Chapter 30: Sowing Discord

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“Otherwise, why aren’t you at your post?” Tang Susu pointed at the empty security room with a puzzled look.

“You said that we brought danger to you when we went out, but how much danger did you bring to everyone when you left the camp without permission?

“Since the start of the apocalypse, you, as a security guard, have been missing. Now that you’ve seen us go out, you’ve come to question us.

“You don’t know how many people sneaked out and snuck in when you weren’t here. Some of them were even ruffians, hooligans, and fugitives!”

A group of well-dressed owners suddenly gasped, suddenly realizing that these safety hazards were only one problem. If the security guards could return to their posts, it might not be a bad thing for them!

Hence, they all went along with Tang Susu’s words. “Yes, if you’re really a security guard, you should guard the door well. What if someone doesn’t want to open the door and opens it?”

“What a joke. What kind of situation is this? You still have to work?!”

The woman who claimed to be a property manager pushed her glasses up and said sarcastically, “If some of you are from the communications department, why didn’t you go back to your posts and restore the nation’s communications?”

“Then it’s settled.” Tang Susu smiled and spread her hands helplessly. “Even if you are from the property management, what right do you have to control us? You can’t be so biased. You’re not fulfilling your duties, but you want to enjoy your rights!”

The woman realized that she had been tricked and her expression changed. However, before she could explain, the girl’s sweet voice sounded again.

“He’s in charge of us tenants today, but I’m afraid he’ll have to deal with them tomorrow. I didn’t know that property management, facilities, and venues had such power that they could manage the people they were serving.”

The owners couldn’t help but frown again. When they thought about how they had been listening to the arrangements of these two people for the past two days, a sense of rejection arose in their hearts!

“We pay tens of thousands of yuan in property fees every month. You don’t make the decisions for us.”

“That’s right. The property management took so much money from us. They should do their job and guard Cuidi Lake Gardens from the zombies!”

“In the end, they followed us into the villa and lived a good life. Hehe… hehe.”

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All of a sudden, the group that had united to deal with Tang Susu was divided into two.

And the spearhead was pointed at the security guards and property management!

The security guard’s face was dark. “This brat has such a sharp tongue. She’s still trying to change the topic!”

When Tang Susu turned the situation around, Tang Mingqi quickly understood her intentions and secretly marveled at his sister’s wisdom.

He smiled calmly. “What did we change the topic about? First, we’re people who have spent money to live here. Second, even though we went out, we didn’t let any zombies in, and we didn’t cause any harm to you!”

“Most importantly, not only were we not injured, but we also spent two days helping you clean up the zombies near the villa. You probably saw what we were doing and knew that there were no zombies nearby, so you dared to come out.”

Several of the owners immediately avoided eye contact.

Tang Mingqi sneered. “You didn’t say anything about this and still want to bully the young and the young. This is what you rich people do!”

“Cut the crap. Who knows if we’ll be so lucky next time? you have to compensate us with supplies.”

“Yes, in the future, whoever goes out to find supplies will be at risk. We should share some with the others!”

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“Damn it. I’ve never seen such a shameless person!”

Tang Mingshu slammed the big knife on his shoulder on the ground. He looked around and said fiercely, “Can you stop being so hypocritical and disgusting? If you want supplies, just say it. If you have the ability, go out and find them yourself!”

“Kid, you can’t say that. We’re trying to reason with you. If you don’t listen, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

The fat man just now gave everyone a look, and a group of people immediately rushed forward, trying to snatch their backpacks.

He wanted to seize the opportunity to catch Tang Susu!

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