Chapter 31: It’s Her Fault

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Tang Susu dodged it easily, but she pretended to be afraid and kept stepping back. “Don’t come over. Get lost!”

“Hehe, little beauty, follow me! Your brother and the others can’t afford to feed you. Wasn’t there no food when you went to look for supplies?”

“Oh?” Tang Susu’s eyes glistened.

“The food in the convenience store has been taken by others. I know where they are. Follow me, and you’ll have an endless supply of food to eat!”

An endless supply of food?

Thinking of the food that filled her warehouse and her backpack that was almost out of space, Tang Susu shook her head.

“I still have countless pieces of jewelry in my villa. Don’t you young ladies like these? Here you go, all of them!”

Tang Susu thought of the pile of jewelry she had gotten today. Each of them was extraordinary. She shook her head again.

The man suddenly felt impatient and was about to explode.

“I need protection. Will you protect me when the zombies come?” Tang Susu looked at the iron door that was very close to her and said pitifully.

The man did not hesitate and immediately nodded excitedly. “Yes, yes, yes! Little beauty, don’t be afraid, I’ll definitely protect you!”

“Sure!” Tang Susu curled her lips into a smile. Then, her expression suddenly changed and became dangerous. “Show me your sincerity!”

The next second, she turned around and disappeared from his sight.

Before the fat man could react to what was going on, a greenish-gray arm came through the iron door.

It wanted to grab Tang Susu, but it missed. Instead, it grabbed his shoulder and dug its sharp claws into his flesh. Blood spurted out instantly!


The sudden burst of screams interrupted the dispute and fight on Tang Mingqi’s side.

Oh my God, he’s been caught by a zombie!

“Roar!” The grim-looking zombie grabbed the man and hurriedly put him into its big mouth, drooling!

A group of people were screaming as they retreated in a hurry, and one of them even tripped. He was so scared that he crawled back on all fours, not even bothering to pick up his shoes.

The fat man was so scared that his eyes rolled back. His large lump of meat was limp, and he could not put up any resistance at all.

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“Save me, don’t go, I’m begging you!” As he spoke, a pool of yellow liquid quickly flowed out from under his body.

Tang Susu’s eyes flashed with a trace of disgust. Her two brothers quickly walked behind her. “Are you okay?”

“How can this kind of trash hurt…?”


As she said that, a gunshot was heard!

The zombie that was holding the fat man had a big black hole in its forehead and fell to the ground.

A good-looking young man walked over with a black pistol in his hand. With a few more shots, he finished off the zombies at the door at once.

“What’s going on?” He furrowed his thick eyebrows and scanned the people present.

The young girl from before was dazed for a moment before she hurriedly squeezed to the front and said with a righteous expression, “It’s her, it’s her fault! She led Brother He to the door and he was caught by the zombies. I saw it with my own eyes. She wanted to seduce Brother He!”

You Si immediately recalled that Tang Susu had almost stripped naked and crawled into his bed not long ago, and he was about to get angry.

In a daze, he thought of her yesterday …

Bold, special, and dazzling. How could she do such a stupid thing?

However, when he looked at the girl and asked her for an answer, Tang Susu’s eyes were shining as she looked behind him.

“Mom, dad, brothers, why are you here?” She went over.

The three of them were slightly slower than You Si, and they rushed up to hug her.

“Where were you? You scared us to death! You weren’t back, I thought something happened to you!”

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“We’ve been waiting for you all afternoon, are you alright? What’s going on?”

When the family gathered, there was nothing else in their eyes. As they talked, there was a warm atmosphere that others found difficult to interrupt.

The girl beside him was already jealous of Tang Susu’s two handsome brothers.

This time, there was one more. Compared to the other two, he had a mature and steady charm. She suddenly felt jealous.

Feng Li gritted her teeth, then suddenly let out a soft cry and grabbed You Si’s arm. “Ah, he’s coming!”

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