99 A Coincidence Story

With the help of the Sword Will Grass, Fang Jinyu had become a sword cultivator.

As for a sword cultivator like him, his swordsmanship could only cultivate to the current level of his life. If he wanted to use his swordsmanship to break through the Core Formation stage, it could be said to be a fool’s dream!

However, it wasn’t Fang Jinyu’s goal.

Fang Jinyu’s fortune-telling technique responded again. Meanwhile, the massive amount of luck that the broken sword possessed was now completely in Fang Jinyu’s possession.

As long as Fang Jinyu was still alive, no one would be able to take away his luck.

Unless someone “smacked” the “life sword” out of his body!

At this moment, Fang Jinyu’s mind was filled with unfamiliar images. They were the former owners of the “life sword.” There was an authentic dragon with two horns on its head and a body that was countless miles long, and its roar could shake the world. There were mutants with wings on their backs. They could make lightning fill the sky when they flap their wings. Thousands of masters were immortals and could live an eternal life…

The images continued to flow. Soon, its last owner appeared. He wasn’t Ximen Jianyi, but an ordinary-looking young man.

The man looked young, but his eyes were as deep as if thousands of years had passed.

There were no miraculous scenes about the man. It only showed the scene of him respectively paying respects to two people.

The first person he visited was an extremely handsome man.

The ordinary-looking man saluted the handsome man as a disciple.

Afterward, the ordinary-looking man went to visit a female cultivator.

When the female cultivator’s face appeared in Fang Jinyu’s mind, he froze.

It was a petite female cultivator. Of course, it wasn’t the point. The point was that the female cultivator… It turned out that she looked the same as Qing Fu!

The image then disappeared. However, Fang Jinyu was shocked.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu began to understand why Qing Fu could easily “slap” the “life sword” out of Ximen Jianyi’s body.

It was because the picture showed a female cultivator who resembled Qing Fu giving the “life sword” to the ordinary-looking man.

It’s a coincidence story.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t believe that it was just a coincidence!

“Could it be that Ximen Jianyi is the reincarnation of that ordinary-looking young man after he died?”

“Did something happen to Qing Fu that caused her to lose her memories?”

Thinking of it, Fang Jinyu’s expression changed slightly.

When Xin Qianqian was playing with Fang Jinyu, she told him that there were three Incarnation stage cultivators in the Nine Desolations. One of them had betrayed the Nine Desolations, one was missing, and the last one had died.

It was also because of the disappearance of the three that the path to the Incarnation stage in the Nine Desolations was blocked.

The information was all told by Xin Qianqian’s grandmother who had descended from the upper realm.

Suddenly, Fang Jinyu’s eyes widened. He thought, “Could the split soul in Su Yier’s body be left behind by the Incarnation stage cultivator who betrayed the Nine Desolations? Qing Fu is the one whose whereabouts are unknown and Ximen Jianyi…”

Although Fang Jinyu didn’t finish his words, everything seemed to be clear now.

It was because it just so happened that all of them matched.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but tease, “The Tianling Sect is interesting…” It was one thing for the four protagonists to be able to play mahjong together, but for three legendary ancient authentic spirits to be gathered in the Tianling Sect. He thought, “Whoever wants to be the sect leader can just do it.” In any case, he felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, and his scalp was inexplicably numb.

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu realized that the massive amount of luck he had just obtained was rapidly decreasing.

Then, an unprecedented spell appeared in Fang Jinyu’s mind.

The lightning spell.

It was a high-tier spell. One could possess much stronger magic power than others of the same level after cultivating it. One could borrow the power of lightning from heaven and earth with a wave of one’s hand. If one’s cultivation was profound, one could even break through the shackles of the human body with the power of lightning, allowing one to have a lifespan equivalent to the authentic spirit of the heavens and earth.

However, it was extremely difficult to master the lightning spell.

Other than that, there was also a spiritual root attribute that was dissipating within Fang Jinyu’s body.

It was Fang Jinyu’s wind-attribute spiritual roots that were ranked B-!

When there remained only the lightning-attribute spiritual roots, Fang Jinyu’s spiritual roots had completed their final transformation. In an instant, the power of lightning burst out from his body. Like the thunder-attribute frog, a mark of lightning appeared on his forehead.

“With a huge amount of fate as a medium, one can pray to heaven and earth… The book described this correctly.”

Fang Jinyu “looked” at the high-tier spell in his mind, which he had exchanged for a large amount of luck, and his eyes couldn’t help but be filled with excitement.

The spells that immortal cultivators cultivate must be compatible with their spiritual roots.

For example, when Fang Jinyu had the wind, fire, and lightning-attribute spiritual roots, he could only cultivate the storm raging technique. Only after removing the fire-attribute spiritual roots that were a burden to his body could he cultivate the supreme wind-thunder scripture.

Right now, Fang Jinyu’s spiritual root had become a single lightning-attribute spiritual root, which was also known as the Tianling spiritual root.

Naturally, Fang Jinyu could only cultivate lightning-attribute spells!

With both, didn’t that mean that the door to breaking through the Core Formation stage was already open to him? Fang Jinyu was extremely satisfied with the power of the lightning technique.

It was only stronger than his supreme wind-thunder scripture!

It was just that…

When Fang Jinyu saw that his luck was only left with a thin thread, he couldn’t help but feel as if his luck had gone back to the past.

“Yes, an illusion, it must be an illusion!”

After lying to himself for a while, Fang Jinyu began to switch to a different cultivation technique.

Now that Fang Jinyu was left with only his lightning-attribute spiritual roots, his physique was pure, and he was naturally close to the lightning spell. At the same time, Fang Jinyu’s body’s wind-attribute inner energy began to have problems.

Wind-attribute inner energy represented the wind attribute.

Mount Xiaohe’s array formation was fully activated. The puppet then ran from the formation and built a stone tablet outside that detailed the sect leader had started his closed-door cultivation.

It wasn’t the puppet that Fang Jinyu had gotten from the Monastic Immortal City. It was a gift from a cultivation family after he had become the sect leader.

Although the puppet didn’t have much combat ability, it had developed consciousness.

From a certain point of view, the puppet could be considered half a Lich.

Although the lightning spell was difficult to understand, fortunately, Fang Jinyu and the gains in his talents were both very powerful. If he couldn’t understand it today, he could try again tomorrow.

If he still couldn’t do it tomorrow, he would try again the day after tomorrow.

Fang Jinyu finished his cultivation transition in three months thanks to his tenacity and unyielding attitude. He converted all of the inner energy of the supreme wind-thunder scripture into the lightning spell’s inner energy!

However, Fang Jinyu was still a cultivator, ranking 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Fang Jinyu didn’t increase or decrease his cultivation base.

“It’s a pity that half of the Lightning Core has been used up…” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. He initially planned to use half of the Lightning Core to help him form a high-grade core.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu didn’t end his closed-door cultivation. He began to break through the Core Formation stage!

Since Su Yier had already become a Core Formation stage cultivator, how could Fang Jinyu allow himself to fall behind her?

No matter how powerful a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator was, they could only run away after a few rounds when they went up against a Core Formation stage cultivator. If both were Core Formation stage cultivators, then Fang Jinyu was confident that he could escape even if Su Yier cheated.

It was because the lightning spell included a great divine power named the lightning-disappear technique.

As the name suggested, Fang Jinyu could escape to a place a thousand miles away with a single thought. Other than the fact that it was easy to get lost and end up in a desolate forbidden land, the great divine power was extremely powerful!

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