Chapter 31 – I Want You To Live In My Heart

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He Huan’s body had already reached the Calamity Crossing Stage, so after splitting his soul they would take turns being each other’s Nascent Soul. Now, forming a golden core was just going through the process, and He Ku didn’t possess the danger of having his meridians tangled if he got distracted. But what He Huan worried about the most was the time during which He Ku would be forming his core.

The divine sword intent He Ku cultivated was established to put the world first. This technique had a high demand on the cultivator’s nature and temperament. It could be said that in the moment his aspiration would be determined; it would define how high the cultivator would be able to go.

He Ku had barely been there for a month since he first awoke, and in this time the people he had been exposed to were all demonic cultivators, so how could he possibly have developed the idea that the world was his responsibility? He hadn’t even seen the world yet.

Moreover, nothing good happened here today. He Huan was worried that after listening to what he said, his malleable Nascent Soul would be influenced by hatred and form his golden core incorrectly, accidentally falling to the demonic path.

At this time, the immortal body had already been formed and no one could stop it. All he could do was hand over the body to He Ku and do his job as the current Nascent Soul to steadily control the flow of spiritual energy. He Huan sternly advised, “He Ku, the more others cheat you and curse at you, the more you have to let yourself live well. This is the best retaliation towards them! Your dao has to be made for yourself, it can never be affected by others!”

This was the first time since He Ku was created that He Huan had used such a stern tone towards him. But, when these words fell on He Ku’s ears, they made him happier than those coaxing ones, because he felt truly cared for.

He had already stalled out at the Foundation Establishment Stage for a long time, simply because he couldn’t determine the path he wanted to take.

Although Bu QingYun came from another world, he had been single-handedly brought up by Qing XuZi; twenty years was enough to let him assimilate into this world, which was why he could shoulder this world.

However, He Ku was different. He didn’t have any memories of this world. From the time he’d woken up, it was He Huan who had led him every step of the way towards the larger world. He hadn’t even had the chance to assimilate into the world when He Huan had already assimilated into his life.

All of the Jianghu’s love and hatred were just stories to him; he couldn’t even immerse himself within them, let alone spend his life throwing his head down and spilling his own blood for an unfamiliar world. But he also didn’t have any other direction he could go. He didn’t want to save the world, but he also didn’t want to harm others. If one said that a hundred years ago, Bu QingYun would have harnessed the desire to work hard and cultivate to the point where he could break through dimensions just so he could return home, but now that his parents and friends have all died, what was the point of breaking through dimensions?

He didn’t care for the world, didn’t care for the demonic path, and didn’t care to ascend. In this month, he was like duckweed—rootless. He just floated along in the wake of He Huan’s actions. He was utterly unable to find his direction and future. Until today, when he clearly felt the sorrow He Huan had repressed for countless decades, finally finding something he wanted to do.

He was He Huan’s Nascent Soul. He had stayed in He Huan’s body for eighty years. In the past, no matter which hard battle, it was always him who provided this person the energy to live on. In that case, he just needed to do what he was made for. Just like in the past, he only needed to remain by this person’s side and protect him with his power. As long as the Nascent Soul still contained even a sliver of spiritual energy, no one would be able to take the cultivator’s life. From now on, as long as He Ku still had a single breath left, nobody could even think about hurting He Huan.

The Nascent Soul was the fruit of a cultivator’s lifetime of cultivation, the heart’s blood one would do everything to protect and meticulously nurture. So when it gained consciousness, it was bound to understand its cultivator better than anyone else in the world. There might be partings and reunions among people, but a cultivator’s Nascent Soul would never leave them. Regardless of righteous or demonic, it would remain attached like a shadow. It wasn’t husband and wife, rather it exceeded marriage.

He Ku was He Huan’s Nascent Soul, so his dao heart only had two words: He Huan.

There was no heavenly path that would deny such a heartfelt desire to protect a person. Overwhelming energy filled the entire floor, following the scattered rays of sunlight from daybreak entering through the window. A sword intent unique to He Ku was finally forged. It was like a radiance hung suspended above his palm, as clear as water, as bright as the moon, exactly like the endless moonlight that had blanketed the sky that night on the cloud when He Huan had kissed his forehead.

Sword intent forged and a golden core formed, He Huan silently observed the moonlight in the young man’s hand and knew that this was the divine sword intent He Ku forged with his heart’s aspiration. It wasn’t like Bu QingYun’s, which had been show-offish, or like Bu YaoLian’s more reserved one, instead it most resembled the moon that had accompanied him all those countless nights. Although it only existed in the darkness, it was filled to the brim with an endless gentleness.

The divine sword intent could not be corrupted, now that it has been forged. It would seem that He Ku’s mindscape hadn’t been affected. In his heart, He Huan let out a breath in relief and smiled towards He Ku. “After this, as long as you persist with your dao, there will no longer be any obstacles on the road ahead of you. You will be able to ascend through your dao and rapidly rise up in the world.”

Hearing his voice, He Ku finally came out of that surging emotion. He never thought that the process of forming his golden core would actually need such passion. That violently surging emotion seemed to have stayed in his chest and hadn’t withdrawn. At this time, he raised his head and looked at He Huan who had been supporting him through his golden core formation, not once relaxing his guard, and with uncharacteristic solemnity said, “He Huan, I am your Nascent Soul. If you want to slaughter the world, then I will be your demon; if you still want to carry this world, then I will still be the Bu QingYun that pursued world peace.”

