Recently, the Jianghu was in a state of turbulence. First, the Three Great Sects held a demonic extermination conference after a century of inaction, then the Xuanmen Sect Leader suddenly scattered the participating sects using his status as the Leader of the Heavenly Dao Alliance, next, when everyone thought that Xuanmen would suffer heavy casualties bringing down the strongest demonic sect, they actually came back wholly unharmed and Qing XuZi had even detained the demonic cultivator He Huan.

When the scouts of the other sects arrived at the Palace of Bliss, not a single person could be seen on this barren mountain, truly transforming into a barren piece of land. The strongest demonic sect that the world had feared had thus been eliminated. On the surface, the people of the world sighed in admiration at Xuanmen Righteous Sect’s power, but internally they became even more terrified by Qing XuZi and didn’t dare to scheme under his gaze again in fear that they would catch the ashes of the Palace of Bliss.

However, in addition to this growth in prestige, another piece of news came from Xuanmen. Under Qing XuZi’s investigation it was found that the demon cultivator He Huan was actually Feng Xie, the former Palace Master of the Palace of Bliss. Currently, Qing XuZi’s eyes were as bright as torches, he has already removed this villain to return to his disciple his innocence.

The Jianghu has been really calm in the past hundred years. As soon as this gossip was leaked, there was a wave of discussion, and everyone speculated, what should Bu QingYun look like now? It is impossible for Xuanmen to have two successors, so how will Bu QingYun’s identity be handled? But what the people were most interested in was Bu QingYun’s whereabouts since the demon lord had been pulled out of him.

Concerning this issue, everybody had their own speculations, but there was only one place that no one had thought of, and that was the former site of the Palace of Bliss on the barren mountains.

When Bai Chen got to work, he finished things in such a way that there was nothing more one could ask for. The inner cores that he gave to He Ku were all left behind by great spirits after they had died during meditation. In just three days, his cultivation base was piled up to the Nascent Soul stage. It was only at this time that he understood why so many cultivators were so greedy for the inner cores of spirit cultivators. They really were the best treasures in the world.

In the past, when He Huan had split his soul into two, they took turns being each other’s Nascent Soul. Now that He Huan wasn’t there anymore, He Ku could conceive a separate Nascent Soul. But he just blindly focused on raising his cultivation, not having even the slightest intention to form his own Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul was a cultivator’s second life, although his body was able to automatically convert natural energy into spiritual energy since his body was already at the Calamity Crossing Stage, without a Nascent Soul everything was still questionable. Bai Chen had once tried to persuade him, but his heart had been set, other than He Huan, there was no other Nascent Soul that he would accept into his heart.

The Calamity Crossing Stage’s heart calamity cannot be resolved overnight, so after He Ku absorbed the inner cores and raised his cultivation base to a saturated state, he carried Yun Ce back to the Palace of Bliss. Although this was the first time he was walking on the clouds by himself, he was not in a good mood. When he saw the desolate appearance of the once prosperous palace corroded by demonic energy, leaving only the broken walls and ruins, his heart ached even more. He still remembered that when he first came here, it was a delicate and quiet garden, and he felt comfortable strolling down its paths, but now it has become like this.

After You Jiang left the Palace of Bliss, they didn’t lay down another array. Now, the only place that was properly preserved was the QingYun Hall that He Huan inscribed a barrier for. He Ku walked to the familiar residence, only to find that the barrier had been broken. Stepping inside, he saw that everything was in a mess, it was likely Xuanmen had searched through the place.

Thinking of He Huan’s two large cabinets, he jumped up to the bedroom, and unexpectedly saw a dark figure standing in front of the window. This cold figure… It was clearly Qian Ren, whose whereabouts were unknown.

From the moment he woke up, He Ku cultivated on the Snowy Mountain. He was dressed like Bai Chen and wore plain white robes, light and elegant. His cascading long hair was tied up with a moon-white hair ribbon made of aquatic silk, revealing bright and spirited eyes. In addition, after reaching the Nascent Soul stage, his whole body emanated righteousness, anyone who saw him would think that he was a righteous cultivator akin to that of an immortal on earth. There would be no way he could be associated with a demonic cultivator.

The killer’s spiritual awareness was extremely sharp, QianRen raised his head the moment he entered. Seeing this familiar face, QianRen momentarily lost control of his expression and looked stunned, he then slowly said, “Long time no see, yet it seems the Little Palace Master has reached the Nascent Soul stage.”

“And sure enough, it’s only you who can distinguish me from He Huan in a single glance.”

