92 Snatch His Discipline Pearl First!

“Martial Aunt, thank you for your guidance!”

Fang Jinyu thanked Nangong Li sincerely before leaving Mount Hanwan.

After staying in Nangong Li’s immortal estate for three months, Fang Jinyu gained a lot. Not only did he obtain a few sets of spirit herbs to refine Core Formation stage elixirs, but he also learned several prescriptions for Core Formation stage elixirs. From then on, he could call himself a Holy Alchemist.

The thing that made Fang Jinyu the happiest was that Nangong Li took the initiative to tell him not to reveal his identity as a Holy Alchemist to the public. Instead, she told him to concentrate on his cultivation first and only release the news after he had broken through the Core Formation stage.

It was because Nangong Li had let people know that she had become a Holy Alchemist. Since then, people had been constantly coming to her door to ask her to refine elixirs, which had caused her to delay her cultivation.

Otherwise, Nangong Li would have broken through the Core Formation stage 30 years ago!

Apart from that, Nangong Li also gave Fang Jinyu a special talisman, which was given by the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster. With this talisman, he could exchange any spiritual item from the Tianling Sect with a 90% discount on merit points.

In other words, a spiritual item that originally required 500 merit points to exchange now only requires 50 merit points while using the talisman.

Furthermore, the talisman didn’t limit the number of spiritual items he could exchange.

Fang Jinyu’s thousands of merit points had given him ten times the purchasing power.

Furthermore, the talisman also gave Fang Jinyu the right to exchange for Core Formation stage spiritual items, spirit herbs over five hundred years old, Fire Spirit Pearls, Water Spirit Pearls, and other spirit pearls. Moreover, he could also exchange a catalog of the desolate forbidden land, a chance to enter some Secret Realms, critical techniques for Core Formation stage magic domain cultivation, and even a few half-nurtured magic treasures!

At this point, Fang Jinyu could only say that the Tianling Sect was indeed worthy of being one of the six great sects in the Nine Desolations.

The Tianling Sect’s wealth and power were simply breathtaking.

If it were other sects, they would never take out their half-nurtured magic treasures and let disciples exchange for them with their merit points!

“500000 merit points can be exchanged for a half-formed magic treasure. Then I only need 50000 merit points to exchange it, right?”

Fang Jinyu’s heart skipped a beat.

Fang Jinyu thought, “When I break through rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage, I will definitely work hard and make other alchemists envy me!”

When Fang Jinyu went back to Mount Xiaohe, he found his puppet was holding a few Messenger Talismans.

Fang Jinyu took a look and saw that one of them belonged to Xin Qianqian. He immediately opened it and found that Xin Qianqian had returned from her trip and left a treasure for him on the puppet.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes swept over the puppet and saw a rare orange Hundred-Treasure Box.

Fang Jinyu reached out and took it down.

After opening it and taking a look, Fang Jinyu’s expression changed slightly.

“The yellow mystical energy? Where did she get this superior-grade spirit item that can increase the chances of breaking through the Core Formation stage and at least forming a third-tier core?”

Without hesitation, Fang Jinyu kept it in his portable storage space.

After all, it wasn’t safe to leave it outside.

Fortunately, Mount Xiaohe was a remote corner, and because of the thin spiritual energy, all the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators had left. Otherwise, it would have been discovered in the past three months.

In the past three months, while Fang Jinyu had been at Nangong Li’s place, he had taken the opportunity to consult the Core Formation stage cultivators and learned that all the Core Formation stage cultivators could “see through the void”!

The Core Formation stage cultivators could pass through the restrictive enchantments of some array formations and clearly see what was inside by releasing their divine senses.

“Why did she go out again? Is she going to retrieve the opportunity left behind by her grandmother?” Fang Jinyu thought for a moment but could not understand the situation, so he decided to start his closed-door cultivation.

Just like that, spring went and autumn came, and another year was about to pass.

It was also on the first day of the snow that Fang Jinyu emerged from his closed-door cultivation. He had already ranked 8 in the Foundation Establishment stage. Although compared to a Tianling spiritual root, his dual-attribute spiritual roots were still inferior and affected his efficiency in refining elixirs. However, he could achieve twice the result with half the effort with his gains from the system that improved his talent. It made him not inferior to a cultivator with a Tianling spiritual root. Thus, he successfully broke through in less than a year.

