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Chapter 54 - 54 Armory, Collecting Weapons

54 Armory, Collecting Weapons

“Can anyone read me? This is the South City Military. We have received the distress call from Nancheng University. Update us on your current situation. Over!”

The students were stunned for a moment, then they burst into cheers. “We’re saved! We’re saved!”

Even the normally calm soldiers couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

He Qiang rushed over and eagerly reported their situation in detail.

“Roger that. We’ll head over as soon as possible. Remain stationary and hold on for a few hours! Over and out!”

“How many more personnel do you have? Ammunition…” The captain, Luo Feng, was just about to ask for more details when the other party suddenly cut off the conversation. He was stunned for a moment.

Then, He Qiang also realized that something was wrong. “That voice just now, it was unexpectedly young?”

“It’s easy on the ears too…”

“It’s a female!”

“I feel like she’s very young!”

Some of the students were also quite puzzled. “Why do I feel the voice sounds a little familiar?”

On the other side, Tang Susu was just about to put down the radio when the whole family looked at her skeptically.

“It’s not that I want to impersonate them. I mean, you can see with your own eyes,” Tang Susu looked around and her peach-shaped eyes were slightly darkened.

They had rushed all the way to the largest military base in South City without even having the time to take a sip of water today. They wanted to ask for help.

Be it manpower or weapons, it shouldn’t be difficult to get them with the identity of You Cheng’s uncle.

However, to everyone’s surprise, all the soldiers here had turned into zombies, and they were even more ferocious than normal zombies!

To not waste any more time, they each put on an Invisibility Talisman and found the Armory here with no obstacles as they ignored You Cheng’s shock.

As soon as they opened the entrance, they saw a shocking amount of guns, shells, and boxes of ammunition. Everyone gasped in unison.

Without a word, they quickly moved all kinds of firearms into the cars before the Invisibility Talismans lost their effect.

As two cars weren’t enough, Tang Susu ordered You Cheng to drive the military Hummer that was parked not that far away over.

When You Cheng listened to her command, he knew that it was not because of the car. As if he knew that she was deliberately sending him away, he walked away in silence.

“Since when did he become so obedient?” Tang Mingqi was deep in thought.

“Hehe!” Tang Mingchu quickly loaded a gun as murderous intention quickly filled his eyes.

By the time You Cheng slowly drove the car over, Tang Susu had already cleaned up all the firearms on the second floor!

[Congratulations on completing the A-Rank weapon collection mission. You have been awarded 10 points.]

She had left the free mission on the table for a long time, with no opportunity to complete it. She had finally done it.

Tang Susu realized that even though it was her choice on whether to complete the free mission, there wouldn’t be any new free missions if she didn’t complete it. What a pain.

By the time they finished loading the third car, there were few firearms left on the first floor.

Mr. Tang quietly stopped Tang Susu, saying, “Leave some for the others. Just in case someone comes here to look for them and finds nothing.”

Tang susu wanted to say, “What if the bad guys wanted to get these weapons?”

However, she only let out a “sure” and agreed with Mr. Tang’s request. She had already collected plenty, anyway.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tang was like a child who had just been given candy. Even his deep frown had relaxed a bit.

Tang Susu’s heartstring was pulled. That was the reason she chose to take part in the rescue mission. She couldn’t take her family’s tolerance and acceptance of her for granted. Love was two-way, and she had to consider their feelings and thoughts, too.

When they were about to leave, a group of zombies came from all directions like a tide. Their excited roars were like a special language that attracted even more hungry zombies!

The last thing they lacked at this time was ammunition. It differed from the time when they had just arrived and they were forced to fight in melee because they had to save their ammunition, worried that they couldn’t find more here.

“F*ck, that’s so cool!”

After a burst of concentrated and satisfying gunshots, Tang Mingchu was like a big, excited dog. He let out a roar and jumped into the military Hummer. He then stepped on the accelerator and drove away in zigzags!

The rest of the family looked in the direction he was driving toward and suddenly remembered something…

“I think he didn’t have his driver’s license yet?!”

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