43 No One Knows the Happiness of Helping Others Better Than I Do

Fang Jinyu felt it was awesome to show it off in front of everyone.

At the same time, Fang Jinyu had to admit that posturing unintentionally was the best.

After Fang Jinyu returned to Mount Xiaohe, he couldn’t help but laugh when he recalled the expressions of the alchemists. However, when he looked around and saw the wedding invitation in his hand, the smile on his face froze.

The wedding invitation naturally had nothing to do with Fang Jinyu.

However, not only did Fang Jinyu have to carry out the other party’s orders, but he also had to attend the wedding on that auspicious day. It ruined his mood.

After all, what could Fang Jinyu do when he had no other choices?

Ling Xiaojiu was a great Core Formation stage cultivator!

Qi Condensation stage, Foundation Establishment stage, Core Formation stage, and the Nascent Soul stage were the four main stages. Each stage had great differences. Not only were their lifespans different, but their powers were also incomparable.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but show a gloomy expression.

At this moment, a familiar text box appeared in his field of vision.

[Today is a day with getting a small gain, don’t dare to express your anger and want to easily make money.]

[Refined temporary passage to the Lich King’s hideout in the City of Liches +1]

“A temporary passage? I can even refine such a thing?” Fang Jinyu’s eyes flickered slightly. The appearance of the temporary passage caused Fang Jinyu to speculate even though the plot appeared to have been mishandled.

“Could it be… Could Su Yier have already met the Lich King?”

Fang Jinyu tried to recall the details of the Lich King, but since the City of Liches was the only place outside of the Nine Desolations that couldn’t provide him with any opportunities, Fang Jinyu couldn’t recall much. He could only remember that the Lich King liked to show off. Not only was he particular about his appearance, but he also liked to recite poems. He was as flirtatious as the legendary “Prince Important.”

“Furthermore, he’s an unruly and flamboyant person. He fell in love with Su Yier at first sight and started to pursue her passionately the first time he met her. However, his actions shocked her.”

With this in mind, Fang Jinyu looked at the wedding invitation in his hand, and his expression suddenly became strange.

“Do you want me to stir up trouble?”

“I’m doing a good thing!”

“No one knows the happiness of helping others better than I do!”

Fang Jinyu was inspired as he muttered to himself. Suddenly, a water-like barrier appeared in front of him. Through the barrier, he could see a small courtyard with serene scenery. However, its architectural style was full of exotic charm. He could feel its terrifying aura even if he was only watching it through the barrier.

The Lich King’s strength was comparable to that of a great Core Formation stage cultivator.

Fang Jinyu didn’t hesitate and immediately threw the invitation over.

The wedding invitation was made using the method of tool refinement. Not only did it use high-quality materials, but it also reached the level of a middle-grade spirit tool. It displayed the figures of Ling Xiaojiu and Su Yier in addition to having exceptional offensive and defensive abilities.

The barrier disappeared when the wedding invitation passed through. The fearsome aura from the City of Liches had also disappeared, which made Fang Jinyu heave a sigh of relief.

After all, even though the wedding invitation was gone, it didn’t affect him much.

There weren’t many alchemists in the Tianling Sect, so any one of them was quite famous. Fang Jinyu could sneak into the wedding banquet without an invitation.

“However, if the Lich King had come earlier, the wedding might not have been able to be held as scheduled.”

Fang Jinyu could not help but gloat.

It was because the book had not clearly stated who Su Yier liked. Therefore, even if Ling Xiaojiu had the advantage in all aspects, the Lich King still had the chance to take Su Yier away.

“Wait a minute! Why does Su Yier appear to be using the ruthless cultivation method?”

Fang Jinyu was taken aback.

According to the book, there were two types of ruthless cultivation methods. The first type involved using the wisdom sword to cut off and abandon useless emotions. The second type was to fall in love with different people. It valued loving experiences. After countless love tribulations, one would become unblemished.

The second type of cultivation method wasn’t considered a formal cultivation method. It was a kind of auxiliary method that could increase the success rate of one’s breakthrough. It was considered a secret manual.

Naturally, the depth of one’s cultivation of the secret manual increased the likelihood of progressing to the next stage!

It was said that in ancient times, such a secret manual was popular in the Nine Desolations. It even developed into different types. However, such a secret manual disappeared for some reason.

As a result, only “the ruthless cultivation method” and the “unattached to anything method” was left.

Fang Jinyu’s expression changed again.

It was because the more Fang Jinyu thought about it, the more certain he was. If Su Yier cultivated her ruthless cultivation to an extremely profound level and became an aromantic, then it could explain why she could break through every stage without any bottlenecks.

An aromantic who had cultivated the ruthless cultivation would no longer have any bottlenecks. As long as she had enough magical power, she could break through the Nascent Soul stage smoothly.

“The protagonists are indeed not easy to deal with. They’re so terrifying!”

Fang Jinyu sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately made up his mind to stay as far away from Su Yier as possible.

She was indeed a scary woman!

Afterward, Fang Jinyu began to think of a way to deal with Holy Alchemist Lu.

“The difference in strength is too great. I still need to improve my strength.”

After a while, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but shake his head helplessly. After all, strength was the most important thing to the cultivators. Otherwise, it would be useless no matter how many schemes they had.

“However, I can collect some interest first!”

Fang Jinyu stood up and walked out of his immortal estate. He then concealed himself and changed his appearance, disguising himself as a disciple who ranked 3 in the Qi Condensation stage and appearing at the “Little Tianling Yard.”

It was a small structure created especially for newcomers to the sect to cultivate.

The disciples that had been recruited recently were all here.

The moment Fang Jinyu arrived, he saw the little girl’s gloomy expression. She didn’t look angry, but more like she was doubting life.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t come here to find her. Instead, he came here to “spread rumors” about himself.

In the “Little Tianling Yard,” there were some disciples who entered the sect with their cultivation base. Fang Jinyu was pretending to be such a person.

Soon, a few people greeted him.

Fang Jinyu acted as if he were very familiar with them, and they soon became brothers with him. Afterward, he expressed that he knew a lot about the sect in an extremely conceited tone.

Naturally, some people were dissatisfied with his deliberate performance. However, there were also people willing to be his bootlickers. After all, they were eager for such a “fool” to reveal more useful information.

As a result, in less than two hours, 90% of Tianling Sect’s Qi Condensation stage disciples knew that Holy Alchemist Lu had personally admitted that his talent in alchemy was far inferior to “Martial Uncle Fang Jinyu” and repeatedly expressed that “Martial Uncle Fang Jinyu” wasn’t inferior to him.

After all, people loved to gossip.

Afterward, even the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators began to know about it…

In the beginning, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators didn’t believe the rumors. However, the incident that happened on Mount Lingjian soon started to spread. In particular, the words of Holy Alchemist Lu, who “strongly recommended” Fang Jinyu, were spoken word for word.

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