Chapter 27: The Mysterious Man

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After leaving the scene of the incident, Tang Susu killed a few more zombies wandering outside.

With the first move and the help of her two brothers, she finally got 18 points.

At thar moment, 008 popped up. [Congratulations to the host for completing a C-level exploration mission. You have received 1 point!]

“Let’s go. We’re almost done cleaning up. Let’s go back!” He said.

The Cuidi Lake Gardens had a total of 32 buildingsthat were built around the lake. They were scattered among the green trees and were randomly placed. The distance between the buildings was also relatively far.

Hence, it took them a lot of time to investigate.

Fortunately, along the way, they found many security threats, which they solved along the way. For the time being, the villa area was built into a small closed shelter.

Tang Mingqi lifted his sweat-drenched white t-shirt, revealing a small area of his sexy thin muscles. He couldn’t wait to walk in front and was prepared to rush back to take a fragrant hot bath and then eat a delicious meal. It was simply too satisfying!

“Second brother, third brother, let’s go look for something fun to do.” When they passed by the door, Tang Susu blinked her eyes and said in a slightly suggestive tone.

The teenager, who had already pulled a long distance away, quickly retreated. fun? ”

“Rob, silver, fine!”


Tang Mingqi immediately looked at the bank’s business point outside the iron gate. Yesterday, Susu stared at it and showed a little expression of interest.

Thinking of this, he opened the iron door without hesitation. “Let’s go and take it down!”

“Hey! Wait, are you guys cosplaying as robbers Bring me along!”

“Get lost!”

“Shush, lower your voice.” Tang Susu realized that the large group of zombies that had blocked the door yesterday had disappeared. It was too quiet.

Walking out of the gate, the endless street was desolate and dead silent, leaving only traces of fighting and dark blood.

Susu frowned.

Suddenly, a leaflet that had fallen to the ground was blown up by the wind, but it stopped in mid-air for a moment.

This was definitely not a common sight!

Tang Susu’s back tensed up, and she immediately summoned the system in her mind.

There was no response.

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“What’s wrong?” Tang Mingqi was hypersensitive and quickly noticed her tension.

He had never seen her like this in so many days and in so many dangerous situations.

It was like a weak little animal that had sensed a threat nearby and instantly erected its barbs.

“I don’t know, it’s an indescribable feeling.”

Tang Susu looked around vigilantly.

In the next second, the aura that made her feel uneasy disappeared, and she heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, 008 said in a weak voice as if he had just been fished out of water, [Yi was so powerful!]

“What?” Tang Susu didn’t hear it clearly.

At the end of the alley, what seemed to be a tall man stepped out of the void and quickly condensed into a figure, but his footsteps stopped for a moment.

“Have we been discovered?” His hoarse voice was wrapped in a layer of numbing sexiness and a slight, almost negligible temptation.


A beautiful woman in a tight-fitting red dress caught up with him, panting. She was surprised and helpless.

“Why did you come to South City? I’m on a mission here to send elder Xing’s grandson back safely…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the cold and imposing man disappeared from her sight again.

It was like an invisible wind that disappeared in a jiffy, leaving no ripples behind.

The woman’s face was dejected, knowing that she could never catch up with him.

If he hadn’t suddenly stopped, she wouldn’t have had the chance to talk to him… though he did not say a word.

She looked at the direction he left in and clenched her fists.


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As the heavy, specially-made metal door fell, large amounts of cash filled the vault!

“This f*cking Wanwan!” Tang Mingqi, who was always calm, was no longer calm. “An entire wall! So much money!”

“I’ll wipe it, I’ll wipe it. What a tender pink color, it’s all over the room! I’ve never liked pink so much before. Hahaha, I’m rich!”

Tang Susu put away her grapeshot gun and laughed as she watched her two brothers dive into the ocean of cash like excited seals and swim with exaggerated movements.

“After the apocalypse, these banknotes are like waste paper. They can’t buy anything.”

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