Chapter 1: Doomsday Warning

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A.D. 2051.

Three in the morning, in the Jianhua community.

Tang Su was awakened by a tragic scream. She suddenly sat up on the bed, and her eyes widened to the extreme.

She was drenched in cold sweat!

It’s here, that dream, it’s come true!

A month ago.

Because Tang Su was a senior player of the game Doomsday, the guides she wrote were hot topics on major forums.

She was invited to participate in the closed beta of doomsday, a romance RPG mobile game with a doomsday theme.

Although she looked like a soft girl on the outside, she was an adventurer in her bones. She liked hot-blooded excitement and pursued the coexistence of horror and romance.

Doomsday just happened to suit her taste. It was a combination of killing monsters to level up, love cultivation, and farming infrastructure.

There were even period dungeons where players could complete their daily missions, accumulate gold coins, and exchange them for items.

The only bad thing was that in one of the dungeons, a green tea girl had been abused so badly that she almost had the same name as her.

Tang Susu.

She was also a high-quality female supporting character with a particularly high HP, much like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed. Every time she was left with a trace of blood from a critical hit, someone would appear to block the bullet for her.

They were her family.

After she had successfully escaped, she would come out again after a period of time without fear of death.

In the end, all her family members died because of her, and she was killed by the six bosses who had successfully advanced.

The six bosses were more or less related to her. They were her childhood friends, seniors, her idol, her doctor, and the man she liked for many years.

In order to reflect the female lead’s halo and the male lead’s special treatment of the female lead, the biggest female supporting role became the most miserable control group.

Tang Su felt disgusted and wrote a user’s feedback. She penned 10000 words complaining about the unreasonable setting and targeting of the names. She suggested that they roll the dice and randomly give out names.

Unfortunately, it was rejected.

Come and read on our website wuxia worldsite. Thanks

Come and read on our website wuxia worldsite. Thanks

If she asked, it meant that she had the opinion of her superior.

She didn’t know if it was because she was depressed and wanted to clear the game as soon as possible, but during this month, whenever she slept, the bloody scenes of the apocalypse in the game would appear in her dreams.

The sky was dark, and the city was destroyed. Broken limbs were scattered all over the ground, and ferocious-looking zombies were running amuck!

The dream was so vivid it was as if it was a warning.

Tang Su was a gaming streamer who loved to hoard food. This time, she was shocked.

She took out one-third of her savings and bought 5000 catties of rice, 5000 eggs, 5000 barrels of instant noodles, 2000 catties of flour, 1000 boxes of cooking oil, a whole truck of salted meat and sausages, 1000 boxes of canned food for lunch, 500 boxes of canned fruit, and 100 boxes of pure milk.

There was also a cart of dried produce, canned beans, and seafood. There were even carts of potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and vegetables.

There were also oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and other food seasonings, as well as red sugar, white sugar, milk powder, coffee powder, and grape powder. In total, it all filled the space of three large trucks.

Next was Tang Su’s favorite snacks. She loved sweets as much as her life and would definitely buy thousands of kilograms of all kinds of sweets.

500 kilograms of chocolate, 2000 boxes of otaku water, 5000 bags of potato chips, 2000 boxes of cakes and desserts, 1000 boxes of dried fruits and nuts, 1000 bags of conch powder, and 500 boxes of other small snacks.

Drinking water, corncobs, compressed biscuits, and red Bull drinks were also essential. Tang Su prepared a cart of each.

After thinking for a while, she decided that she couldn’t just prepare food, so she went on to get the rest of the stuff she needed.

She went straight to the manufacturer to negotiate for toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, soap, face wash, body lotion, and skin care products and bought three trucks of them.

Tang Su had almost forgotten that sanitary pads were a necessity for women, so she ordered ten cartloads of them in one go.

Then, there were clothes. From undergarments to jackets, from t-shirts to down jackets, Tang Su almost emptied the entire store. The people who passed by were all shocked.

In the end, she calculated that not only did she get rid of the five million she had expected, but she also got more than five million. Now, she was only left with about six million.

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However, it didn’t matter. If the dream didn’t come true, she would donate all these resources. She would definitely not waste a single cent that she had earned through staying up all night and vomiting blood.

She had just filled up her two-hundred-square-meter space and rented a large warehouse to sort out her supplies. That night, she thought she could finally sleep in peace.

Log in.

She entered the game world of Doomsday.

There were only seven days left before the apocalypse would take place officially!

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