Chapter 24: Purchasing A Peerless Cultivation Technique

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Tang Susu turned her head and smiled at Tang Mingzhou. As if she was performing face-changing magic, she said in a sweet voice, “Big brother, don’t worry. I won’t do anything rash.”

“You, you!” Tang Mingzhou came back to his senses and shook his head in amusement. However, his tone was brimming with pride as he cast a sidelong glance at a certain someone. “If he dares to provoke you again, you can just kill him directly.”

You Si’s heart was beating so fast that she couldn’t calm down.

It was clearly the same familiar and loathsome face, but why did she feel a trace of mystery and unfamiliarity?

“I’ll take this.” Tang Susu was holding a 50-centimeter-long shotgun rifle with her slender arms, which didn’t fit her figure at all.

At first glance, she looked like a child who was secretly wearing adult clothes, but in a trance, there was a strong contrast between softness and hardness, and she looked sexy.

“Susu, how did you do that just now?”

Tang Susu turned around and saw her third brother’s handsome face, which was full of admiration and curiosity.

Oh, by playing games. Most of the weapons in shooting games are designed based on real-life archetypes.

It just so happened that she had done some research and analysis on this.

Tang Mingzhou nodded, but he did not fully understand. I thought you didn’t like to play games. When did you start playing STG? ”

“There are many things you don’t know.”

The two of them joked as they left.

You Si coughed lightly. I won’t be staying for dinner. I’ll be leaving first.

“I didn’t say I’d ask you to stay for dinner,” Tang Mingzhou sounded still a little angry.

In the past, her personality was indeed a bit of a headache, causing You Si a lot of trouble, but now he couldn’t hear a single bad thing.

“If necessary, you can seal your mouth. My Susu doesn’t like you as much as she used to. Don’t be ungrateful!”


In the end, Mrs. Tang asked her to stay and warmly invited her to sit down.

Mr. Tang gave her a strange look. Did she change her personality? Wasn’t Ah Si’s attitude towards Susu poor, and that she was quite critical of him and annoyed with her?

Mrs. Tang didn’t say a word in the face of the whole family’s suspicions. She didn’t say anything until the children fell asleep. The old man kept poking her as if he wouldn’t let her sleep if she didn’t say anything.

“You’re so annoying!” She gave Mr. Tang a kick before speaking unwillingly.

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“Didn’t you hear what Ah Si told the boss? She’s contacted her second uncle, who will come to pick her up soon. Her second uncle is a high-ranking officer!”

“Didn’t our Susu say before that we need to rely on the soldiers to build a base to protect our people? If she can bring Susu with her when he leaves, then my heart will be completely at ease.”

“What? You’re going to let her take Susu away???” Mr. Tang suddenly sat up on the bed. “Are you crazy?!” Although that You Si is very respectful to us, you know how much she detests Susu behind our backs!”

“Ugh, can’t you lower your voice? That’s why we should treat her better now. Let’s try to make her remember this favor before she leaves!”

“We’re going together as a family no matter where we go. I can’t bear to leave Susu. Don’t let him bully you,” Mr. Tang muttered. “But if our whole family has to trouble her second uncle, then we really should do something to get the biggest guarantee.”

As they spoke, their voices lowered.

On the other side, Tang Susu was deep in thought after listening to the entire conversation between the two.

[Host, what do you think of this tapping device? It’s going for only two million, and there’s a 15% discount for today’s event. Opportunities like this don’t come every day, so we must make a move when the time is nigh!]

“Shut up.”


“Come back when you find a secret martial arts manual. The more powerful, the better!”

Her parents must have felt it too. Although this place was good, it was definitely not a place to stay for long. She estimated that she might not be able to hold on for a month.

Before that, her experience and credit points alone would not be enough.

[Host, you currently only have the gold ring, gold necklace, and silver bangle that you took from the zombies today. They can be exchanged for about 50000 wealth points. In addition, you still owe me 5 million for an infinite water bottle. An ordinary cultivation technique is already worth 10 million. If the host wants a peerless cultivation technique, it will start from 100 million.]

“Then give me a peerless cultivation technique that starts at 100 million.”


“Give me the silencer you just introduced.”

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“I also want a super effective heart-saving pill.”


“I’ll take you to rob a bank tomorrow!”


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