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Chapter 80 - 80 A Series of Surprises

80 A Series of Surprises

The two of them finally fell on the carpet, one grabbing the other’s head while one grabbing the other’s arm, twisting each other as if they wanted to strangle each other to death, Tang Susu had no choice but to “wake up” and let out a soft groan.

The two of them immediately bounced up from the ground. “Susu, how are you?!”

“I slept so comfortably…”


Tang Susu stretched lazily. She noticed the dark circles under their eyes and narrowed her eyes. “Didn’t any of you have a good rest these few days? ”

The two of them shook their heads in unison. “We slept all night as soon as we came back. So, we had two game sessions last night.”

Tang Susu didn’t believe a single word and was about to get off the bed.

“Careful. You’ve slept for a few days and your bones are soft.” Tang Mingqi squatted down and helped her put on a pair of snow-white wool sandals.

Tang Mingchu followed her closely and put a soft knitted jacket on her. It was as if the two of them were busy fighting for her favor.

Seeing that they were still fighting over her, Tang Susu couldn’t stand it anymore and hurried out.

As soon as she opened the door, she ran into her parents and eldest brother.

The three of them came over with medicine and food. When they saw she was awake, they immediately pushed her inside. “Why are you up already? Go back in and rest for a little more!”

After attending to her, Mr. Tang stayed behind and said earnestly, “Susu…”

Tang Susu leaned against the bed and sat up nervously. “Dad, just tell me what you have to say.”

Mr. Tang stammered, his old face blushing. “Next time… Cough, if there was a next time, we could… We could have put on the Invisibility Talismans and quietly leave them all behind. Forget about all of them!”

Tang Susu looked at him in shock. She had expected her family to say something similar to her, but she didn’t expect Mr. Tang to be the first one to say it!

Father Tang’s eyes avoided her gaze as if he was embarrassed, but he continued firmly. “Regardless, you can’t be so reckless anymore. You’re always the most important person to us in this world. We can’t have anything happen to you!”

“Besides, the world has changed. People’s hearts are no longer what they used to be. Who knows what kind of people we’re saving? ” Mr. Tang’s eyes darkened at the thought of Ying Chengya.

That was the child of a friend who he had watched growing up with his own eyes. Even she could manipulate everyone so easily. She did not even apologize and secretly ran away when everyone was not monitoring her…

In the afternoon, Tang Susu could finally step on the ground. She was then mysteriously brought to an underground storage by her brothers.

They pushed the door open, and she instantly saw the banknotes and jewelry that filled up more than half of the storage.

Tang Susu took a deep breath. She had never seen so much money in her entire life. She was almost blinded by it!

“Is this the reason you all look so tired?”

Tang Susu was pleasantly surprised, but she was also angry and distressed. “You’re already quite tired from going out to save those people for two days straight. Why didn’t you rest after you came back? You even went out to search for so many valuables. What about your life?”

When Tang Mingzhou saw her face was red from anger, he quickly patted her head to comfort her.

“It’s not a big deal. The bank has a special central vault hidden in a secret place, which stores a lot of valuables. Usually, it’s transferred from one vault to another across the banks’ major branches. We simply emptied the vault, and it’s not tiring at all!

In fact, if she had not woken up, they would have prepared even more things for her.

“You guys should rest too.” Tang Susu grinned and threatened them. “If you guys don’t rest in the future, I won’t rest either!”

The three of them were speechless.

After they nodded, Tang Susu excitedly put all the money into the system.

008 suddenly floated up. After a while, a number popped out as if it was drunken.

‘Your account has been finalized. The total amount of wealth you have accrued is… 1.29 billion. After deducting your debt, you have 980 million remaining.’

Tang Susu then said without hesitation, “I want to buy an interstellar artificial limb! The one that costs 300 million!”

The best for her brother, of course!

‘Purchase complete. Installation manual is attached.’

With her wish fulfilled, Tang Susu dragged her brother up.

She ran into You Cheng and the soldiers, as well as the other rescuers, and even their family members. They were all carrying things to visit her…


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