Hanabishi Fusai no Taima-chou

Hanabishi Fusai no Taima-chou

Hanabishi Fusai no Taima-jou The Hanabishis’ Book of Spirit Dispelling 花菱夫妻の退魔帖

2.1 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 133 days ago


Tokyo, 1920. For certain reasons, Takigawa Suzuko, the daughter of a marquis, was born in Asakusa and enjoys collecting ghost stories. One day, she is invited to the residence of Viscount Murotsuji and catches sight of the evil spirit of a geisha. At the same time, she meets a young man named Hanabishi Takafuyu. He used a mysterious spirit dressed in juunihitoe and “fed” the evil spirit to it… Suzuko finds the slippery Takafuyu creepy, but for some reason he asks her to marry him…! What is the future that unfolds when these two, burdened with a past and fate from which they cannot escape, are joined in marriage?

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