Great Wise Man’s Beloved Pupil

Great Wise Man’s Beloved Pupil

Dai Kenja no Mana Deshi Dai Kenja no Mana Deshi ~ Bogyou Mahou no Susume Great Wise Man's Beloved Pupil GWMBP The Great Sage's Beloved Pupil ~Introduction to Defense Magic~ 大賢者の愛弟子 大賢者の愛弟子~防御魔法のススメ

20 Chapters Ongoing Status


Among many types of magic to exist within this world, [Defense Magic] holds the unfortunate reputation of being the most elementary sort, of them all.

Reese is a wielder of Defense Magic. He is also a childhood friend to an extraordinarily rare genius. And what’s more, he holds a big secret; he is the one and only favored disciple of the Great Sage who had discovered his hidden talents.

Owing much to the brilliant guidance of the Great Sage, and to his own needlessly unrestrained enthusiasm, the Defense Magic he holds had evolved into something powerful and unparalleled.

This is the story of Reese; a boy who wields Defense Magic in an elite magic school and his journey to the very top of the sphere of magic.

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