While QianRen’s expression became complicated, He Ku was truly happy to see a familiar face, he stepped forward to take a closer look and found that there was a new scar on his face, it was right over the corner of his eye. The scar added a sense of cruelty and made his face seem even scarier. Remembering that this disciple was really important to He Huan, He Ku’s heart also hurt a bit seeing this, he hurriedly asked, “Didn’t He Huan already teach you all of his skills? How did your face get injured?”

Seeing him like this, QianRen’s expression also warmed slightly, yet the words that came out of his mouth were still cold and indifferent. “When I was blocking the Xuanmen Righteous Sect, a sword lightly skimmed me, it’s nothing.”

QianRen was the child He Huan pulled out from the demonic pool. Since young, he couldn’t be close with anyone. This was because of the poison permeating his body from having been corrupted by demonic energy. All these years, He Huan raised him single-handedly, he passed on all his secret skills and techniques to him and in return QianRen also became He Huan’s most trusted Head Enforcer. If even QianRen was not trustworthy, then the Palace of Bliss was truly over. Fortunately, it seems that He Huan’s most trusted disciple did not betray him in the end.

He Ku could depend on QianRen’s abilities. Seeing him here, he knew that the mess on this side of the palace had already been cleaned up by someone and only asked, “What’s the current state of the Palace of Bliss?

In the past, disciples of the Palace of Bliss would say that it was fine if they didn’t see the Palace Master for an entire year, but if the Head Enforcer went missing even for a day, the world would devolve into chaos. The same is true now, even though He Huan was captured, once the Xuanmen Righteous Sect left, QianRen regrouped the remaining members of the Palace of Bliss. Now that He Ku had asked, QianRen also answered truthfully, “It’s not too good. Most of the disciples with high levels of cultivation left with You Jiang, the ones that returned are ordinary disciples without families or anywhere to go. Fortunately, before Xiu Niang left she passed down the Third Enforcer’s position to Sai GuanYin.”

When his two colleagues were mentioned, QianRen’s expression turned somewhat unsightly. You Jiang was only sixteen when he joined the Palace of Bliss, and although the two often quarreled during the many years they worked together, they developed a sort of brotherhood. He Huan doesn’t know how to take care of children at all, so QianRen relied on the female disciples in the palace to take care of him when he was a child. When he became an adult, it was still Xiu Niang who looked after how he dressed and what he ate. To him, he couldn’t be closer to these two people, but now they left the Palace of Bliss at a critical moment. And not only did they leave, but their departure wasn’t exactly clean, it made it so that he didn’t know what he should do.

However, no matter what he was experiencing in his heart, he was still the calm and independent Head Enforcer. He quickly organized his thoughts and continued to explain the Palace of Bliss’ current state to He Ku. “Does the Little Palace Master remember that time you sent out disciples to open a medical clinic outside of the Heaven’s Library Pavilion? The people Xiu Niang sent were all elite disciples from the palace. They perfectly avoided this storm after they went out, so the hidden threads we planted in various places are still intact. Now that the situation is critical, I ordered them to hide in various cities for the time being and wait for news of the Palace Master. ”

This really was an unexpected surprise.

For the Palace of Bliss to become the strongest sect of the demonic faction, it didn’t solely rely on He Huan’s strength. In the past eighty years, under He Huan’s protection, the outer-court disciples have spread all over the world. It can be said that he controls all the gambling dens and brothels in the world, the places where information flows most intensively in the world.

It was only now that He Ku found out Xiu Niang didn’t take anything except herself when she left. He recalled the way that woman in pink recounted to him about the past that night. Perhaps, although she said she didn’t regret it, she actually did feel regret. The love and hate of a demonic cultivator was too persistent, even if it burned everything down, it still cannot be quenched. So, in the end, it will always hurt others and themselves, rarely does it ever end well.

Shaking his head to dissipate the feelings of the past from his mind, all he needed to think about right now was He Huan. He weighed the available powers he had at hand, although the Snowy Mountain will not directly face against Xuanmen as an enemy, Bai Chen promised that the Sword Immortal’s descendant can be outside of Xuanmen at any time to help them escape. Now that he also had the power of the Palace of Bliss, it should be enough to act in secret.

After thinking about it in his heart, he chose to directly ask QianRen, the one who understood their strength the best, “If I am able to rescue He Huan, would the strength we have be able to make us disappear immediately?”

