Chapter 7: I was summoned ── But it wasn't for a confession

After the conclusion of the entrance ceremony, I was called to the back of the auditorium.
"A confession?"
"Shut the hell up!"
Returning a casual jab with a full-blown strike, this is my beloved childhood friend, my dearest comrade, Alfie. Rather than being summoned, it's more accurate to say I was dragged here as soon as I stepped down from the stage.
"I'm sorry, I don't have any valuables with me right now, please forgive me."
"Oh, is that so? Then let’s see it, try jumping up a little?"
Clink! Clang!
TL/n: This is supposed to be the coin-clinking sound. (^^ ;)
"What the- that was so loud, just how many coins do you have in there! … Who did you steal them from!"
"What a nice guy you are to ask that while doing the same to me."
"Shut it!"
I got scolded again.
"So if you’re not going to confess or extort, then why did you drag me down here?"
I was called out to a secluded place, probably because it's not a good idea to let others hear about the details. But the following words that came out of Alfie were unexpected.
"I was just distracted back then. I only wanted to get you out of that place. There are so many things I want to ask, I just don’t know where to begin."
"… You're such a funny dunce sometimes, you know that?"
"I don't want to be told that by someone whose entire existence is a big joke!"
"Now that’s a horrible thing to say!"
"Oh, I assure you, everyone who knows you thought the very same!"
I was shocked by the sudden jab of reality.
Both of us got too excited at that moment so we took a minute to slow down and regain a bit of our composure. After taking a deep breath, Alfie opened his mouth while pressing his fingers between his eyebrows to curb the incoming headache.
"Alright, Let’s get this straight. Now explain everything in order, starting from the beginning."
"I was born as the eldest son of the Louise family and when I was five years old--"
"You're going too far back! I'm talking about how you got into this school! Stop with the nonsense or I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!"
"...Okay, okay. I understand. Now please, could you put that burning fist down first. It really hurts to get hit by that, you know."
I felt a sudden nostalgic sense of crisis when I saw Alfie with a visible vein popping up on his forehead and a fist covered in flames (it was magic to be exact). So, I earnestly started explaining everything from the beginning.
……………… (explanation omitted)
"... Just like that, I safely passed the exam with no troubles and that's how I am here today."
"...Tch. Still two steps ahead of me, damn you! (Seriously which one of us is the actual 'cheat' here!)”
After silently listening to the whole story, Alfie clicked his tongue, adding a regretful remark at the end. He was also muttering about something but I couldn't quite catch it clearly. But before I could ask, Alfie continued on with a sigh.
"I got the gist of what's going on. So, what now? How are you going to deal with everything?"
"What do you mean 'how'?"
"Don’t play dumb, you know what I'm talking about. That ridiculous declaration you made at the entrance ceremony."
"That's literally what it means, word for word."
"...Ah yes, I'm the idiot here for asking such an obvious thing. This is just who you are. I knew it. Even though you usually joke around and do stupid things, you are pretty honest about the 'serious' matters."
He let out another sigh. But afterward, Alfie took another deep breath and put on a serious expression.
“You've clearly made enemies out of most of the freshmen today. And not just that, even some of the upperclassmen with good connections must have heard about what you said at the entrance ceremony by now. I know you did this on purpose, I know what you're after."
"As expected of my dear childhood friend, you know me very well."
"That cocky smile of yours pisses me off. Aren’t you forgetting something here? --
Those 'enemies' of yours include 'me' among them."
"How could I ever forget you."
A genius with four attributes was rarely seen in the world, and that’s exactly what Alfie is. If I were to take over this world with my defense magic, then he was an existence that I could never avoid.
"Let me warn you first, I have zero intentions of getting along with you. And remember this, once I surpass that Kadina Alfire, you're the next on my list."
I was about to laugh at his sudden declaration of war, but something about what he said bothered me more.
"Ooh, someone else comes first? Who would that be?"
"...The freshman representative for this year. She was the one on the podium before the headmaster's congratulatory speech. Weren't you listening to what she was saying?"
“I actually fell asleep before it was my turn."
"...When you went up the stage for the speech of the top performer, there must have been a girl beside the stage giving off a huge amount of bloodlust. She's the one I’m talking about."
"Oh! The massive bonkers!"
"You really have such a nasty way of remembering people. Well, I won't deny what you said but don't just say that in front of her, okay?"
"But it was supposed to be a compliment?"
“Don’t ask these kinds of weird questions with a straight face!”
“It should count as a good compliment in my honest opinion. But every time I say this to a woman, they would always end up slapping me. So weird."
"Hah… There’s a lot more that I want to say but this is good enough for now. We'll be late if we don't get going soon."
Alfie turned his back on me and started walking away. The new students would soon be put into different classes after this and will receive brief explanations from their homeroom teachers.
"You too, head to your class early or else you'll be noted by the teacher for being late… Well, you sure have attracted more than enough attention already."
With that, he scurried off toward his classroom.
A couple of minutes later…
"Actually, we’re in the same class."
"You should've said that first!"

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