Fang Jinyu calculated in his heart, “The next step is to break through from rank 8 to rank 9… Since it’s a little difficult, it may take me three to four years…” If the biggest hurdle in the Qi Condensation stage was breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage, then there were four such hurdles in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Early to middle-stage, middle to late-stage, and then from rank 8 to rank 9.

The last one was to break through the Core Formation stage.

It could be said to be the four major stages of the Foundation Establishment stage.

If Fang Jinyu passed the major stages, it would be a wonderful life for him. However, he would be trapped to death if he failed.

“If that’s the case, I can break through rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage in about ten years. It’s much earlier than my original 30 years expectation!”

Fang Jinyu was a little excited. Hence, he picked up the Messenger Talismans he had set aside earlier and began to read them one by one.

Most of them came to him for elixir refining.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu ignored them. He was no longer lacking in spirit herbs.

Originally, Fang Jinyu had rushed to refine elixirs for others because he was short of money. He could only say that if he wanted to get rich quickly, he really couldn’t be honest!

However, there was an exception to this.

It was from a Tianling Sect disciple that the former Fang Jinyu was familiar with. The other party wanted to invite Fang Jinyu to a gathering. Other than Fang Jinyu, there were a few other childhood playmates.

“I’ll have to go once…” Fang Jinyu thought momentarily. He had just finished a session of closed-door cultivation and needed to relax. He wanted to take advantage of the gathering of his childhood friends to relieve the depression of his long-term closed-door cultivation.

Fang Jinyu immediately sent a Messenger Talisman back.

Fang Jinyu initially thought that it would take half a month, but he didn’t expect that it would only take three days for the other party to reply and set the location. It was in the forest near the Spirit Beasts Valley of the Tianling Sect. There was a small pavilion there, a place that they often went to when they were young.

Thus, Fang Jinyu flew over on his sword.

When Fang Jinyu arrived, he recognized one person according to the memories of the former Fang Jinyu. However, he had no impression of the others except for the person. They should not be his childhood friends.

Fang Jinyu asked, “Brother Xinghe, why don’t I see other people?”

The person Fang Jinyu had spoken to was called Lin Xinghe.

“Fang Jinyu? I haven’t seen you for so many years, and you’ve changed a lot. Sigh, they are unwilling to come because they haven’t broken through the Foundation Establishment stage.” Lin Xinghe sighed and introduced Fang Jinyu to the others. They were all good friends Lin Xinghe had made after breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage.

When Fang Jinyu heard it, he knew what was going on. It was a “class reunion”!

However, Fang Jinyu had achieved his goal.

Since everyone was happy, the people who attended only talked about interesting things and didn’t mention anything else. Occasionally, they would argue about which female cultivator was the most beautiful.

Fang Jinyu was also having a good time.

Fang Jinyu had completely recovered from the psychological gap caused by his closed-door cultivation for nearly a year.

Meanwhile, Lin Xinghe saw that there was no more wine and couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Eh? I prepared ten bottles of spiritual wines, how come they are all gone? Forget it, forget it, I’ll be the host this time and go buy a few more bottles.”

Although Lin Xinghe was unwilling to do so, he still got up and went to buy some for the sake of his reputation.

A bottle of spiritual wine costed 200 spirit stones!

It was naturally costly for a cultivator who had just broke through the Foundation Establishment stage like Lin Xinghe.

After Lin Xinghe left, a cultivator followed and said, “Brother Lin, how can I let you pay for the spiritual wines alone? I’ll buy a few bottles as well. After all, I drink the most.”

After saying it, he flew towards Lin Xinghe.

At this point, the atmosphere was normal. However, the next moment, an array formation was set up and surrounded the place! The cultivators who had been smiling all turned cold.

Afterward, one of them said, “The seventh brother’s Discipline Pearl has been activated the whole time. Since he has already left, we can act without any worries with him as a witness. Oh, right! Let’s snatch Fang Jinyu’s Discipline Pearl first! This fellow loves to use it to complain!”

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