“Young Palace Master, no one is better at hiding their own traces than a demon cultivator.” After taking a long look at him, QianRen answered very confidently. More than half of the life demonic cultivators spent living was spent on escaping from the righteous faction’s pursuits, and they all had their own unique hiding techniques. If these wandering demonic cultivators were like this, let’s not mention the Palace of Bliss, which had assembled a group of retired demonic cultivators, they even had people in the vegetable markets of Yuncheng.

In this way, their retreat was secured. Their most pressing matter right now was to silently sneak into Xuanmen and rescue He Huan, but Xuanmen’s airtight formation was really troublesome. That year, Feng Xie managed to get in by luring a disciple out and hiding in his body, however, it seemed that Xuanmen had learned from that experience. Once Bu YaoLian became successor, he hung spirit-linking sensors all around Xuanmen, every breeze and grass rustle had someone monitoring it. If one wanted to get in now, it was harder than walking on air.

Bu YaoLian…

This name swam around in his thoughts for a while before He Ku’s eyes flashed with a fierce light, causing QianRen, who had been observing him, to be stunned for a moment. QianRen has lived by He Huan’s side since he was a child, he knew that his master would look at the moon by himself every once in a while and reflect on his thoughts, and now, He Ku’s expression was very similar to that of He Huan’s at that time.

This was the past that He Huan decided to seal away forever, so naturally, He Ku would not mention it again. He thought of You Jiang’s letter and even though he didn’t have much hope for the god-thief to break through Xuanmen’s defenses, he still wanted to give it a try, so he said, “QianRen, take me to the dungeons, I want to see Miracle Hand Kong Kong.”

His words were full of determination, and QianRen’s eyes finally lit up, he solemnly said, “Does the Little Palace Master really want to save the Palace Master? This is your only chance to return to the righteous path.”

He didn’t expect that QianRen would ask him this question at this time. It seemed that everyone thought he wanted to return to Xuanmen, but when he woke up, he decided to abandon everything of the past. He was He Ku, not He Huan and also not the second Bu QingYun.

Thinking of this, his eyes finally reflected the hints of a smile, and said to Qian Ren as usual, “Who said that the righteous path and the demonic path must be clearly distinguished? Our Mingmen Righteous Sect has both righteous and demonic cultivators. I don’t believe that there will be a bolt of lightning that will be sent to strike me down.”

He looked to be joking, but QianRen heard the conviction in his words, so he was convinced, clasping his fists and kneeling. “As long as the Little Palace Master saves the Palace Master, this QianRen will also obey the Little Palace Master from now on.”

The dungeons of the Palace of Bliss were extremely hidden, only the three enforcers knew its location. Under QianRen’s guidance, the two walked and met Yun Ce on the way there. In Yun Ce’s hand was a messenger pigeon, the moment he saw He Ku, he opened his mouth and shouted, “Little Palace Master, my little uncle received word. The Palace Master is being kept in the middle of the Fallen Immortal Lake and is being personally watched by Xuanmen’s successor, Bu YaoLian!”

It was only after finishing his report that he noticed QianRen who was standing behind He Ku. He immediately ran a couple of circles around the two in happiness and said, “Head Enforcer, it’s great that you’re still alive, I don’t need to make a memorial tablet for you!”

How come it sounds more like you’re happy because you don’t need to make any more memorial tablets?

Even though he was accustomed to Yun Ce’s unreliability, he couldn’t help the twitch in the corners of his mouth, not to mention QianRen, who has always been serious. He immediately frowned and looked over, “Why are you also here?”

Although Yun Ce wasn’t that smart, he still received the suspicion in the other’s eyes, and whined aggrievedly, “Head Enforcer, why do I feel that I see a trace of disdain in your expression?”

“The spirits of the Snowy Mountains sure are sharp.” He coldly scoffed, QianRen proved once again that he was still that same cold and poison tongued Head Enforcer who would go against the Little Palace Master when he had nothing else to do.

Seeing him like this, Yun Ce became even more aggrieved, he shouted in dissatisfaction, “Head Enforcer, you’ve changed! You only disdain me now! Before, it was clearly both me and the Little Palace Master!”

Hm? This was the key point?

Tossing Yun Ce a glare, the Little Palace Master who was dragged into the water began to consider whether or not he should fire this enforcer who was constantly trying to lower his IQ.

However, as if he recalled his former temperament under Yun Ce’s reminder, He Ku quickly saw that the disciple that was finally a little respectful to him, adorn a calm face as he comforted, “The Palace Master isn’t here right now, we can only make do with the Little Palace Master.”

The make-do Little Palace Master looked towards the sky in silence. Fine, it really wasn’t easy to be the head of a sect, he should just leave this group of enforcers and take He Huan to go into hiding.

End of Chapter 39

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