Although He Huan didn’t know what he took as his dao heart, he more or less understood after hearing this. He never would have thought that there would still be someone who would cherish him so deeply. He suddenly felt glad that he could risk everything to create He Ku. How lucky he was.

Covering up his emotions had long become a habit for He Huan, so even though his frozen heart couldn’t help but beat again, he still lowered his eyes and controlled himself. He just floated on top of his body and laughed. “We are each other’s Nascent Soul, but I formed a demonic body, while you formed an immortal one. From time immemorial, demon and immortal can’t coexist, so we can’t both use the dantian. Luckily, the demonic energy from my Technique of Bliss can follow wherever my soul goes, so I’ll yield the dantian to you. Just find another place in our body for me to live.”

He Ku hadn’t really considered this problem before, but now that it had been mentioned, he dissipated the sword intent in his palm and thought the place he found to put a Nascent Soul must be dependable. Immediately, he pressed his hand onto his chest and replied, “Then how about you move here?”

His action was completely instinctive, but He Huan’s eyes moved and cast him a gentle look. Only when his staring caused He Ku to become flustered did he place his hand on top of his and teased, “Are you telling me to live in your heart?”

After hearing this, He Ku only just realised that the heart was a little intimate. Inexplicably, his face reddened, either from embarrassment or anger, as he immediately said, “Less nonsense. Are you coming or not? Do you believe that if you keep teasing me I’ll put you in my stomach?!”

Delighted, he watched the young man regain his usual look. He Huan was actually extremely pleased with this new home and immediately adjusted his demonic energy and moved. In the end, he slowly smiled. “Why shouldn’t I come? ‘My’ heart naturally can only contain myself.”

He Ku thought this dao heart he chose definitely came with some residual effects. Clearly, this bastard He Huan had already made teasing into an instinct; whoever he met, he would always have to poke fun at them. In the past, he didn’t think about it too much, but now he got the illusion that He Huan liked him. Of course, it was impossible for He Huan to not like him, but it couldn’t have been the type of like that would cause misunderstandings. Wasn’t it also this person who wanted to give him to Yun Ce?

Just thinking about this random CP caused He Ku’s face to darken. In addition, it had taken a lot of concentration to form his core tonight. Decidedly retreating from their body to rest, he said, “I’m going to sleep. You stay here and be pretty, and whatever you do, don’t lose your cultivation.”

He Huan knew just how exhausting it was to form one’s core and didn’t suspect anything as he took back his body. His finger unconsciously pressed where his heart was and he sighed as he walked to stand in front of the window.

After He Ku’s whole ordeal, the melancholic feeling in his chest was relieved. Although he’d said that in a joking manner, he himself knew that it also contained a bit of sincerity. After he entered onto the demonic path his temper had become a bit eccentric and it had been a long time since someone had kept him close to their heart like He Ku. Just then, for a split second, he entertained the idea of eliminating Bai Chen and Yun Ce so that He Ku would only look at him for as long as he lived. He internally knew that this was the demonic energy affecting his mind, but he really was vexed. You Jiang had once asked him if he could bear destroying such a version of himself.

At that time, he thought that with his thin emotional attachment, he could just split his divine consciousness again and create another one, so of course he could bear it. However, now it seemed he really was a bit reluctant.

But, was it too late to regret it now?

He pensively looked out the window. He was a Calamity Crossing cultivator, so his spiritual awareness covered an extremely large range. At this moment he clearly sensed the commotion outside of the palace.

That year, in order to avoid the righteous factions’ manhunt, the place Feng Xie chose to locate the Palace of Bliss was very hidden. It was situated at the summit of a barren mountain and surrounded by sheer cliffs and steep rock faces. All of the paths leading to the palace had been destroyed, which meant the only way to get there was through flight.

After He Huan killed him, he adopted the setup and rebuilt the current Palace of Bliss.

Nobody below the Golden Core stage would dare to enter such a dangerous place as they pleased. If they wanted to surround it, then they’d need a large number of experts. This was why there were few righteous sects who would dare to come alone. However, this wasn’t a problem for Xuanmen.

Just then, unmeasurable amounts of pure energy covered the sky above the barren mountain, and four celestial swords were planted at the foot of the mountain as the array’s anchors. Following that, natural spiritual energy began to stir, forming an impenetrable barrier around the barren mountain, sealing it off. This type of method to control the natural spiritual energy of the world had to come from a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, and to use four Nascent Soul Stage cultivators just to seal the mountain, it seemed this time Xuanmen had vowed to take down He Huan.

“The Four Division Immortal Imprisonment Array. You guys have finally arrived.”

When all was said and done, He Huan had still come from Xuanmen. He only needed the slightest sense to know what kind of array they were using. Whenever Xuanmen took on a task, they would always strike thunderously and made every effort to not fail. From their attitude today, they weren’t going to let a single person from the Palace of Bliss walk out of the barren mountain. It’s just, all of the elite disciples had already defected with You Jiang, the majority of those left had been dismissed by He Huan, and QianRen should be with Yun Ce. Therefore, other than himself, there really wasn’t anyone within the Palace of Bliss that needed Xuanmen to come out for. With just his own power to try and defend against the entire Xuanmen Righteous Sect, there really hasn’t been anyone else aside from him.

However, he truly wanted to try to become the first person in history to do it.

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