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Chapter 60 - 60 Survivors

60 Survivors

“It’s impossible for anyone to survive that.”

The new group of people panted heavily and their eyes were already red before they could even calm down.

“The entire Nancheng University has fallen…”

You Cheng clenched his fists tightly as tears formed in his dark brown eyes. ‘I’m so sorry…’

“No.” A clear voice rang suddenly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Everyone looked at the young girl, who had proven how strong she was, in disbelief.

“What are you saying?” The tall and thin man who was leading his group earlier asked with his voice trembling.

He and his wife had relied on their belief that they would definitely find their daughter as they traveled. They had been on the verge of death several times, but they always pulled through in the end.

“Xiaojie, Xiaojie is going to be fine!”

“There should still be survivors,” Tang Susu raised her head and looked at the building in front of her.

If the female lead died so easily, she wouldn’t be the female lead of a Mary Sue-themed romance game.

She wanted to see what was going on. Why did the female lead, who was supposed to have already left South City, skip several plots to just appear here together with the soldiers?

Nancheng University should not have fallen so early.

And the plot of the game was changing so greatly that she could not predict what would happen anymore!

Sure enough, not long after she had just finished speaking, a small window on the side opened from the inside.

A boy poked his head out and saw them. He waved at them excitedly. “Help! We’re over here. Come and save us!”

Everyone looked at where the small window was and began counting. It was the tenth floor, and they immediately felt faint.

Not only were they exhausted after slaughtering all their way there, but they were also injured. Unless they were supermen with indestructible bodies, they could never kill their way from the first floor to the tenth.

Tang Susu had just rubbed her wrist when Tang Mingqi noticed it.

He took a spray and applied it to her wrist. He then said in a low voice, “We can’t advance any further. We’ve already done what we can by delivering the weapons here.”

Tang Mingchu was even more straightforward than he was. He shouted upstairs and said, “Come down now! We’ll help you block the zombies inside from down here!”

If there was no one guarding the place, zombies would continue to pour in. So, someone had to stay here to guard the door.

“What?” The boy raised his voice in disbelief and pulled back his head.

“The people down there wanted us to go down,” He said to the students behind him.

An outcry burst out in the group. “Are they joking? Can’t they see that the entire building is already infested with zombies? We’re forced to keep running up and we’ve already reached the top floor! We can’t go down!”

“They’re soldiers, aren’t they? Why aren’t they coming to save us? I’m so scared! Are they going to leave us here? ”

Ying Chengya quickly consoled the girl. “They won’t, Ziyue. Since they’re already here, they won’t leave us in the lurch.”

The male student yelled back at Tang Susu about what they thought about the situation. “There are just too many zombies here. Come up now! We can’t hold them off for long!”

You Cheng raised his voice and said, “Find something like a rope and throw it down! We have weapons! You can take them and use them!”

As they shouted back and forth, they attracted more zombies from below. The others barely dealt with them and bought them time to communicate.

After saying that, the boy retracted his head again and conveyed to his companions excitedly, “They brought weapons. I think I saw a hemp rope somewhere. Throw one end of it down so that we can pull the weapons back up!”

“Are you crazy?!”


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