with him, he still doted on Liu Yuan very much. When he was young, his father was very busy with work, and he had always been the one taking care of his younger brother. However, when they grew up, Liu Yuan’s relationship with him had started to deteriorate. With regards to this, he was helpless.

Others had always thought that Raging Flames was sent by his father to Liu Yuan’s side, but this was actually his arrangement.

Now, someone dared to hit his brother so heavily. Demon Dragon’s heart was already filled with killing intent. However, it seemed like this masked man was not a simple character.

“Raging Flame’s fire didn’t seem to have any effect at all. Either his mask is special, or he has two Esper Abilities!”

Demon Dragon’s words made everyone’s heart skip a beat. Everyone present understood how difficult it was to deal with Espers with dual attributes.

Furthermore, based on the current information, they were unable to determine the masked man’s abilities at all.

“The information is here!”

A staff from the Appraisal Department rushed in hurriedly, as if they had made an incredible discovery.

After glancing at the document, Mechanical Battle Hero’s face turned ashen.

“Do you know what Esper ability injured Raging Flames?”

Mechanical Battle Hero did not answer the Glacier Hero’s question. He simply handed over the report in his hand.

This was the second time that Mechanical Battle Hero had lost his composure. The first time was five years ago when three Grade-A Mystic Beasts had invaded at the same time, triggering a Grade-S disaster.

“This… how is this possible!!!”

All the Grade-A Heroes had finished reading the report.

“Raging Flame’s Esper Ability is gone?”

Prodigal Swordsman also took his leg off the table.

Everyone looked at each other and the meeting room fell into a strange silence.

“Looks like we’re in big trouble.”

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