Fake Demon Lord

Fake Demon Lord

FDL Wěi mó tóu 伪魔头

45 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 126 days ago


The greatest demonic cultivator, He Huan, split his divine consciousness into two right before going into tribulation and created another self; whom he named He Ku.

Unexpectedly, He Huan reached enlightenment, and from the demonic path entered into a path of selflessness— reaching the state of Nirvana. Yet despite no longer caring for himself, he still cared for He Ku.

Oh well, it wasn’t his fault for not having self-harming tendencies and therefore, reluctant to lose his other self. Since this was the case, then this road of selflessness, he won’t take it.

Is there a problem with people loving themselves? Of course not.


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