Chapter 100: A Laugh That Was Abrupted

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At this moment, the most awkward thing was the star-striped cloak. Half of his body was exposed above the plane. It was really impossible to go up or down.


Fortunately, his Horcrux was intelligent enough to put its master’s body back in its original position.

After the passengers who had rushed into the first-class cabin realized that they were saved, the strength they had used to push and shove was immediately released. Especially those who were near the hole in the plane, their legs went weak as they grabbed onto their chairs, afraid that they would fall.

A few hundred meters in the air, the wind whistled through the cabin, and many people felt a chill in their groins.

The air stewardess didn’t even need to maintain order. The passengers sat in the nearest seats one after another, inhaling oxygen and tying their seatbelts skillfully.

The cigar captain took out a new cigar and lit it. He used his elbow to arch the star-striped cloak beside him and said,””You just said that if you want to deal with this plane, you have to at least have the strength of an S class. Could it be that the young chicken outside is already an S class existence?”

“If it’s a metal-powered Adept, a Class A would be able to do this.

The man with the star-striped cape looked dejected. Compared to the loss of money (a lot of passengers had promised him millions of Azure dollars to save his life), he was more concerned about losing face. Fortunately, he knew that the hero’s live broadcast would usually be handled with the excuse of “unstable signal.”

But… The passengers present probably hated them to the core. Although he didn’t care about these passengers at all, this was the first time he was looked down upon by ordinary citizens since he became a hero.

Qian Duoduo and Ji Yourong looked at the Youji clone in surprise. Because Yang Xi had the best angle, Qian Duoduo unceremoniously squeezed to the window and bounced around to greet the Youji clone.

What Yang Xi didn’t expect was that Ji Yourong, who had always acted like a lady, actually followed Qian Duoduo to the window.

The scents of the two girls were different. Qian Duoduo’s scent was orange, while Ji Yourong’s was orchid.

“Uncle Chicken! Did you come here to save us?”

Although her life was not in danger at all and she was only pushed by the crowd a few times, Qian Duoduo was still very happy to see the young chicken come to save her. This meant that the young chicken uncle still cared about her.

This was the feeling of being protected.

This flight was really worth it…Yang Xi was a little unable to control the gushing blood from his nose. From his angle, Ji Yourong’s figure was truly worthy of reciting a poem: “Looking horizontally at the side of the mountain, there are different heights and distances.

“Thank you, Mr. Youji!

Ji Yourong changed her cold and aloof demeanor. Her slender hands formed a trumpet shape at the corner of her mouth as she thanked Yang Xi’s Youji clone.

Sigh, Yang Xi was also very helpless. The main person was clearly sitting next to them, but the two silly girls insisted on greeting the clone through the thick glass. They might not even hear it.

He rubbed his nose and pretended to be curious.””Could it be that the two of you know Youji?”

Qian Duoduo held his tablet proudly.” That’s right. Uncle Youji and I have a life-and-death relationship. He must be here to save us!

She looked around, especially at the two A-class heroes who had planned to abandon most of the passengers and escape on their own. She said disdainfully, “All of you, thanks to me, Qian Duoduo, were saved by Uncle Youji.

Her words were especially directed at the star, making the latter’s face turn green and white. He was about to fly away.

The cigar captain wasn’t disturbed by Qian Duoduo’s words at all. He pulled him to a seat and sat down. The live broadcast of Hero would definitely continue later. They still had to refresh their faces.

Young Chicken was not a hero. The credit for saving more than 300 passengers would eventually fall on them.

As for whether the abandoned passengers would expose the so-called ” truth ‘ on the Internet, all they needed was the management company to do some work, and everything would be resolved. They were already dazzling A-class heroes, and superpowered people were just superpowered people.

Qian Duoduo was overjoyed to see the arrogant Star-Striped Cape suffer a setback.

Then, she seemed to have thought of something. She rolled her eyes and shouted at the passengers who had just surrounded the fortress,””Hey, hey, hey, you people who said you wanted to pay for your lives are now alive because of my money. Shouldn’t you give me the money you promised to that yellow-haired hero?”

The white man sitting in another seat sneered.” It was the ability user outside who saved us. As long as you can prove that he saved us because of you, I’ll transfer you the money immediately. One million Azure dollars is not a small sum.

The white uncle’s attitude of not putting a million azure coins in his eyes made the air stewardess, who had been particularly moved by Yang Xi’s gentlemanly demeanor, look at the white uncle’s bald… The Mediterranean Sea.

How tender! Cough cough, no, the Nian had the charm of a mature man!

The white uncle was also very pleased with the air stewardess ‘dazed gaze. He looked at the angry Qian Duoduo proudly.

“Nonsense!” Ji Yourong stopped Qian Duoduo, who was about to continue bickering with the white uncle. Although she also thought so in her heart, it was Qian Duoduo’s fault for accepting money.

But this little money-grubber had always liked to play tricks. Ji Yourong knew that if these passengers really gave her a lot of money, she should…Hmm, I’ll take a tenth as a token of appreciation.

Seeing that Qian Duoduo’s companion also came to stop her, the white uncle became even more pleased. He smiled and said, “Little girl, you must be crazy about money. How can you have anything to do with an ability user of that level? You’re really daydreaming.”

The first-class passengers all smiled, some kind, some mocking.

Even the Star Cloak, who was in an awkward situation, looked at Qian Duoduo with a mocking gaze. He wondered if Qian Duoduo’s brain was damaged. Even in District 2, he knew some information about Young Chicken. How could such a Beyond Grade A expert be related to an unknown little girl like you?

However, just as Qian Duoduo was pouting in anger, the clone of Youji slowly descended into the cabin through the hole made by the Star-striped Cloak.

Although he was just a clone, he had the memory of the passengers licking the Star Striped Cloak when he was born. At the same time, when he was outside the cabin, his powerful spiritual power could clearly understand what was happening inside.

Although Qian Duoduo was greedy and mischievous, just as she said, Yang Xi and her could be considered to have a ” life-and-death ” friendship. Moreover, she came to District 2 this time to help Yang Xi digest the legacy of the Saint Organization. He naturally would not let her suffer such grievances.

The Youji clone patted Qian Duoduo’s head and said to the white uncle,””Give her the money. I was just bringing you along when I saved the two of them. The laughter in the entire first-class cabin stopped abruptly.. No one expected that this mysterious and powerful young chicken actually knew this unremarkable girl!

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