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Chapter 86 - 86 Roadblock

86 Roadblock

Along the way, the mechanical voice of “You Died” kept on echoing in the car.

Tang Mingchu refused to accept it. “I won’t accept that I can’t beat this level!”

Tang Susu exchanged her deck with him. She couldn’t connect to the internet now, so all she could play were mini-games.

The more he played, the more annoyed he became. Meanwhile, Tang Susu felt a little bored.

Thanks to her smooth control, the character was able to dodge left and right, evading countless attacks. Then, the character jumped onto a flagpole.

Tang Susu’s fingers moved quickly on the screen, and the character easily crossed all the obstacles and arrived at the next level.

Tang Mingchu, who had already died countless times at this stage, couldn’t say a word.

When he lowered his head to look at his sister’s screen, he found out that she had cleared all the levels. He instantly felt that he had just received the biggest blow of his life!

Tang Susu didn’t notice his helpless look. She remembered something and took out a paper map from her backpack. It was so detailed that even the minor roads were marked clearly. Then, she manually navigated her big brother.

The first place they were going to was a drinking water plant in the town of Luqiu, which was under the jurisdiction of Nancheng.

This was also the only drinking water processing plant in the city. If someone wanted to store a large amount of water, they would definitely not ignore this place.

They had to act as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they might get nothing even after all the hard work!

“Turn right at Guoning Road and onto the highway. It might be faster.”

Tang Mingzhou did not hesitate and drove over without a word.

Tang Mingqi followed closely behind. The two of them drove so steadily that even Mr. and Mrs. Tang started to doze off.

They were woken up by a noisy argument and were shocked. “What’s going on? ”

“The entrance to the highway was blocked. If we want to pass, we have to pay up using supplies.” Tang Mingqi sneered and waited for the reply from the car in front. In fact, he was waiting for his little sister’s decision.

Tang Susu didn’t want to waste any more time and said, “Turn around and enter from the next entrance.”

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, someone violently knocked on their car window!

“Get out of the car, all of you!”

Seeing that the people in the car didn’t respond and didn’t even roll down the window, the bearded man cursed and pointed his rifle at Tang Mingzhou in the driver’s seat. “Are you deaf? Get out, now!”

Tang Mingchu pulled out his gun. No one saw how he got out of the car, but he was already pointing his gun’s muzzle at the bearded man’s head provocatively. “Do you want to see whose gun is faster?”

The bearded man’s face darkened. Obviously, this group was not a group that could be trifled with. Tang Susu noticed his movements and quickly pushed the door open and got out of the car.

The bearded man threw a punch at her brother’s face!

Everyone roared out in shock!

They could almost imagine how badly this handsome young man would be beaten up, just like the one who was still curled up in the corner.

In the next second, the young man’s slender fingers easily caught the bearded man’s fist, blocking his swift attack. Then, with a smile, crunching sounds of bones being crushed could be heard, as if he was not spending any effort at all.

What replaced it afterward was the bearded man’s painful wails!

Tang Susu heaved a sigh of relief. She had almost forgotten that the effects of the Strength Pill they had taken was still active.

The bearded man’s accomplices saw the situation was not looking good and immediately rushed over from the back. Almost everyone had a gun in their hands and they all pointed it at Tang Mingchu. “Let go of your hands!”

The young man scoffed and then said, “Get out of our way!”

They wouldn’t be afraid if he showed even the slightest bit of fear.

“Sure,” The leader said immediately. “You don’t have to hand over your supplies. We can even give you some more, but can we exchange it for a car?”

That was a bulletproof military vehicle that could withstand bullets on the battlefield. He had to get one!

No, he wanted both cars! And the attractive young lass beside him too!

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