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Chapter 56 - 56 Losing Contact

56 Losing Contact

Tang Susu clutched the seat belt and tried her best not to make any sound. Her pretty brows were knit together and she deliberately let her long hair down to cover her tensed expression. She bit her lips so hard that she almost made them bleed!

You Cheng saw what was happening from the rearview mirror and couldn’t help but clench his fist.

“Are you feeling…” Uncomfortable?

Before he could finish his sentence, the young woman shot him with a sharp glare.

But she didn’t know that she looked soft, like a weak little animal trying to thwart its predator by flashing its claws and fangs. But all it did was make her look small and cute.

You Cheng could feel his heart skip a beat!

Tang Mingzhou was so focused on driving as a group of zombies were blocking the road and didn’t notice Tang Susu’s strange behavior.

When he finished dealing with the outside and was about to look at her out of habit, Tang Susu had already passed the three minutes of pain and was savoring the surging vitality in her body.

Nancheng University was in the older part of the city. The surrounding buildings were dense and dilapidated, with a high local population. That caused the number of zombies within the area to be very distressing.

As they drove by, they felt as if they were stuck in a sticky liquid. They could not even cover a hundred meters after driving for a long time.

Tang Mingchu did not care about anything. He pulled out a hand grenade and threw it, blowing up a group of zombies!


Tang Mingzhou used that chance to overtake him. He couldn’t believe what his idiot brother had just done.

Under his leadership, the group traveled on a road with fewer zombies. However, it put their driving skills to the test.

Tang Mingchu was at the back and he kept knocking into things on the road. It was fortunate that he was driving a military Hummer. Otherwise, others might think that he was driving a bumper car.

At midnight, the group of seven arrived at the edge of Nancheng University, near the Bio Lab Building. They parked their cars in an inconspicuous corner in a slow and careful manner.

Tang Susu didn’t get out of the car as soon as they stopped. Instead, she rolled down the car window a little and extended a gun’s barrel out.

Thanks to the night vision scope on her gun, she locked onto the zombies who were in the corner and took them out. It was too dark and they might get attacked by these zombies, who kept some of their consciousness.

Tang Mingqi did the same thing, but his marksmanship was a little off. Unlike Tang Susu, who could kill a zombie in one shot, he often needed two to three shots. However, his accuracy was getting better and better.

After they got out of the car, they then killed the remaining zombies.

Mr. Tang hopped over to Mrs. Tang, who was feeling unwell. “Are you alright?”

The affection that her parents showed towards each other struck Tang Susu right in the face. Fortunately, she still had three brothers with her, who were also struck alongside her.

It was midnight. Darkness took over and light faded. It was also the time when the zombies became highly active.

It was impossible for them to charge in and throw their lives away.

Tang Susu took out the military radio she used some time ago. As the frequency they used differed from that of a civilian radio, it could perform much better. Even if the signal was not good, she could still receive messages.

However, after a burst of static, Tang Susu didn’t get any response at all.

“Anyone, come in. Please respond if you copy! Over!”


“We’re arriving at the Bio-Lab Building. What’s your sitrep, over!”


The others realized the seriousness of the situation very quickly and gathered around with stern expressions on their faces. “What’s going on? ”

“Shh!” Tang Susu seemed to have heard something. She held her breath and held the radio to her ear.

It was the sound of heavy breathing, which was like someone pulling an old bellow. And then, a voice that was no louder than a whimper and filled with despair.

“Quick… Run!”

At the next second, the deafening roars of countless zombies drowned him.

“Cao Yi!”

You Cheng grabbed the radio with shaking hands, clenching it so tight that his veins were showing.

‘No… Please be safe…’

The sound of his being torn apart and chomped ignored his prayer. They came to him clearly bit by bit, as if to torture him.


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